USGI NOS M17A1 Gas Mask Set

NOS (New Old Stock) in box. Size Medium & Small. It will come with a sealed filter set . (M13A2 -"Green Ring"), NOS Chemical Hood, NOS canvas carry bag, NOS Canteen Adapter, NOS Outsert eye lens and face form. This is the gas mask that our US troops used from the early 1960's and finally retired after Desert Storm. It has the drinking tube on the front for liquid refreshment. These masks have never been issued, they are NEW old stock from the US Military. Shipping via UPS only. Shipped to the LOWER 48 US States ONLY!
No Exception...

All masks are non returnable except for shipping damage.

Designed by the United States Government for our Military as protection against all known CB agents (Chemical & Biological).

Medium set - $45.00
Small set - $35.00

M17 Model

Parts and accessories for the M17, M17A1 and M17A2 gas mask.

Individual Parts Price List

NOS - New Old Stock

- M13A2 Filter Set Sealed Pack, NOS $6 each

- 10 Pack of Filters M13A2 (10 Sets) NOS $45 ($4.50 each)

- Outserts Eyelens Set (Clear), NOS $4

- Tinted Outserts (laser protection)Green- night/low light use, NOS $7
- Tinted 'Inserts' (laser protection) Brown for Day use, NOS $4

- Carrier Bag "Nylon" for M17, NOS $5
- Manual, Use & Care, NOS $3
- Head Straps, NOS $4
- Resuscitation Tubes (for the M17A1 ONLY), NOS $9
- Voice Mitter Cover for M17 or M17A1/A2, NOS $4-
- Winterization Kit, NOS $3
- Waterproof Bag, NOS $1
- Kevlar Helmet Chemical cover, RARE - NOS $2
- Chemical Glove Set Sizes Small & Medium- NOS $1

- M9 Chem Detection Paper rolls. NOS $9. (Sealed Package but out of date).

M40 & MCU-2/P Masks

NOS M40 Gas Mask Complete - NOS in Box - Size small - $90.00
NOS MCU-2A/P Gas Mask Complete NOS in Box - Size Medium - $110.00

Both masks come with a New Filter (c2 sealed in can), Carrying Bag, lens set, Canteen Adapter, Chemical hood and Waterproof Bag.

Extra Filter's & Accessories

C2 (USGI) Sealed in can: $5

C2A1 (USGI) Sealed in can - $7

FR-C2A1 made by 3M Expired 2009 Sealed in can - $10

Above filters are Standard NATO screw-on style. 40mm threads and will work on many foreign masks also.

MCU Chemical Hood. NOS $4

MCU Tinted Lens. NEW with shelf wear $8

M40/42 Carry Bag. NOS $24

M40 Chem hood 1st Gen with 'sewn in' skin - NOS - $5

Waterproof Bag. NOS $1

Technical & Field Manuals

All manuals used in GOOD condition. Make offer on complete set. Not sold individually. This is one BIG Library of Information!

1- STP 3-54E1-SM NBC Specialist Soldiers Manual "Distribution Restricted" MOS 54E Skill Level 1 Dec 84
1- STP 3-54E2-SM NBC Specialist Soldiers Manual "Distribution Restricted" MOS 54E Skill Level 2 Dec 85
1- FM 3-54E1/2 NBC Specialist Soldiers Manual MOS 54E Skill Levels 1 & 2 Sept 81
1- FM 3-54E3 NBC Specialist Soldiers Manual MOS 54E Skill Level 3 Sept 81
1- FM 3-54E4 NBC Specialist Soldiers Manual MOS 54E Skill Level 4 Sept 81
1- TM 3-4240-265-20P Collective Protection Equipment, CBR: Nike-Hercules, CONUS (Parts) March 70
1- TM 3-4240-265-12 Collective Protection Equipment, CBR: Nike-Hercules, CONUS (Operator) Feb 70
1- FM 3-4 NBC Protection "Distribution Restricted" Oct 85
1- FM 3-8 Chemical Reference Handbook Jan 67
1- FM 3-9 or AFR 355-7(Air Force) Military Chemistry & Chemical Compounds Oct 75
1- FM 3-10 Employment of Chemical Agents March 66
1- FM 3-11 Flame Field Expedients "Distribution Restricted" Sept 90
1- FM 3-12 Operational Aspects of Radiological Defense Aug 68
1- FM 3-15 Nuclear Accident Contamination Control Nov 75
1- FM 3-21 Chemical Accident Contamination Control Feb 78
1- FM 3-22 Fallout Prediction Oct 73
1- FM 3-100 NBC Operations "Distribution Restricted" Sept 85


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