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Polyray 1.9f 2015 version ("Graphics Stars" Build updated 18/2/2015) - full installer. 'Graphics Stars' Build: Recompiled with cross-compiler gcc 4.7.3, with latest optimisations, under Gentoo Linux. Installer supports TextPad 7. NOTE: TextPad 7 must be installed FIRST! Google it, download and install first. Polyray has to be installed in c:\polyray for TextPad integration.

LINUX EXECUTABLES (intel/amd, not for netbooks):
dynamic linux build 1.8d executable - built under a recent gentoo OS
static linux build 1.8d executable - should work on most linuxes

Polyray 1.9e 2011 version ("Human" Build updated 23/2/2011) - full installer. Minor fixes and updated installer. Polyray 1.9 2009 version ("What If We" Build updated 6/3/2009) - full installer. Fixed uv_bounds bug.
Polyray 1.8d 2008 version ("Paloma Blanca" Build updated 16/2/2008) - full installer
Polyray is a great classic Raytracer by Alexander Enzmann - whose homepage is http://xan-der.tripod.com. Please contact him in case you want to use it commercially.
Separate downloads (already included in installer):

Polyray data files
Polyray extra utilties
Polyray documentation

More raytracing info:
Dork page
Polyray Graphics Workshop