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The monkey band goes national!

Have you ever met that funny reefer man?
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Hold the fort!
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Piddlin' sins
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We'll have a stare-down
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Watch Jake Hess and his son sing "Take Me to the Water"!
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Watch the Statesmen sing "I Wanna Know"!
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Watch Mom and Pop Scott talk about their son!
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Creatures of the night
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Too good to be bad
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Daddy Sang Bass
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Listen to an old Irish ditty!
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Take a trip down memory lane to a time of white picket fences, quilting bees and virginal brides.
A time when men wore hats. Many hats. Hundreds of hats.
A time when the sweet melodies of "I Wanna Know" wafted through the snowy ether.
A time when the singing of Jake Hess entertained millions
and the Festival of Faith Bureaucratic Monkey Band was a source of wonder to wide-eyed children.
Take a trip back to
The Golden Age of Doc

What exactly is in the King's chamber? Could it be that those
mysterious dancing coffins in Gaudeloupe were teleported into the Pyramid
by the same powers responsible for the disappearance of ships and planes
in the Bermuda triangle? Or are there Ogam inscriptions left by the Watchers
that provide the date of Elijah's return in a fiery chariot? No doubt you've
asked just these questions after a night of Pastor's dangling. Flying to
Egypt is expensive and time-consuming, but now, thanks to the miracle of
the World Wide Web, you can explore the mysteries of the Great Pyramid from
the comfort of your own home!
The Secrets of the Great Pyramid Unlocked

The teachin' is in the spin cycle:
Zippy meets the rebel rev!

Read reviews of the greatest film of all time:
Werner Herzog's God's Angry Man

Are you a mocker?
Are you a mocker? Click here to see your fate

Featurin' a Preachin', Teachin' Man O' God:

Dr w. euGene Scott
Our Teachin' Pastor
"Git on the phone!"

Pastor Potpourri

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