What's Taped To My Physical Blog?

My Physical Blog is my cubicle window. I typically print out and tape up pertinent comics, articles, etc. that catch my fancy. The theme is generally computer related, most often computer security related. Politics and religion are avoided here since this is an office setting.

You need Acrobat Reader to read these PDFs.


  1. Hey, It's not as easy as it sounds
  2. Security expert: User education is pointless
  3. British spy secrets found on camera sold on eBay
  4. Did Fed Lawyer Use Geeks-on-Call to Erase Gov't Computer Evidence?
  5. How Does Bruce Schneier Protect His Laptop Data? With His Fists - and PGP
  6. Lord, Give Us Grace To Accept With Serenity...

Blasts From The Past

  1. Travelers' Laptops May Be Detained At Border
  2. HP ships USB sticks with malware
  3. US airbase e-mails go to town web
  4. Japanese military leak due to porn
  5. Chinese military hacked into Pentagon
  6. Federal 'fix' knocks ca.gov for a loop
  7. Daylight saving shift fails to curb energy use
  8. Banking on Security
  9. Cubans sneak ashore during U.S. security drill
  10. New rules outlaw melting pennies
  11. BBC NEWS | Americas | 'Most cocaine enters US via Farc'
  12. UN warns on password 'explosion'
  13. Microsoft Releases New Patch
  14. Computer glitch may limit next shuttle launch
  15. Computer hackers get lesson on cloning passport, cash card tags
  16. Microsoft Debates Reducing Employee Admin Rights
  17. Agency Recovers From Computer Break-Ins
  18. Credit agencies sending our files abroad)
  19. Why my address book is spamming you
  20. Expensive FBI Computer Overhaul Hits Snag
  21. Wife broke law with spyware
  22. Skeletons on your hard drive
  23. Homeland Security flunks cybersecurity prep test
  24. Another Reason To Log Off Or Lock Your Computer