Aviation Training and Education

Aerobatic Training

  • Acro Dynamics, LLC  Acrobatic flight training in a 8KCAB Bellanca Decathlon from (14A) Lake Norman Airpark, Mooresville North Carolina. Basic and intermediate aerobatics, lake demos, tailwheel endorsement, thrill rides, upset spin recovery.
  • Aerobatic Company and Flight School, Inc.  Learn to recover from unusual flight attitudes as you expose yourself to the "edge of the envelope."  Aerobatic programs will build your confidence, are informative, and a lot of fun.  Based out of Reno-Stead Airport (4SD).
  • APS Emergency Maneuver Training  APS provides high-performance aerobatic training courses in the Extra 300L.  Williams Gateway Airport, Mesa, Arizona.
  • Bode Aviation - Aerobatics & Tailwheel Training  Aerobatics instruction, tailwheel sign-offs and spin training in a Citabria.  Based at Albuquerque International Airport.
  • Chandler Air Service, Inc.  Specializing in aerobatatic and tailwheel training.
  • Classic Aerobatics  Basic and advanced aerobatic training in central Ohio with Zlin 242L aircraft.
  • DC Aerobatics  Aerobatic instruction, emergency maneuver training, spin training, and thrill rides near Washington D.C. at Potomac Airfield in Fort Washington, MD.
  • Executive Flyers Aviation  Flight school in Bedford, Massachusetts.
  • FlightFantastic Aerobatics  Fort Lauderdale, Florida based aerobatic rides or instruction with a two-time US Advanced Aerobatic Team member in a Pitts S2B biplane.
  • Flightlab  Their Wide-Envelope Maneuvering and Upset Recovery Program was developed by test pilots, military instructors, and aerobatic competition pilots.  Through exercises in advanced-maneuvering aerodynamics, students explore the characteristics of aircraft flown outside the normal attitude and stability envelopes.  The program features a comprehensive ground school using digital wind tunnels and interactive flight-dynamics software.  In the air, they use tufted wings and actual flight-test techniques to demonstrate aircraft handling and upset characteristics.  At Plymouth Airport (KPYM) in Massachusetts.
  • Grayout Aerosports  A one stop shop for everything aerobatic in the U.S. Midwest: upset and emergency maneuver training, proficiency for that next aerobatic competition, airshow performances, and exhilarating airplane rides.  Based at Hendrick's County Airport, just west of Indianapolis, Indiana.  If you let them know what airport is closest, they'll come to you.
  • Ultimate High  Aerobatic flights, advanced training, jet rides, and corporate entertainment in Kemble, UK.

Aeromedical Training

  • Aeromedical Training Institute Aviation physiology training organization.
  • Australasian Medical Training  This registered training organisation provides training solutions for aviation crew and businesses in Medical, First Aid, Defibrillation, Manual handling, Fatigue Management, and Dangerous Goods.
  • Critical Care Concepts, Inc  Providing training and certification courses in Flight Nursing, Flight Paramedicine, ACLS, PALS, BTLS, pHTLS, TNCC, ENPC, EMT through Paramedic, CCRN, CEN, and PCCN.  They also offer on-site (your location or theirs) training classes in 12 leads, IABP therapy, etc.  Location: Hampton Roads Executive Airport, Chesapeake, Virginia.

Cabin and Flight Crew Training

  • The Airline Academy  Training for ticket agents, customer service reps, reservationists, flight attendants, aircraft dispatchers, and pilots.  Located in the main terminal of the Daytona Beach International Airport in Florida.
  • Airline Career Prep  This service helps aspiring flight attendants achieve their dream.  They specialize in flight attendant interview training along with quality flight attendant resumes and cover letters.
  • Arizona State University Department of Aeronautical Management Technology  Concentration in Professional Flight and Air Transportation Management.  Professional pilot students are trained to specific airline standards.
  • Ascot  An air hostess and hospitality training academy located in India.
  • Aviation Training Service Company  Offers aviation Crew Resource Management (CRM) and human factors training courses for pilots and cabin crew.  Run by experienced and accredited CRM Instructors and CRMI Examiners.  Hampshire, UK, but they often travel to company locations to deliver.
  • Blue Sky Careers  Corporate aviation training for pilots and flight attendants in the UK and Europe.  Safety training available to operators and for freelance crew.  Training courses for flight attendants entering the industry.
  • Bond Aviation Services  An FAA 142 cabin and crew training center for B737 initial and recurrent training for individuals, corporate flight departments, airlines, BBJ operators.  (Classic and Next Generation).  On-site Designated Exmaminers (TCE).
  • Cabin Secure Aviation  Provides aviation security training and course development for crews and GSC's (Ground Security Coordinators).  Also offers aviation security consulting, auditing, and compliance solutions.
  • Career in Travel  Cabin crew courses.
  • CISM - Critical Incident Stress Management Peer Support Training Seminars  Specialized Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Peer Support Training seminars for the aviation/transportation industry.
  • Corporate Flight Attendant Training  A training program for professionals who want to become corporate flight attendants, held each year in Long Beach, California; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atlanta / Savannah, Georgia; and London, United Kingdom.  Also, in-house and corporate flight department training.
  • Cranfield Aviation Training  Registered and accredited with the South African Civil Aviation Authorities, and offering courses in Crew Resource Management, Dangerous Goods, Safety & Emergency Procedures Training, Flight Operations and Despatcher Training, ACAS and RVSM, Radio Telephony, Safety Officer Training, Cabin Crew Initial Training/Abinito, Fire Fighting, Ditching and Survival Training.
  • Environmental Tectonics Corporation  ETC designs, develops, installs and maintains aircrew training systems through a joint-venture with ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries Sp. z o.o.
  • Flight Attendant Training Online  Provides training and career consulting for those who aspire to a flight attendant career.
  • Global Air Training  Delivers aircrew training services to airlines, aviation operators, and associated companies worldwide.  Expertise in the fields of Crew Resource Management (CRM), Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP), Aviation Security, Aviation First Aid (Immediate Care) and Cabin Service.
  • Go To Flight School!  FAA certified flight school training for flight attendants, and more.  Airline represented Board of Directors, lifetime placement, and financial aid available.
  • IASCO Cockpit crew training.
  • Inflight Innovations  Offering cabin crew consulting: creation, development, and facilitization of training programs, as well as cabin crew manuals and procedure analysis.  Technologically advanced training methods include 360 degree interactive imaging and online training.
  • International Institute of Travel and Tourism  An online Flight Attendant safety training and tourism studies faculty established to extend training in the areas of aviation safety, and hospitality to international students.  They offer accredited certificate, diploma, and associate degree training programs in various disciplines completely online, using virtual web tutoring technology.
  • Ready2Fly  Training courses to ensure that potential cabin crew recruits know how to pass the airline application process.  They offer a money back guarantee.
  • Results Centre Flight Attendant Career Preparation Course  A flight attendant career preparation college running one day career preparation courses available throughout Australia and in New Zealand.
  • Skyblue Aviation  UK TRTO specialising in ATR42/72 and B737 flight crew training.
  • Sristys Aviation  Online air hostess training (flight attendants / cabin crew).
  • Terema - Team Resource Management  A group of aviation and healthcare professionals with many years experience in teaching Crew Resource Management (CRM) within the airlines.  Training provided in any environment where safety and efficiency are important.
  • Travel Training in Spain  A travel centre in Spain offering diploma courses for students wishing to persue a career in travel: airline cabin crew courses, ground crew, holiday reps, travel agents, reservation staff.  Full time and part time courses available.
  • Universal Aviation Academy  Cabin crew and customer service training in India.
  • World Wide Travel Training  Provides information and distance learning training courses for the travel and tourism industry, the public and private educational sectors as well as corporate clients.  Training courses for Airline Cabin Crew (Introduction) and Airline Passenger Services (Introduction).

