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LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 2
Build 50616







The premier binary downloader for NewsGuy and Easynews.


This page will list the changes between various LeechGuy 2.0 builds.

LeechGuy 2.0 beta 2 - build 11201


  • (x/y) is no longer appended to the filename in the filename column


  • LeechGuy now supports downloading ASCII attachments from NewsGuy.
  • After a download failed, LeechGuy will now pause for 5 seconds before starting a new download. This helps preventing http 503 errors on NewsGuy (the famous 'You have reached the maximum of 2 sessions'-error) on faster connections
  • LeechGuy now has the option to ignore the 500/1000MB download limit (Tools->Ignore NewsGuy Download Limit). This is useful when using NewsGuy's 'Download on Demand'-feature


LeechGuy 2.0 beta 2 - build 11113


  • New Batch Download feature of DRN broke LeechGuy


LeechGuy 2.0 beta 2 - build 11107


  • Fix for NewsGuy's subdomain name change (affects only new installs).
  • Author kill filter didn't work when it was initiated manually.


LeechGuy 2.0 beta 2 - build 10924


  • LeechGuy now passes the subject to NetAnts (appears in the comment field).
  • The subject and author kill filter will now kill any headers that contain the string that is in the kill filter. E.g. 'XP' will kill any headers reading 'WindowsXP', 'Corporate XP [xx/yy]' etc. 
  •  A date filter is implemented. Set this to a date and all articles posted on that date and before that date will not show up. The date filter is enabled by checking the 'Limit'-checkbox.
  • When using Easynews the date column will now report the date (month/day) instead of the day (0,1, 2, etc.)


LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 2 - build 10714b


  • Cosmetic change, changed the kb/s to kB/s to make it clear that we're showing kilobytes/second and not kilobits/per second.
  • Another cosmetic change, changed the large K to a small k in the articles list (size).
  • Failed downloads will now be subtracted from the daily download counter again. I'm going to check with NewsGuy how they calculate the downloads to figure out if canceled/failed downloads are subtracted from your daily quota.
  • Little less 'flicker' in the listcontrols.


  • Export Queue to GetRight added to the 'Queue'-menu. Simply set your 'Max. simultaneous downloads' to 0 at the preferences 'Download'-page, or press the pause button to prevent LeechGuy from starting to download. Next select 'Queue->Export Queue to GetRight' and LeechGuy will add the URLs to the GetRight queue. By default GetRight is expected at 'C:\Program Files\GetRight\', but you can change that to anything you like in the LeechGuy.ini. Just start it once so that LeechGuy will add the required entry in the LeechGuy.ini file.

Known Bugs:

  • 'Clear queue' sometimes crashes LeechGuy


LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 2 - build 10714


  • Extra NewsGuy daily download limit reset time visible on screen
  • ">" and """ html tags are now correctly translated.
  • Both download managers and the 'Copy queue to clipboard'-option now use the download domain configured in LeechGuy.ini file (previously it used hardcoded domains).
  • Pause button to pause the queue. Prevents new downloads from starting; does not interrupt current downloads.
  • 500MB/1000MB daily download limit for Extra NewsGuy.
  • MB Downloaded from Extra NewsGuy counter visible on screen

Required adjustments to the LeechGuy.ini file:

EasyNews members:

Open the LeechGuy.ini file and scroll to the [EasyNews]-section and change the following:




The old download domain still works, but EasyNews currently uses the new one in its own html pages so it's probably better to update this.

Extra NewsGuy members:

Open the new version of LeechGuy and close it again. This will add 4 entries to the LeechGuy.ini file.

Open the LeechGuy.ini file and scroll to the [Preferences]-section. You will notice the 4 entries at the bottom of the section:

Reset=14 06 2001

Reset= will be the current date in dd/mm/yyyy format, so it does not necessarily need to be 14 06 2001.

If you still have an old style Extra NewsGuy account then change the MaxBytes value from 524228000 to 1048576000 (500MB and 1000MB respectively), otherwise leave it like it is.

If you're not living in the PST time zone, then you should change the PSTTimeDiff value to the number of hours difference between you and the PST time zone. For most Europeans this should be 9. Only enter full hours, LeechGuy does not yet support half hour differences. This value may be less than zero.

The BytesToday value equals the number of bytes downloaded during a 24h period. LeechGuy does not check this value against the NewsGuy server. Technically this wouldn't have been a problem to implement, but since this information is on a secure server together with your account details I did not want to retrieve it.


LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 2 - build 10103


  • The <font>-tag function didn't work correctly, causing LeechGuy to end up in an endless loop.


LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 2 - build 1229


  • The first article in the list would sometimes have a date of '<pre>' instead of the correct date.
  • Due to a change in DRN, some article sizes were miss reported and the article's subject got prefixed with a <font color=#747375>-tag.


  • The currently active news service is displayed in the title bar again.
  • A limited Kill filter has been added.


  • FlashGet support limited to versions 0.87 to 0.90.
    The latest version of FlashGet (v0.92) is not compatible with LeechGuy. FlashGet's COM interface was changed. The interface used by LeechGuy to add downloads to FlashGet was removed.


LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 2 - build 1106


  • Downloading from NewsGuy (regular) is fixed.
  • Selecting 'Hide incomplete articles' would cause a crash if there were items in the articles listcontrol.
  • 'Show only binaries'-option fixed.
  • Queue deadlock problem fixed. (Caused LeechGuy to stop downloading after a while. To get it to download again you needed to restart LeechGuy)
  • 'The configured password for <newsservice> is incorrect!'-bug fixed. This problem would occur when proxy authentication was required. I haven't tested this, but the bug in the code was so clear that I assume that it's fixed now.


