Woof! My Name is Fred.

Here I am at home. This is not my first home. I got hit by a car and and a nice vet fixed me up before I went to stay with West Tennesse Valley Basset Rescue. Then my Mommy and Daddy adopted me. I am in my forever home now.

I really like to sleep. Right in front of the T.V. is one of my favorite spots.

I have a sister now. Her name is Willow Grace. She is very nice, but sort of ...exuberant. Sometimes she gets on my nerves. I like to play, just not as much as she does. Here she is trying to make me play.

I love toys that squeak. Here is one of my newspapers. It squeaks great. I can squeeze it over and over very quickly. Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak. Well you get the idea. I like to fetch it too.

I also love furry toys. I almost always greet Mommy and Daddy with one when they come home (in case they want to play fetch with me). Here is a picture of me with two new toys. I have to hold them both so Willow doesn't steal them. I can get a lot of things in my mouth at once. My record for socks is six! Did I mention I love socks? The only thing I love more than socks is treats. I bark and howl for treats. I drool a little too. But treats are so yummy.

MMMM! Warm and toasty. I guess it is time for bed. Thanks for visiting my site.

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