Dispatcher & ATC Training

  • Advanced ATC  Private Air Traffic Control training.  One year course of simulation and on-the-job training.  Eligible for FAA "Control Tower Operator" certificate upon completion of training.
  • Air Navigation Institute  Expert training for Instrument Flight Procedure design, air traffic management, and related fields according ICAO PANS-OPS criteria.
  • The Airline Academy  Training for ticket agents, customer service reps, reservationists, flight attendants, aircraft dispatchers, and pilots.  Located in the main terminal of the Daytona Beach International Airport in Florida.
  • Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center, Inc.  School information, training programs, military programs, bookstore.  Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA.
  • ATC Trainer  Straight shooting advice on how to become an air traffic controller.  AT-SAT strategies, interview techniques, and more.
  • Beau Dassault Aviation Ltd  BDA Flight Training provides Flight Dispatcher Groundschool at Bow Valley College, Calgary Alberta. Canada.
  • Flight Control Academy  FAA approved aircraft dispatcher school located in Tucson, Arizona.
  • Flight Dispatch Careers, Inc.  A flight dispatcher training school located in Atlanta, Georgia, and Chicago, IL, USA.  Also ICAO consulting.
  • International Airline Training Academy  An IATA school authorized by the FAA to conduct aircraft dispatcher training courses which award graduates the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license.
  • International Federation of Air Line Dispatchers' Associations  IFALDA is an international organization comprised of the various Aircraft Dispatcher / Flight Operations Officer associations that have formed throughout the world.
  • Jeppesen Academy  Dispatcher, Airline Operations Control, and Pilot Ground training.
  • Phoenix East Aviation, Inc. Aircraft dispatcher course.
  • Sheffield School of Aeronautics  This aircraft dispatcher school has provided training for a number of airlines.  Located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
  • Sierra Academy of Aeronautics  Training for airline pilots, helicopter pilots, aircraft mechanics, aircraft dispatchers.
  • Sim Soft USA  A global air traffic management school with ATC simulation products that cover all phases of air traffic control training.
  • Simulated Sky - ISENA Air Traffic Control Simulators  Interactive air traffic control simulations.  New generation of basic and advanced ATC training software featuring feed-back, stand-alone module and many advanced training tools.
  • Supremis Advanced ATC simulator  A software company that develops ATC training and operational support products that are entirely controlled by intelligent response to human speech.
  • World Airline Dispatcher Schools  Industry professionals training students using current industry methods, materials, and procedures.  They specialize in aircraft dispatcher training.  Fort Worth, Texas.

Flight Training - U.S.

Flight Training Directories

  • AOPA Flight School Directory  Search for flight schools using company name, airport name, airport identifier, city, or zip code.
  • Just Flight Schools  Find a flight school by U.S. State.  Descriptions of services, mailing list, flight training supplies.
  • Pilot Journey  Providing services that help students and flight schools: find flight schools, purchase discovery flight gift certificates, order a free Learn to Fly Kit.

Specialized Training

  • Balloon Excelsior, Inc.  Balloon flight training (Part 141 FAA-Approved), balloon repair station, books, consulting.  In Oakland, California.
  • The Network for the DC-3  A three day course that will get you a DC-3 type rating stamped on your pilot certificate.  They also offer both initial tailwheel training for students and transition training for certificated pilots.  Aviation consulting services for Part 61, 91, 135, and 121 operations available.


  • ACRO Air  Aerobatic and tailwheel training, and solo rental.  Earn your private in a tailwheel.  Upright, inverted,and competition aerobatics.  Madison County Executive Airport, Meridianville, Alabama.


  • Arctic Flyers  Flight instruction given by ATP rated flight instructors.  Private to ATP training, specializing in emergency procedures, tricycle gear, taildragger, float and ski instruction.  At Anchorage International/Lake Hood.
  • Take Flight Alaska  A large flight training facility.  Services include Part 61 and Part 141 flight school, Part 135 intra-state flight tours and charters, general aviation maintenance and repair facility, pilot supplies, 100LL and JetA fuel sales, tiedowns, and aircraft rental and sales.  The training and rental fleet includes Cessan 152, 172, and 172RG aircraft, and a Beech Duchess twin trainer.


  • AirSafety Flight Academy  A US professional pilot training program conducted in an all-glass cockpit environment.  Located in Glendale, Arizona.
  • Alliance Aircraft Services LLC  Offers flight training and aircraft rental services to the Arizona aviation community: private pilot, multi-engine, instrument rating, Certified Flight Instructor, Commercial Pilot, flight review
  • Double Eagle Aviation / Professional Pilot Acedemy  Professional flight training in VFR Tucson, Arizona.  All levels of flight instruction from Private Pilot, to the Airline Transport Pilot certification (ATP).
  • Makarion Institute of Aeronautics  Their mission is to bring students state-of-the-art flight training, combined with simple and easy financing.  Pipers, Commanders, and Personal Flight Training Devices.  Learn to be a professional pilot, fly charters, or begin your career toward the Airlines.  Southern California and Arizona campuses.
  • Pan Am International Flight Academy  Training under FAA Parts 61 and 141: airline and pilot training as well as advanced training for flight crews.  Phoenix, Arizona.
  • NorthAire Aviation Flight School  A full service flight school offering Private through ATP, all instructor ratings, tailwheel, high altitude, aerobatic, seaplane and turbine training in addition to mountain and high altitude speciality training.  Prescott, Arizona.
  • Professional Flight Instruction Service  Private through ATP tailwheel and basic aerobatic training at Falcon Field in Mesa Arizona.
  • Skybound LSA  Sport pilot training lessons in weight shift control LSA trikes and LSA aircraft.  They're also a LSA trike and fixed wing airplane dealer.  Sport Pilot Training is available at their Winter location in Brenda, Arizona, and Spring, Summer and Fall in Wendell, Idaho.
  • Sunbird Flight Services  An FAA certified FAR part 141 flight school owned and operated by airline captains.  Located in Chandler Arizona with private and commercial pilot programs.
  • Tailwheel Training at Chandler Air Service  Using PA-18-150 Piper Super Cubs for basic tailwheel training.
  • TransPac Aviation Academy  An airline academy and flight training school with state of the art facilities and quality flight training standards recognized throughout the aviation industry.  Phoenix, Arizona.


  • Wallis Aviation  Flight training and aircraft brokerage.  Located in Lonoke, Arkansas and providing training all over central Arkansas.


