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The premier binary downloader for NewsGuy and Easynews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DRN or Direct Read News?

Direct Read News (DRN in short) is a proprietary web interface developed by Pathlink, Inc. It's used by NewsGuy and WebUsedNet to make Usenet news available via the web. Therefore, you can read and write news with your webbrowser so that you don't need an NNTP news client such as Forté Agent or Microsoft Outlook Express. Look at it as web based email, but then for usenet news.

The ordinal 6877 could not be located in the dynamic link library MFC42.DLL. What the %#$%?!?

LeechGuy is being developed with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 which comes with a newer MFC42.DLL (Microsoft Foundation Classes 6.0). Download this file and unzip it to the directory where LeechGuy is installed.

LeechGuy doesn't work, what's wrong?

LeechGuy works with a limited amount of news services. These services must have a web frontend such as DRN. Currently supported are NewsGuy, WebUseNet and Easynews. LeechGuy does not work with NNTP news servers. Most ISP's only have a NNTP newsserver.

Does LeechGuy support Newsfeeds.com?

At the moment LeechGuy does not support Newsfeeds.com. Adding support for Newsfeeds.com (or any of its resellers) would require a number of major changes to LeechGuy for which I currently do not have the time. Don't expect anything in this area anytime soon.

What does the 'Auto'-button do?

The 'Auto'-button, when selected, will automatically scroll the listbox as article headers are being retrieved. For fast connections this is useless since the data will come in to quickly to be able to read the article headers, but on slower modem connections it works fine.

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