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The premier binary downloader for NewsGuy and Easynews.

What is LeechGuy?

LeechGuy is an application that allows you to download binary articles from usenet using NewsGuy's proprietary Direct Read News (DRN) interface or Easynews usenet2web interface. Both systems enable you to read and post articles to your favorite newsgroups using a webbrowser instead of a regular newsreader such as Forté Agent.

This gives you two major advantages:

  • Use of the http-protocol instead of the nntp-protocol. This allows you to download binaries from usenet even if your firewall for security reasons blocks the nntp-protocol (which would prevent you to use a regular newsreader) or if you can't use nntp because your internet via the satellite provider doesn't support nntp downstreams via satellite.
  • Faster downloads. You download a real binary, not some encoded multipart article,  resulting in fewer bytes to download.

When the development of LeechGuy started there were four main objectives:

  • Support for proxy authentication.
  • Queue binaries for downloading.
  • Display only the first article of a multi-part binary post.
  • Identify incomplete multi-part binary posts.

Many companies limit access to the internet by using proxy authentication. However, the majority of applications do not support proxy authentication making them useless if proxy authentication is required.
The second objective was necessary because NewsGuy allows only two simultaneous downloads. The last two objectives were solved by NewsGuy when they released DRN 2.3.

Through the years a large number of user requests have been implemented and have made LeechGuy to what it is today.



Screen resolution:
Disk space:
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
Internet Explorer 4.0 (or higher) installed.
800x600 (or higher).
Less than 100 kilobyte.
Subscription to NewsGuy (Regular/Extra) or Easynews.


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