  • 2 Citations Flight Instruction  Cessna Citation type ratings for CE-500 and CE-525 series.  In Southern California, at Orange County's John Wayne / Santa Ana (SNA) airport.
  • Aeroclub Marin  A Cessna Pilot Center in Northern California that provides flight, ground and simulator training, aircraft rental, and scenic flights.  Located at Gnoss Field (DVO), in Marin County, about 25 miles north of San Francisco.
  • American Academy of Aeronautics  An FAA Part 141 flight training provider with multiple locations, and approved to train and certify for FAA part 61 and 91 operators.  The Academy can support clients seeking careers as airline pilots and provide initial, recurrent, or re-qualification training programs.  Customized training programs can be created to meet specific training needs and or insurance requirements.
  • American School of Aviation, Inc.  A nationally accredited, FAA Part 141 approved flight training school that trains pilots for direct placement in professional airline careers.  Located in San Jose, California.
  • Aviation Pacific Inc.  Profesional flight training for international students immigration (M1 Visas) and TSA Approved.  FAA and JAA ground and modular ATPL Training.  Offering JAA ATPL ground courses and exams in Califonia and India.
  • California Flight Academy  An ATP flight school San Diego, California.
  • Coast Flight Training  Offers flying lessons specializing in Cirrus flight training.  Learn aircraft management and civilian aviation, and you'll soar over San Diego and Mexico in no time at all.
  • Flight Crew Systems, Inc.  A Part 141 and VA insurance-approved training school that offers Initial type ratings and PPEs (61.58 and 61.55) for the Citation 500 and 525 series aircraft.  In Carlsbad, California.
  • Fly California  Flight training in San Diego, California with accelerated courses and adventure flights.
  • Golden State Flying Club  Providing flight training since 1968.  Part 141, from Private Pilot to Commercial in San Diego.
  • Guaranteed Flight Training  A San Diego based flight instruction and training company offering scenic intro flights along the coast and mountains of San Diego, California.
  • Hayward Flight  An FAA certified flight school located at the Hayward Airport in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Hollywood Aviators  A flight school at the Van Nuys Airport that also offers scenic aerial tours and aircraft rental.
  • Jet Aeronautical LLC  An advanced flight training facility located in Southern California, focusing on the Cessna Citation and Beechcraft King Air series aircraft.  In addition to initial and recurrent training, Jet Aeronautical provides Turbine Transition, Cockpit Resource Management, RVSM, and High Altitude Courses.
  • Lisa Dyball Cantin  A professional pilot and flight instructor offering flight instruction in California, as well as professional pilot services.
  • Makarion Institute of Aeronautics  Their mission is to bring students state-of-the-art flight training, combined with simple and easy financing.  Pipers, Commanders, and Personal Flight Training Devices.  Learn to be a professional pilot, fly charters, or begin your career toward the Airlines.  Southern California and Arizona campuses.
  • MasterCFI  A group of FAA certified flight instructors (led by NAFI MasterCFI Manpreet "Prince" Singh) providing flight and ground training for basic and advanced pilot certificates.  Custom designed and custom paced training courses.  Located primarily at Reid Hillview Airport, San Jose, California, with a secondary location at San Jose International airport.
  • Pinnacle Aviation Academy  A Cessna Pilot Center in Carlsbad, California who provide flight instruction in Cessna aircraft.
  • Red Sky Aviation, LLC  Flight instruction with taildraggers: basic flight training, tailwheel transition training, currency training, and BFR.  Primary and tailwheel transition training in the Aeronca Champ, or the 150hp Champion Citabria.  Livermore, California.
  • San Diego Flight Training International  Offering an airline preparation course to take novices right through to airline pilot status.
  • Sierra Pacific Aviation, Inc.  Flight training at Montgomery Field in San Diego, CA.  From private to turbine transition, your airplane or theirs.  A Cirrus Standardized Training Center.  Specializing in technically advanced aircraft.
  • Skyward Aviation  An FAA certified flight school providing personalized private, instrument, commercial and instructor pilot training in the Los Angeles beach community of Santa Monica.
  • Southwest Flight Training, Inc.  Specializing in aerobatic instruction.  Located at the Rockwall Municipal Airport (F46) east of Dallas, and an authorized dealer for Aviat Pitts and Maule aircraft.
  • Rich Stowell's Aviation Learning Center  Specializing in spin, emergency maneuver, and aerobatic training since 1987.
  • TractorAir  Flight instruction from Can Carlos Airport in California.  Also, home consulting services for your personal computer flight simulator experience and professional instrument flight instruction in an FAA approved PC-based (PCATD) and full cockpit Advanced Aircraft Flight Training Devices (AAFTD).
  • Wings International  An FAA approved flight school in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.  Offers accelerated training courses, financial aid, and housing.


  • Flatirons Aero  Flight training without the large flight school cost and hassle.  Also, aircraft rental and aerial photography.  Located at KBDU, Boulder, Colorado.
  • Russell Aviation LLC  Accelerated private pilot training in 18 days in Colorado, as well as mountain flight training in a private course.  Train at airports such as Leadville, Aspen, and other resort towns.  Multi Engine timebuilding at a low hourly rate.
  • Taking Flight  This Denver flight school strives to make you become a proficient and safe pilot.  Discovery flights available.
  • Western Air Flight Academy  A part 141 flight-training center in Colorado, conveniently located at Jeffco Airport in Broomfield.



  • Phill Air Inc.  Learn to fly in a fast-paced environment at Dover's premier airport.  They adapt to your schedule and availability, and hold the ground school classes at their facility located 5 miles north of downtown Dover.  Training from private pilot certificate through instrument, commercial, multiengine, and CFI ratings.


  • Aerosim Flight Academy  Their mission is to develop professional and employable airline pilots through top quality flight training, technologically advanced simulations, and personalized education based on sophisticated airline standards.
  • Apopka Aviation and Flight Services  Central Florida's alternative approach to aviation offering different flight courses from Sport Pilot and Aerobatic Training to Commercial licenses with an at-your-pace schedule.  Located in Apopka, Florida (outside of congested airspace) just 10 miles northwest of Orlando.
  • Daytona Aviation Academy  Flight school and pilot training in Daytona Beach, Florida.  The Professional ATP Multi Engine Pilot course prepares you to become an airline pilot and have a professional career in aviation.  International students are always welcome.
  • Delta Connection Academy  An accelerated flight school, training pilots from zero time and up for careers as an airline pilot.  Offering guaranteed interviews with the regional airlines, and financial aid to those who qualify.  M-1 and J-1 International student visas.
  • Europe-American Aviation  A Diamond Brilliance Flight Center in Naples, Florida with an all Diamond fleet including G1000-equipped DA 40 and DA 42 aircraft.  Training towards all ratings, according to Part 61 and 141.
  • Falcon Airline Academy  Training for pilots as well as ticket agents, customer service reps, reservationists, flight attendants, and aircraft dispatchers.  On-site housing.  Zero time to First Officer in 6 months.  0-ATP Primary Flight Training offering airline career programs, block time, continuing education, airline preparation, and type ratings.  M1 and F1 Visa approved.  Located in Ft. Pierce, Florida.
  • Falcon Flight Sanford Orlando  Their Professional Pilot Program is designed so that you can start with no experience and become a Commercial Pilot in 12 months.  Also, accelerated flight programs that can offer you Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Multi-Engine Ratings in as little as six months.  Type Ratings, First Officer Training, Airline Continuing Education Programs, International Career Programs, Time Building Packages, and custom flight training programs suited to your individual needs.  Also, two and four year college degree programs while flight training, campus housing, visa programs, and specialty Heavy Jet Ab-Initio fast track career programs.  Orlando, Florida.
  • FlightSafety Academy  A flight school for professional pilots.
  • Florida Flight Training Center  Flight training from private pilot to instrument rating and commercial with single engine and multi-engine (SEL and MEL) for international pilots becoming airline pilots.
  • Gilmore Aviation Services  Personalized instruction in your aircraft at your location or in Stuart, Florida.  Services include upgrade training, flight review certification, instrument proficiency check rides, and GPS personal training.
  • Global Pilot Training Center  Become a First Officer upon completion of this program based at Miami International Airport.
  • International Flight Training  An international flight school in Florida that is also a FBO with maintenance services.
  • NS Aviation, Inc.  One-on-one, top quality flight and ground instruction.  A Cessna Pilot Center, located at Hollywood-North Perry Airport in Florida.
  • Palm Beach Flight Training  A full service Cessna Pilot Training Center located at the Lantana airport in south Florida.
  • Pan Am International Flight Academy  Professional flight training designed for career minded students.  Flight schools in Phoenix, AZ and Fort Pierce, FL offering programs for all experience levels.  Financial assistance available to those who qualify.
  • Pelican Flight Training Center  An accredited fixed wing and helicopter flight training school located in South Florida.  Schweizer 300 helicopters, R44 for commercial operations.
  • The Pilot Training College (PTC)  A JAR Flight Training Organisation (FTO) fully approved for carrying out commercial pilot training at its training facilities in the US (at FlightSafety International's training campus at Vero Beach, Florida) and Ireland.
  • Phoenix East Aviation  PEA is an accredited flight school for pilot training in Florida, where their commercial pilot training prepares you for a career in aviation.  FAA approved courses, accredited, and international students welcome.
  • Premier One Aviation  Flight training and rental aircraft around in Miami, Florida utilizing a fleet of Flight Design light sport aircraft.  Experienced instructors with degrees in aviation.
  • Preston Aviation, Inc.  Tailwheel flight school offering tailwheel instruction and biplane rides in the Stearman and J3 Piper Cub.
  • Silver Express Flight School South Florida flight training academy.
  • Sterling Flight Training  Train in sunny Jacksonville, Florida with this family operated friendly FBO, owned and operated by Malone Air.
  • Sunstate Aviation  Training provided by this Cessna Pilot Center (CPC) in Central Florida.  Also, aircraft rental and pilot shop.
  • The Airplane Co - Keith Aviation Airshows  Upset and unusual attitude training, advanced aerobatic instruction, and adventure flying in Central Florida.  An Upset Recovery provider to FlightSafety International.
  • WOP Jet Corporation  A crew leasing agency where pilots can prepare themselves for entry into the airline industry.  Specializing in B-737 and A319/320.  Formed by a group of airline pilots and corporate aviation executives.
  • Tailwheels Etc.  Accelerated flight training for Private, Instrument, Multi-engine and Tailwheel ratings and endorsments.  In Winter Haven, Florida.
  • Tradewinds International Flight School  Offers flight students a personalized and environment to learn and earn a PPL in Fort Pierce, Florida.
  • Wing & Rotor International  Airplane flight training at Flagler County Airport in Northeast Florida, USA.


