Pipe Major
Dr. Thomas E. "Snappy" Dumm

This peripatetic dentist and colorful local character,
formed the Kwajalein Drums & Pipes in 1994, as a community
service organization. The band has performed for change
of command ceremonies, memorial day and armistice day
services, funeral commemorative ceremonies, Robert
Burns dinners, and Saint Patrick day parades.
The Kwajalein Pipe Band began with its
first student in 1994. Since then it has increased in
size to seven playing pipers, four drums, including one
bass, two snares and one tenor, one singer and a
sister (ceilidh) group called the "Teedumms".

Also, leading the ranks is a drum major whose mace was
fashioned from a mold made by Dumm. A plaster cast was made
of a coconut, then poured in artists acrylic and covered with
gold and silver leaf. It will be the prize of prizes given
to the winning band at the next international
Kwajalein Underwater Scottish Games.

Since the quiet evolution began in 1994, the band has modestly changed
it's name from the Kwajalein Drums & Pipes to the Kwajalein Pipes & Drums.
It is sincerely hoped this change neither flusters nor confuses the franchised
fan clubs proliferating around the world.

Sir Thomas, as "Snappy" likes to be called when he is relaxing, claims
Douglas as his tartan and German as his clan. He attended Indiana U. of PA
and West Virginia U of VA. He has scaled down from 6'4" and 250# to an unassuming
and modest 5'8" and 170# simply because the challenge was there. He has played
with the Laurel Highlanders and McDonald Pipes & Drums. Sir Thomas has played
for 15 years and describes himself as a high 10 on a scale of 1-100. He currently
lists only one (1) camp follower. Hobbies are painting, singing, piping,
fiddling (around) and horses.

If anyone should feel the need to offer any positive, or neutral, thoughts about
the Kwajalein Pipes & Drums (OR) has a great need for memorabilia such as patches,
hats and t-shirts that support our organization, please direct such gems and
requests to the following "Snappy" address:

c/o Dr. Thomas "Snappy" Dumm
PO Box 286
APO AP 96555
Phone (805)355-2175

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