What is LeechGuy?
How much is it?
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LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 2
Build 50616







The premier binary downloader for NewsGuy and Easynews.

How much is it?

LeechGuy is freeware. If you like this program and want to do me a favor, then don't auto-renew your NewsGuy subscription. Let it expire instead. Then sign up for a new NewsGuy subscription and enter my NewsGuy email address (leechguy@newsguy.com) as a reference (won't cost you anything, earns me a little cash and gives me a chance to win the Referral Contest).

Warning: If you're using the free email/website account that come with both the Basic and Extra NewsGuy account, then do not let your account expire or you will lose your received emails and/or website!

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