  • Coastal Empire Flight Training  Offering Flight instruction in Beaufort and Hiliton Head South Carolina, and Savannah and Ft. Stewart Georgia  Fun, affordable, professional fight training including tailwheel, single engine and multi engine.
  • Falcon Aviation Academy  Professional pilot training whether you are just beginning or moving into advanced training.  Focus on high quality training with affordable pricing.  At Peachtree City Airport-Falcon Field (KFFC), Dekalb-Peachtree Airport, Athens-Ben Epps Airport, Newnan-Cowete Airport, and LaGrange-Callaway Airport..
  • Lanier Flight Center  A Cessna Pilot Center that specializes in Atlanta flight training, Cessna aircraft sales, and Atlanta air charter.
  • Skybound Aviation  A women owned and run flight school at KPDK (Atlanta, Georgia) offering aircraft rental, flight training, acrobatic training, light sport training, and youth summer camps.  Affilated with the Flight School Association of America.



  • Mountain and Canyon Flying Tips  Mountain and canyon flight instruction in the Idaho back country with Amy Hoover, back country flight instructor for over 22 years and mountain canyon flying author.


  • FSX Chicago  A flight school and flight center with a Sim Center featuring advanced aviation training devices and motion simulators for general aviation. Experienced flight instructors, modern FAA Part 61 ground school. Private Pilot, Commercial, or ATP license. Instrument Rating training, aircraft rental, instrument proficiency checks, and flight reviews. Other services include: jet charters, ferry flights, aircraft leaseback and investment.
  • Illinois Aviation Academy, Inc.  All types of pilot certifications, advanced education opportunities and pleasure flying are available at IAA.
  • Skill Aviation  Specializing in flight instruction and aircraft rental, serving the Chicago Metro area, as well as southeastern Wisconsin.  Their goal is to provide you with expedient, professional service at affordable prices.  Based at Waukegan Regional Airport in Illinois.
  • Sun Aero Helicopters, Inc.  Offering helicopter charter service and helicopter flight school training in the Chicagoland area.


  • Eagle Aircraft  A 141 Cessna Pilot center using a Cessna 172 SPs Skyhawk and a Cessna 162 Skycatcher.  Ground schools, 1-on-1 instruction, and a "work at your own pace" atmosphere for students.  International students accepted.  At the Porter County Municipal Airport (VPZ), Valparaiso, Indiana.









  • Air Born Paraflite, LLC  PPC Training and 2 day classroom Ground School Training by a CFI/Sport Pilot Examiner.  Also offering introductory flight from their own air park as well as Soaring Concepts aircraft sales.  Ithaca, Michigan.
  • Berz Flight Training  Offers primary and instrument instruction for private pilot and instrument students, and also provides aircraft rentals at competitive rates.  An FAA chart dealer, a David Clark headset dealer, and offering numerous pilot supplies.  Located at Oakland/Troy Airport, Troy Michigan.
  • ProFlight Training Academy  A professional flight training center located in Jackson, Michigan, just 30 minutes from Ann Arbor and the University Of Michigan.  If you have zero time and want to learn to fly and become an airline pilot, or you're a certified flight instructor seeking a flight instructor job, they have a program for you.
  • West Michigan Flight Academy  The purpose of WMFA is to give economically disadvantaged urban youth the opportunity to pursue a highly advanced technical career related to aviation and the aerospace industries.  WMFA create experiences for students that builds character and develop skills in communication, social, technical, professional discipline and accountability.  Working with dedicated professionals and educators, students prepare for their futures by participating in activities that stress the application of aviation and aerospace.


  • Adventure Seaplanes  Seaplane training, rentals, and guided seaplanes tours throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada, with extended trips to Churchill and the Arctic Circle.  Solo seaplanes available.
  • General Aviation Services  This full service FBO is located at the Flying Cloud airport in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, focusing on flight training and maintenence.
  • LSA North, Inc  The upper-Midwest distributor of the Flight Design CT, they are also a sport pilot flight school with tick-n-Rudder Flight Training.  Airlake Airport KLVN, Lakeville, Minnesota.
  • Roger Aviation LLC  Aircraft simulator training to help you prepare for job interviews for both airline and other commercial flying positions.  They use a Frasca 242 multi-engine simulator with a nationwide database of instrument approaches, terminal and en-route procedures.  All instructors are current and certified by the Federal Aviation Administration possessing multi-engine and instrument qualifications.  Facility is located at the Flying Cloud Airport KFCM in Minneapolis, Minnesota.



  • Advanced Tailwheel Training  Tailwheel and spin training and endorsements.  The airplane is a Bellanca Citabria 7ECA based at 1H0 (Creve Coeur Airport) in Maryland Heights, Missouri near St. Louis.


  • Red Eagle Aviation  Airplane and helicopter flight instruction, scenic charters, fuel, and maintenance services.  Kalispell City Airport, Northwest Montana.
  • Yellowstone Valley Aviation  A Part 141 flight school in Billings, Montana providing private, instrument, commercial, multi-engine, and tailwheel instruction.  This small school offers personalized, one-on-one instruction tailored to meet student needs.



  • IntroFlights.com  Light sport trike introductory flights and flight lessons from an FAA certified CFI in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Monarch Sky  A flight school and flying club located at Henderson Executive Airport in the Las Vegas, Nevada valley and offering training from accelerated programs to self-paced.
  • Vegasflighttraining.com  Teaching the art of flying in a relaxed, laid back environment.
  • Westwind School of Aeronautics  A professional flight training school located at the Phoenix Deer Valley Airport specializing in the training and development of career commercial pilots.

