ST185 Stock Fuel & Ignition Maps
The following maps are from the Japanese market Toyota Celica GT-Four ST185. The ignition map is straight forward to understand, and show total timing (ie base timing + advance). The load sites of each map, are listed with Toyota's code instead of an actual load measurement, such as psi, kpa, kgcm2, etc., so determining the load sites requires estimation. Based upon the timing, I would estimate that the "54F0" site is about 0 vacuum/boost, with the last site "5560" being approximately 12.5 psi (0.86 bar). The fuel maps are done in hex format, but George Betzos, a member of the GT-Four mailing list, was kind enough to convert the fuel map to numerical format.  As with the timing map, the load sites are in Toyota's code, so once again, an estimation would be required.

Stock Fuel & Ignition Maps

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