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How to setup LeechGuy for use with NetAnts


LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 2
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The premier binary downloader for NewsGuy and Easynews.

How to setup LeechGuy for use with NetAnts

If you want to use LeechGuy with NetAnts, then you will need configure both LeechGuy and NetAnts.


Start LeechGuy and open the 'Preferences'-window via the 'File->Preferences'-menu.

Enable 'Use a download manager' and select 'NetAnts'.

That's all the configuration that is required for LeechGuy.


Start NetAnts and open the 'Preferences'-window via the 'Option->Preferences...'-menu.

Open the 'Connection'-page.

Set the 'Max downloading jobs' to the amount that you would prefer. NewsGuy and Extra NewsGuy users should either select one or two depending on how many Ants (download threads) will be used to download a single file.

Open the 'Job Default'-page.

Specify the 'Download directory' and set the number of Ants (download threads) that will be used for downloading a single file.
NewsGuy and Extra NewsGuy users should set this value to either one or two, depending on the 'Max downloading jobs'-value specified at the 'Connection'-page (Max Downloading jobs * Ant number <= 2). 

If you're required to use a proxy server, then open the 'Proxy'-page and fill in the required fields.

Next open the 'Security'-tab.

Depending on the service or services you're subscribed to, you need to add the required URL mask. This makes sure that for each download you won't have to supply the login credentials.

News Service URL Mask
NewsGuy http://drn.newsguy.com/*
NewsGuy Extra http://ddn.newsguy.com/*
WebUseNet http://members.webusenet.com/*
EasyNews http://members.easynews.com/*

Finally open the 'Advanced'-page.

Make sure that no checkmark appears in the  'Always show add job dialog'-checkbox. By default this option is checked. If you do not remove the check then each time you want to add a number of URLs, LeechGuy will only be able to add only one URL!

That's all that needs to be done.


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