New Hampshire

New Jersey

  • Andover Flight Academy  A flight training school located in Andover, New Jersey.
  • Eagle's Arie Aviation  A flight school, but also an aviation community focused on making the dream of flight available through programs intended to promote affordable aircraft ownership.  For flight training, comradery or just "plane" fun, find them at Sussex Airport, Sussex, N.J.
  • Freeflight Aviation LLC  Located at the Flying W Airport, in Lumberton, New Jersey and giving flight instruction in Cessna, Piper, and Diamond Aircraft.  Their aircraft are also available for rent.
  • South Jersey Flight Academy  Flight instruction provided for private, instrument,commercial,and flight instructor ratings.  Only FAA Gold Seal Instructors on staff.

New Mexico

  • Blackhawk Aviation  Tailwheel, spin and aerobatic training in Dona Ana, New Mexico (close to El Paso, Texas).
  • Del Sol Aviation  Flight school in Albuquerque offering 141 and 61 flight training and time building.
  • West Mesa Aviation  New Mexico's largest flight school and home to the 14 Day Private Pilot Accelerated Course.  Flight training from Recreational through ATP.  20 aircraft fleet including Diamond, Piper, and Cessna Singles and twins.

New York

  • Nassau Flyers  This flight school located at Republic Airport in Farmingdale New York offers soup to nuts flight training, aircraft rental/sales and a pilot shop.  They offer the Redbird FMX Full-Motion Flight Simulator.
  • Waypoint Flight School  Flight school based at Hamilton Airport in Upstate New York. Everything from Private to CFII training.

North Carolina

  • Acro Dynamics LLC  Specializing in tailwheel transitions and basic aerobatics in a fully inverted 8kcab Decathlon.  A one stop shop for taildragging and inverted fun.  Lake Norman, North Carolina.
  • Aerolina at Hendersonville Airport  Professional flight instruction in Western North Carolina, with training from Private Pilot to Certified Flight Instructor.
  • Blue Ridge Sport Flight  Offering training for every pilot certificate from Sport Pilot through Flight Instructor in Hendersonville, North Carolina.  Owned and operated by an FAA Gold Seal Master Flight Instructor.
  • New Spirit Aviation  A North Carolina flight school, ground school, and aircraft rental with three IFR equipped Cessna aircraft and an Elite8 flight simulator.  They also offer photo flights for photographers. Located just outside Charlotte, NC at Lincoln County Regional Airport. Serving the Lake Norman area, Lincolnton, Mooresville, Charlotte, Gastonia, Hickory, Concord and surrounding areas.
  • Wayne Aviation Academy, Inc.  Get your private pilot from a company with a reputation for graduating safe pilots very quickly.  Average students pass their Private Pilot check ride in under 50 hours.  The U.S. Air Force selected this Academy to provide Initial Flight Training (IFT) for their future jet pilots from nearby Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.  Located at Goldsboro-Wayne Municipal Airport (KGWW) in North Carolina.

North Dakota

  • Aerial Photo Pros - Flight Training  Providing professional flight training, from private pilot through ATP, in the mountains of Western North Carolina.
  • Eagle 1 Aviation, Inc. Fargo ND.  A full service flight school offering classroom training, flight instruction, airplane rental and sales Fargo ND.  Flight training for recreational, private, instrument, commercial, and certified flight instructor (CFI) ratings in single engine, multi-engine, and tailwheel airplanes.  Helicopter training is also available.


  • American Winds Flight Academy  A flight school that accepts both domestic and international students, providing training from private all the way to ATP.  Also a CATS testing site.  Akron Fulton Airport (AKR), Ohio.
  • Ohio Valley Flight Service  A Cessna Pilot Center that provides professional flight training from the aviation enthusiast to the career seeking pilot.  Aircraft rental and sightseeing flights are also available.
  • Premier Flight Academy  Offers a wide range of pilot training courses that cater to the first time pilot trying to archive their licence, to the the veteran who wants to get Advanced Instrument Trained.  Located at Cuyahoga Count Airport and serves the Greater Cleveland Area and surrounding communities.
  • Springfield Flight Academy  Obtain your private or professional pilot license at this Springfield, Ohio flight training school.




  • Airways  Flight training in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA area.
  • Philly Sport Pilot, LLC  A flight training business with a goal to provide fun, safe, and affordable flight training for everyone.  They are based just outside of Philadelphia at Wing's Field (KLOM) and specialize in disabled pilot training and sport pilot training.

Puerto Rico

Rhode Island

  • Cindtronix Aviation  A flight school and aircraft rental company based at Quonset State Airport, North Kingstown, Rhode Island.  Employing experienced flight instructors, Cindtronix operates a fleet of new, state-of-the-art G1000 aircraft and offers a variety of aviation services, including flight training, 24/7 aircraft rental, scenic flights, pilot supplies, ground instruction, a 12 day instrument rating course, a college degree program, and more.

South Carolina

  • Certified Aviation Solutions, LLC  Located in Greenville, South Carolina, CAS offers scenario-based training customized to individual needs.  Instructors are qualified in Standard, Experimental, Light Sport, and Tailwheel aircraft.  They also provide Personal Aircraft Management and Pilot Services.  Train in your own aircraft or in one of their Diamond or Cessna aircraft.
  • Coastal Empire Flight Training  Offering Flight instruction in Beaufort and Hiliton Head South Carolina, and Savannah and Ft. Stewart Georgia  Fun, affordable, professional fight training including tailwheel, single engine and multi engine.
  • Kendall Air  This group of professional aviators in Conway, South Carolina (right outside Myrtle Beach) have a passion for flying and offer the opportunity to become a private or professional pilot.  Train with pilots of all types, including commercial airline pilots.  They also offer air tours.

South Dakota


  • Airtech  A part 61 flight training operation in Nashville, Tennessee with six aircraft.  Flight instruction private through ATP, aircraft rental, and pilot supplies.
  • GoFlyScott  Flight training by G. David Scott, Flight Instructor at Liberty Aviation Dickson Municipal Airport in Dickson Tennessee.
  • Zeller Aircraft Corporation  A Part 61 training operation in Nashville, Tennessee with 21 aircraft (including helecopters).


  • Aviator Air Centers  Part 141/61 training for all ratings, from sport pilot to commercial/instrument, specializing in training in the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit.  Located in Grand Prairie, Texas on a controlled field.  Financing and housing available.
  • CAE SimuFlite  Aviation training for pilots and maintenance technicians by credentialed instructors using modern full flight simulators at a Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas International Airport training facility.  Training is available on popular business aircraft, including Beechjet, Boeing Business Jet, Cessna, Challenger, Cheyenne, Citation, Falcon, Gulfstream, Hawker, King Air, Learjet, Turbo Commander, and Westwind.
  • Cyrus Aviation  Flight school, aircraft rental, supplies, and discovery flights.  Byran, Texas.
  • Decatur Jet Center  A flight school in Decatur Texas offering Part 61 and 141 programs.
  • European Aviation Training Academy  EATA provides pilot training under the European JAA licensing system with base locations in Europe (Belgium) and in the United States (Texas).  Ground school and flight training.
  • Four Winds Aviation  Courses primarily focused on advanced flight training involving tail wheel transition, re-currency, and aerobatic training in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.
  • Houston Flight Training  Training for your Private, Instrument, Commercial, ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI at an affordable rate and in an environment that challenges your knowledge and skills.  Located at Weiser Airpark (KEYQ) on the Northwest side of Houston.
  • Keith Cole - Aviation Specialist  Pilot Keith Cole is a charter pilot, a copilot, an instructor pilot, and a safety pilot.  As an expert in the air over the Dallas/Fort Worth/Addison Texas area, Gold Seal FAA flight instructor, advanced and instrument ground instructor, he offers full aviation and instruction services to pilots and passengers.
  • PrestoSIM Grapevine Training Center  Cessna Citation Initial Type Ratings, 61.58 recurrent checks, single pilot exemptions.  Simulator based training.  Located in Grapevine, Texas near the D/FW airport.
  • Pro Flite Aviation  Flight training in San Antonio Texas, Private though ATP, Tailwheel, Multi-Engine, Glass Cockpit.
  • Royal Aviation  Train to become an airline pilot, or just because of your enthusiasm for aviation.  Located on the west side of John Wayne Airport.
  • Sky Safety  Earn your pilot's license through certified flight training.  Facilities at the Stinson Municipal Airport on San Antonio's south side in Texas.
  • Skymates  Part 141 / 61 professional flight training.  Approved by Immigration to issue M-1 Visa applications.  "Professional facilities and well maintained aircraft."  Arlington, Texas.




