Changes Made To The Stock Interior To Make The Interior Look Cleaner As Well As More Modern.

The pictures show the changes I made to my rather dated and less than pristine stock interior. The changes to the dash are mainly the result of painting, with the exception being the custom EL gauges (more info here) which were made back in early 2003. The stock carpet was by far the worse looking item in the interior, and this can be seen in the pic labelled 'Stock Seats'. The stock seats themsleves look a bit dirty in the pics, but they were not nearly as bad as the carpet, and where actually due for a cleaning when the pic was taken.

Stock Dash

Customized Dash

New Carpet

Stock Seats

Custom Upholstered Seats

Customized Interior
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The Carpet

I sourced the carpet from the following company:

ABC Auto Upholstery Auto Glass and Repair
7624 Golden Philly St.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89131
(702) 656-1734

The carpet is made by a company called Auto Custom Carpet (web site: but it is not for the GT-Four/All-Trac, it is listed as being made for the coupe. Add that to the fact that my car is right hand drive, and it means the carpet will not fit exact. Luckily the carpet comes as one big square molded piece, with no holes or anything cut out, so I just ordered mine without a heel pad, and with a little effort, it fairly well. The rear center tunnel is the biggest problem. This is because the GT-Four/All-Trac rear center tunnel is a bit taller and probably a bit wider. I ordered the silver carpet (Silver 1804), but I didn't quite like it, so I used an airbrush to add some dye to darken the carpet a bit. The silver also had a green hint to it, and I suspect it wasn't supposed to be like that, so I chose a dye that neutralized the green and made the carpet seem more like light gray.

The result was much better than I expected. The dye job was supposed to be temporary, and I would soon buy a new carpet after reviewing some samples, but it came out so good that there isn't a need to buy a new one. Time will tell how good the dye job will stand up.

The Seats

The upholstery work on the seats was done locally, and the quality was excellent. The inside silver material was again sourced through ABC Auto Upholstery Auto Glass and Repair in Las Vegas. The material used was silver encore velour. The outer black felt material was sourced locally.

The Dash

Well, not much to say here. I used some aluminum spray paint that is really meant for wheels. I just prepared the surfaces well before painting. Time will tell how well it will hold up. Although even it it doesn't hold up that well, it wouldn't be a problem as most of the parts are relatively easy to remove and repaint, with the exception of the vents.

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