Insect Headnet, fits over Boonie Hats
Pith Helmets ect. NEW - SOLD OUT -

Insect Headnet w/Frame and Top NEW - SOLD OUT -

Insect Repellent, 71% Deet, 2oz. NEW - SOLD OUT -

-Storm Matches-
Weatherproof, Waterproof, Windproof
Made by SAFESPORT, 25 matches to box - SOLD OUT -

Waterproof Matches- Import, 45 matches to box - SOLD OUT -

Parachutists Weapons case w/Shoulder Straps
Thick Canvas. Unfolds for great Shooting Mat too.
NEW $19

Nylon Flyers Helmet Bag in OD Green or Black.
NEW - SOLD OUT - ADD - SOLD OUT - for USMC MARPAT (Tan or Woodland)

Nylon Emergency Stretcher. With straps and tie downs. Will accept poles through end chanels.
As NEW - SOLD OUT - - (Viet Nam Dated)

D-celled battery Strobe Light with pin


Supplies are limited on certain items. Sales subject to items on hand.

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