  • Bay Aviation  Flight instruction, tail wheel endorsements, and scenic flights in their Cessna 172 and in their beautifully restored Fairchild PT-19 World War II primary training aircraft.  Hummel Field in Topping, Virginia.
  • Campbell Aircraft Services  Training for all ratings, from sport pilot to ATP, specializing in training in the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit.  Located in Virginia's scenic Shenandoah Valley
  • Flight Holdings  A Cirrus-only flight school located at Leesburg Executive Airport in Virginia.  Also, Cirrus SR20-GTS or Cirrus SR22-GTshared ownership.
  • Shenandoah Aviation Center  A Part 141 professional pilot training school located between Harrisonburg and Staunton, in Weyers Cave, Virginia.  All levels of flight instruction from private pilot, to the Airline Transport Pilot certification (ATP).  Financing and short term housing available.

Virgin Islands


  • AcuWings  A Seattle (Renton Municipal Airport) flight training facility with no monthly fees, no monthly dues, and no membership fees.  Pilot training from Private Pilot to Airline Transport Pilot levels.
  • Columbia Pacific Aviation  Provides quality flight instruction at a reasonable price.  Pilot financing available, full Service FBO with airliner storage.  Moses Lake, WA.
  • Galvin Flying Services, Inc.  Offering flying lessons in Seattle, Washington since 1930.  They've trained over 17,000 pilots for professional careers, private business flying, or for the simple joy of flight from its Boeing Field location.
  • Out Of The Blue Aviation  Flight training, rentals, pilot supplies, and Espresso too!  This Part 61 school and Cessna Pilot Center has a variety of aircraft to choose from and offers Sport, Private, Instrument, Commercial, and CFI courses as well as Biennial Flight Reviews, Instrument Proficiency Courses, and many free seminars and activities designed to improve and enhance your flying experience.  Arlington, Washington.
  • Seattle Flight, Inc.  A Seattle-based flight school providing individually tailored flight instruction to high standards.
  • Seattle Flight Instruction  Rainier Flight Service - a Puget Sound flight training provider, based out of Boeing Field in Seattle.  Whether you are just getting started as a student pilot or adding additional certificates and ratings they try to make training safe, efficient, affordable and most importantly, fun.
  • Westwind Aviation, Inc.  Provides pilot training, charter flights, scenic flights, and pilot supplies.  Located at the Friday Harbor Airport, Washington.
  • Wings Aloft  A flight school at King County International Airport on Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington.  Also air charter, aircraft rental, and aircraft maintenance.

West Virginia


  • Adventure Seaplanes  Seaplane training, rentals, and guided seaplanes tours throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada, with extended trips to Churchill and the Arctic Circle.  Solo seaplanes available.


Flight Training - Multiple U.S. Locations

  • Airline Transport Professionals  ATP is a nationwide academy with 22 training centers and over 75 aircraft specializing in airline pilot training and pilot career development.  Programs range from multi-engine ratings thru ATP certificates and Airline Training Programs which include Private Pilot thru Commercial with CFIs.
  • Alteon Training L.L.C.  A global aviation training company responsible for flight and maintenance training in the 100-plus-seat range of aircraft.  Stand-alone packages and fully integrated solutions with a global network of training centers.  Services portfolio includes flight, technical and cabin crew training, and all the associated training materials.  Formerly FlightSafety Boeing Training International (FSBTI) and now a fully owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company.
  • American Flyers  On-line classes, exam preparation, financial aid, college courses, career academy, instructor academy.
  • Be A Pilot  An effort funded by aviation industry companies and associations to increase the number of student pilots.  New market entrants are attracted via the Internet, cable television advertising and other media resources.  Search engine for participating flight schools.  Also see Canadian site.
  • Bond Aviation  An FAA 142 training center for all models of B737 and A320 series aircraft, aircraft dispatcher, and flight attendant training.  Seven locations in the U.S. (ATL, CLT, MIA, PHX, MCO, MSP, DFW), free airfare to training locations.
  • GiveAFlight.com  Selling Discovery Flight Lesson Gift Certificates via its web site that are redeemable at participating flight schools across the U.S.  An introductory flight lesson is a gift that is exciting, educational, and memorable.  Several lesson packages are available to fit your desires and budget.  Helicopter flight lessons are available in selected cities.
  • Global Pilot Training Center  Taking a one-on-one personalized approach to airline flight training.
  • Learn To Fly  The Cessna program is an integrated flight-training program with flight and ground school lessons designed by educational experts.
  • SimCorp Flight Training Inc.  SimCorp seeks to provide next generation modern commercial type rating jet programs that are as comprehensive as those offered by airlines to pilots that are flying the line everyday.  They have developed programs for the B727, B737, A320, and A330, and are in the process of finalizing A340, B747, and B777 programs.  Also, they strive to provide flight instruction that is almost custom tailored to each student.  Multiple U.S. locations.

Flight Training - International



  • Aero Dynamic Flight Academy  Specialises in training for recreational, commercial, and airline pilots for the Australian and international markets.  Also, a charter company on the Queenslands Sunshine Coast.
  • Airborne Aviation  Australia's first Cessna Pilot Centre is located in Sydney and provides professional pilot training in Cessna aircraft, joy flights, aircraft hire.
  • Airline Cadets Australia  Professional training to cadet pilots through a 12 month training course.  Their association with charter operators and some regional airlines allows them to offer an airline training program that combines a high standard of training with actual airline experience.
  • Airsport Queensland  Flight training for sport and recreational aircraft at Boonah in beautiful South East Queensland.  Flights in open cockpit SB582 Drifter or Sleek Allegro 2000.  Full or part time courses.
  • Australian National Airline College  Professional flying instructors prepare overseas students to learn to fly at this aviation school.  Commercial Pilot Training for Commercial Pilot Licence and Multi Engine Instrument Rating.
  • Basair Australia  A flying training school and college located at Bankstown Airport in Sydney, Australia.  Flight training for all licence levels from Private to Commercial/Airline, and available for both local and overseas students.  Courses are approved for the issue of student visas for overseas students.
  • Bob Tait's Aviation Theory School  Based in Archerfield, Queensland Australia and offering home study programs, CDs, books, courses.
  • Bruce Hartwig Flying School  Training pilots at all levels, from those looking for a career in aviation to those seeking a licence for recreation.  Aircraft are available for pilots who visit South Australia, and they can provide scenic flights if you just want to take in the view.  Parafield Airport, South Australia.
  • Flight Training Adelaide Pty Ltd.  Airline pilot training at an Adelaide, Australia facility at Parafield Airport.
  • Central West Flying  Affordable flight training in Bathurst NSW Australia.
  • Curtis Aviation  Based at Camden Airport, Australia, and specialising in tailwheel training.  Aircraft include taildraggers and high-performance aircraft, with a staff of career instructors and bush pilots.
  • Darwin Flying School  Flight training for novice and experienced pilots.  Aircraft hire, certificates of validation, licence conversions, instrument ratings, and special pilots licenses.  In Australia's Northern Territory.
  • Pacific Flight Services  Offers flight training for private pilots, commercial pilots, and airline pilots.  Services include flight instructor ratings, instrument ratings, and twin-engine endorsements.  At Bankstown Airport, Sydney, Australia.
  • Sport Aviation Academy  A recreational flying school in Western Australia.  Also, assistance with maintenance for your recreational aircraft.
  • TVSA Pilot Training  A registered training organisation in Australia that provides flight training to obtain an Advanced Diploma in Aviation (Flight Instruction or Airline Pilot) and a Diploma in Aviation.