  • HeaderDomain and DownloadDomain entries can be added to each account in the LeechGuy.ini file. These override the internal domain names. If, for example, you can't reach your newsservice provider because your  DNS is giving you problems in resolving the hostname, then you can now specify the IP-address of the server.
  • ReGet 1.7 is now supported. Previous versions of ReGet are no longer supported by LeechGuy!
  • 'Save Queue'-option added to the 'Queue'-menu. I thought this would be a better place instead of adding the option to the 'File'-menu.
  • 'Move to Top'-option added to the context menu of the progress listcontrol. This option only works if a single item is selected.


LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 2 - build 0929


  • Queue-bug fixed. LeechGuy will now keep downloading until all files are downloaded.



LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 2 - build 0924


  • Retrieving headers from WebUseNet works again (broken in build 902)


LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 2 - build 0902


  • Fixed articles not showing up after new DRN release.

LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 2 - build 0714


  • Depending on the http version of the server, LeechGuy would download with a maximum of either 2 or 4 simultaneous downloads. This is fixed for IE 5.x users, IE 4.x users need change to their registry to fix this problem (for more information click here.)
  • Better performance when selecting a lot of articles for download. 


  • For both NewsGuy and WebUseNet you can now specify how the articles will be retrieved (sorted by Author, Date (Ascending/Descending) and Subject).
  • Support for 3rd party download managers can now be enabled on the Preferences->Queue page.
  • Support for FlashGet (requires v0.87 or higher) and ReGet via their COM interface (offers much better speed than via the Clipboard).
  • When using FlashGet your downloads will be saved to the directory you specify in LeechGuy. For other download managers the download manager will determine where the file will be stored.
  • Toolbar with ugly graphics (sorry, I'm not an artist, I'm a programmer, and even that I doubt :-))
  • Added the option 'Invert' to the filter window.
  • Added 'Invert selection' to the articles menu.

Known Bug:

  • When using the 'Shutdown when done'-option LeechGuy will give an error, but since your PC is shutting down anyway I didn't bother to really dive into this one.

LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 2 - build 0517


  • Fixed the "SHEmptyRecycleBinA" bug that appeared on Windows95 and Windows NT clients with IE4 without the integrated shell installed). If the integrated shell is not installed then the Shell32.dll is not updated to version 4.71. Versions lower than 4.71 do not contain the "SHEmptyRecycleBinA"-function which caused LeechGuy to crash during startup. LeechGuy now disables the Empty Recycle Bin options for clients using a version of Shell32.dll lower than 4.71.

LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 2 - build 0516


  • Saving the queue on exit.
  • Loading the queue on startup.

LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 2 - build 0515.1


  • If the maximum downloads of a news provider was less than the total maximum downloads, LeechGuy would only download up to the max downloads of the news provider. All other articles in the queue would fail.


  • If no News Service Provider has been selected, then LeechGuy will now ask you to do so.
  • LeechGuy now also remembers the window state (minimized/maximized).
  • Option in preferences to delete temporary internet files when running out of disk space is now enabled (not tested, I have currently too much free disk space).
  • Option in preferences to empty the Recycle Bin when running out of disk space is now enabled (not tested, I have currently too much free disk space).
  • Option to delete temporary internet files added to tools menu.
  • Option to empty the Recycle Bin added to tools menu.

LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 2 - build 0515


  • Newsgroups were not saved.


  • Newsgroups are no longer sorted but are displayed as they are retrieved from the LeechGuy.ini file. This allows you to organize your favorites in the way you like.

LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 2 - build 0514

New and improved:

  • The code is now 'thread-proof' which improves overall stability.
  • Articles that were copied to the clipboard can now be queued again.
  • The 'Remove'-menu command in the Progress listcontrol now also removes articles that are being downloaded (after confirmation).
  • The 'Clear Queue'-menu command now also removes articles that are being downloaded (after confirmation).
  • The number of retries can now be set to infinite.
  • The Up/Down buttons can now be used to change the download order.
  • The 'Find' and 'Find Next' options have become a lot faster.
  • LeechGuy now remembers its window size.
  • LeechGuy now also remembers the column width of the Articles and Progress listcontrols.
  • The updating of the Progress listcontrol can now be switched off (use this when using Windows NT Terminal Server).

EasyNews specific:

  • Support for EasyNews on port 81 which may be a bit faster than port 80.
  • Now LeechGuy retrieves all available days (was up to day 5). It now retrieves pages until a '404 file not found' is received. This currently results in retrieving 23 days where the web interface only offers day 0-20!

LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 1 - build 0417


  • Clipboard support fixed for WebUseNet (tested ok) and EasyNews (not tested).
  • Retrieving article headers from EasyNews should no longer result in a '404'-error (not tested).


  • Combobox enlarged to support long newsgroup names.

LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 1 - build 0416


  • When selecting 'Clear Queue' the status bitmap will no longer be cleared.
  • Cancelled downloads are moved to end of the queue list.
  • Retrieving article headers from EasyNews should no longer result in a '404'-error (not tested).


  • Number of selected articles is now shown.
  • 'Hide incomplete articles' option added to 'Articles'-menu.
  • Clipboard support added (to support FlashGet).

LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 1 - build 0409


  • Context menus implemented.
  • Cancel downloads via context menu.
  • Remove articles from queue via context menu.
  • Clear queue via main menu and context menu.

LeechGuy 2.0 Beta 1 - build 0408

First public beta of LeechGuy 2.0.

Copyright (c) 1999-2005 M. Erkel. All Rights Reserved.
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