  • Motorflugunion Klosterneuburg  A large flying training organization and flying club in Austria, teaching land and seaplane, from PPL(A) to ATPL(A), aerobatic and more.  They make conversion from licenses outside EU.


  • European Aviation Training Academy  EATA provides pilot training under the European JAA licensing system with base locations in Europe (Belgium) and in the United States (Texas).  Ground school and flight training.


  • Adventure Seaplanes  Seaplane training, rentals, and guided seaplanes tours throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada, with extended trips to Churchill and the Arctic Circle.  Solo seaplanes available.
  • Air-Hart Aviation  Specializing in float plane training.
  • Brandon Flying Club  This international flight school in Canada teaches students from all over the world: Private, Commercial, and Recreational pilots license, ground school, multi-engine rating.
  • Canadian Flyers International Inc.  English for Private/Commercial Pilots is an ESL course designed for ESL student-pilots who will go into aviation as a career.  This course focuses on Radio Telephony (listening and speaking), Cessna 172 flight procedures, and English for fluency.  In Toronto, Canada.
  • Cargair  Flight training in Canada for private and commercial pilots and convertion for Europeen pilots.
  • Cornwall Aviation Professional Flight Centre of Canada  A family business lLocated in Summerstown, Ontario and operating a fleet of 9 aircraft, including two Piper Seminoles.  They also cater to foreign students and are experienced in helping students obtain Student Visas.
  • Courtenay Flight Center  Located on beautiful Vancouver Island, and providing private and commercial licenses, floatplane training, scenic tours, charters, and aircraft rentals.
  • Empire Aviation and The Diamond Flight Centre  Professional flight training and airplane rentals in London, Ontario, Canada.
  • Flying Colors Pilot Training  An award winning school with an international reputation for innovative training.  All ratings and licences including degree programs.  Home of the Flying Colors Precision Flight Team.  At Winnipeg International Airport.
  • Gander Flight Training  Offering fixed wing and rotary wing flight training in Eastern Canada.  Also specialize in air charter and offer training on B1900D and King Air A100.
  • Georgian Bay Airways Ltd.  A floatplane sightseeing and charter operation in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada, which also provides an advanced 50-hour seaplane program focusing on "bush" training.
  • Guardian Aerospace Holdings Inc.  A provider of flight training, offering Recreational, Private, Commercial, Night, VFR over the Top; Instructor, Mountain Flight Awareness Training and Flight Training in Arctic Conditions.  Also, air charters, airplane rentals, scenic tours, and aircraft maintenance in Northern BC.
  • Harv's Air  Flight training school at Steinbach South Airport, Manitoba Canada.
  • Lake Country Airways  Floatplane training, endorsements, charters, rentals, and affordable sightseeing flights.  Experience the excitement of floatplane flying in beautiful central Ontario.
  • Learn To Fly Canada  Flight Training resources for aspiring pilots and seasoned pilots.
  • Mitchinson Flying Service  Serving the Saskatchewan aviation industry as a Transport Canada approved full-service flight training unit.
  • Ocean Air Floatplanes Inc.  Provides professional seaplane training and seaplane ratings in Victoria, BC.  Learn from real air-taxi pilots - not just instructors.
  • Okanagan Aviation Services Ltd.  Canadian provider of training for recreational permits, private and commercial licenses, instructor ratings, tail-dragger programs, float training.
  • Stewart Air Ltd.  Floatplane training in Victoria BC Canada.
  • Winnipeg Aviation - Canada Flight Training School  Fleet consists of 5 Piper Cherokee 28-140's, one Piper Warrior 28-15, one Piper Arrow, and one Cessna C172 on floats.  Offering personalized training, ranging from the recreational, private, commercial and instructor license, as well as float and night endorsement, instrument ratings, instructor's rating.  Located at CYAV - St. Andrews, Manitoba, Canada.



  • JetOne Academy Corporation  Professional flight training programs that include Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License and Commercial Pilot Degree Program.  The management staff is bi-lingual capable of speaking and writing the Chinese language for international Chinese students who may experience language barrier during training.  Comprehensive Living Services specifically designed for short stay students, as well as local transportation and medical insurance.  Locations: California, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Zhuhai, Chengdu.


  • Aviator Flight School  Founded in 2000 in Cyprus, AFC is fully approved by the Department of Civil Aviation and trains pilots from all over the world for a Private Pilot's Licence and it's associated ratings.  AFC also prepares pilots for Commercial Licenses in the UK and USA.  AFC also offers other air services for the individual or business customer.  Flying operations are conducted from Larnaca International Airport, based 30 minutes from the capital city of Nicosia.

England / UK

  • Bristol Aviation  Specialists at providing professional flight training for commercial flight pilots through various flight school programmes.  Situated on the south side of Bristol Airport.
  • Cloudbase Aviation  Flight experience days and private pilot flying lessons at Redhill Aerodrome, Surrey.   Also, CT2K aircraft ownership shares.
  • FAA PILOT UK  Flight Training, BFR's and IPC's for FAA Pilot Certificate holders in the UK.  Also offering FAA to JAA PPL Conversion and Safety Pilot services.  They also have a variety of training aircraft available at Shoreham Airport: Cessna C152, Piper Warrior, Archer and Arrow.  Training can also be provided in your own N-Reg Aircraft if you prefer.
  • Individually Trailored Flight Training  Provides information about obtaining all FAA licences within Europe, pilot services, as well as Instrument and Flight reviews for FAA licence holders in Europe.  Offers consultancy for aviation related matters.
  • Into the Blue Flying Experiences  Flying lessons at airfields throughout the UK, and a range of exciting aviation activities including vintage aicraft flights and stunt plane rides.
  • Northern Light Aviation  A fully qualified BMAA / CAA approved Microlight flying instructor and trained Rotax service technician.  Based in Tandragee Co. Armagh and also offering flying lessons for the UK NPL microlight license.
  • Oxford Aviation Training  Full time airline-focused courses, modular flying and ground school, MCC and synthetic flight, distance learning with online support.
  • St George Flight Training  A small flight school offering JAR Modular flight training from Private Pilots Licenses to JAR commercial licenses and Flight Instructor ratings.  Located at Teesside International Airport.
  • Stapleford Flight Centre  This privately-owned and family-run business trains private and airline pilots.  SFC owns a fleet of more than forty aircraft ranging from Cessna 152 basic trainers to twin-engine aircraft such as PA23 Seneca, PA31 Chieftain and the Diamond DA42.  They also operate modern flight simulators capable of replicating PA31, PA34, PA28, and the DA42 aircraft.  Stapleford Aerodrome, Stapleford Tawney, Essex.
  • Warbird Flying  Fly a North American Aviation T6 Harvard with an instructor.  Located at Shoreham Airport, Sussex on the south coast of England.
  • Warwickshire Aerocentre Ltd  PPL, IMC, Multi, Night, trial lessons at Birmingham Airport.
  • Wyombe Air Centre  Trial lessons, PPL, RT, Night, IMC, FIC, Multi, BCPL, IR.


  • Finntastic Flight Training  Web-based interactive training, dangerous goods training, safety instructor training, and flight simulators from Finnair.


  • A320 Family Training  Provides type rating training at low cost due to their non-profit policy.  Founded by a French A320 Captain.
  • ESMA Training Academy  Multidisciplinary training for the air transport industry: pilot training, cabin crew training, maintenance training, airport ground staff training.  ESMA also has consultancy and expertise activities (feasibility studies for setting up training centre, engineering training, transfer of know-how.  Located in Montpellier or Paris and on customer sites.
  • Link Aviation  ATP Citation type rating, and corporate jet training centre since 1989.  Based at Cannes Mandelieu airport, 30 minutes from Nice International.
  • Nearly Heaven  Introductory, conversion, and Private Pilot's Licence (PPL) courses as well as air-experience flights provided in conjunction with the Aeroclub de Limoges.  Gorre, France.



  • Global Flight Academy  A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Global Aviation Group offering training in Greece for JAA private and commercial pilot licenses.


  • Air Born Aviation  A pilot training recruitment agency serving Indian students.  This consultancy assists students without charging them.
  • Alpha Aviation Consultancy  An Indian aviation services company offering pilot training and air charter services.
  • Aviationbaba  Service providers for airlines with CPL training facilities and a cabin crew course in a world class faculty.
  • The Aviation International  Assisting future commercial pilots in India to advance their careers.
  • Birmi Flying Academy  A DGCA certified Flight Training Institute offering Commercial Pilot and Private Pilot ratings in Patiala, Punjab, North India.
  • Chetak Aviation Academy  Training in India for Commercial Pilot License, Private Pilot License, Student Pilot License, and Airline Transport Pilot License.
  • Chimes Aviation Academy  CAA is a large aviation training academy for the Private Pilot License (PPL) in India.  Offering a range of flight training courses and custom designed PPL training for corporate executives.  The PPL course is in accordance with the DCGA guidelines and is specially created so that busy work schedules do not get affected.
  • Government Aviation Training Institute  GATI is a flying club and pilot training institute in India for CPL, PPL, SPL, and FRTOL courses and is a DGCA approved flying club.
  • Pilot Training In India  New Flight Services aims to be a one-stop destination for premium services regarding pilot training and pilot career placement in India.


  • Irish Aero Sports  A flying club situated at Kilkenny airfield offering PPL(M) training in a Samba XXL, and tailwheel differences training in a Citabria 7GCAA.
  • Pilot Training College  A professional JAA-approved pilot training college located at the Waterford Training Centre, Waterford Airport, Ireland.


  • Ayla Aviation Academy  Flight training and education for Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot Licenses with Instrument Rating at the King Hussein International airport in Aqabain, Jordan.


  • Avioservice (MIGOT Ltd.)  A certified pilot training school based in Riga, Latvia and providing ground and flight training for pilots and wannabees headed to Private Pilot and Airline Transport Pilot Licenses.


  • Asia Pacific Flight Training  A flight training organization in Malaysia offering courses for PPL, CPL, ATPL, IR, Multi Engine ratings and Assistant Flight Instructor Courses.  They also offer helicopter training.  The fleet: Diamond DA40/42, Piper PA28/34 and R44.2 Simulators FNPT2.  Customers include Malaysia Airlines, Garuda Airlines, Nepal Airways.


  • Diamond Flight Training (Malta) Limited  Flight training for JAA-PPL(A) at Malta International Airport.  Distance Learning Theory, conversion of ICAO / FAA licences to JAR licenses, and Avation English offered.  Garmin 1000 equipped DA40D for training and hire.
  • European Pilot Academy  JAA-ATPL Professional Pilot Training, Distance Learning Theory, JAA-PPL/IR/CPL flight training, ICAO to JAA pilot license conversion, Aviation English.  Also cadet courses (age 13-15).

New Zealand

  • Advanced Aviation India  Theory and practical flight training for both CPL helicopter and aeroplane.  Theory courses in Bangalore, India with the practical flight training being undertaken in New Zealand.  Advanced training for ATPL, IFR, Turbine and Multi-engine ratings also available.
  • Air New Zealand Airline Training  ANZAT provides training services to its parent airline and 3rd parties: engineering, flight crew, flight attendant and customer services, flight simulators.  A training CD-ROM is available for purchase.
  • Nelson Aviation College  Providing both helicopter and fixed wing training.  Approved and accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).


  • Vyazma Rus Squadron  The official website of the Vyazma Rus L-39 Aerobatic Squadron, and offering L-39 flight training and L-39 jet fun flights.


  • Aviation Training One International  Offering an ATP Certified Program for individuals who aspire to an airline career, a Flight Dispatch Course for students aiming to become Flight Dispatchers or Airline Flight Operations Personnel, an Aircraft Maintenance Technology Course for students who aim to attain an Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic License, as well as other professional development courses.  At Dumaguete Airport, Philippines.
  • Mach Aviatrix  A flying school and air hostess training institute in the Philippines.
  • Philippine Pilot Training Center  Professional Pilot Program, Airline Pilot Program, and corporate aviation services.  Dumaguete Airport, Philippines.


  • Highland Flying School  Flying all year over the Highlands of Scotland.  Based at Inverness Airport.  Trial flight gifts available.
  • Skylark Aviation  Owns and operates historic British aircraft at Prestwick International Airport, near Glasgow, and offering a range of pilot training courses, including ab-initio instruction, tailwheel conversions, and aerobatics, as well as trial lessons and aircraft hire.

South Africa

  • 43 Air School  A pilot training and flying school in South Africa catering to the private, general commercial, airline, and military sectors.
  • APTRCA  An airline and helicopter training centre at Port Elizabeth, on the "Sunshine Coast" of South Africa.
  • Bush Air  An Advanced Bush Pilots Course - how to fly and survive in the African bush.  Also, aircraft and pilots available for "contract hire" by commercial operators throughout Africa (ranging from a Cessna 172, 206 & 210 to an Antonov AN-2) in Southern Africa.
  • Foster Aero International  A South African aircraft sales organisation, also offering pilot training and charter services.  Experienced in General Aviation (GA) aircraft and with access to an inventory of piston, turbo-prop and jet-engined aircraft.
  • Learn 2 Fly Academy  Flight training PPL to CPL and related ground school.  Based at Lanseria International Airport in South Africa.
  • Loutzavia Flight School  Providing flight training and flight instructors in Pretoria, South Africa.
  • Madiba Bay School of Flight  Training for a private, commercial, or an airline pilot license that instills high standards of flight safety in students.  Their flight school aircraft line-up includes Cessna's and Pipers and a Yak 52.  Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
  • National Airways Corporation (NAC)  This South African general aviation company offers pilot training as well as aircraft sales, aircraft maintenance and refurbishment, avionics and parts sales and support and flight operations incorporating charter, and contract flying.
  • Sky Africa Flight Training  Pilot training from PPL to airline pilot.  Advanced modular procedures, complete low cost packages for international students.  Single and multi-engine instrument training, bush flying, safaris, aerobatics.
  • TH Aviation Connexions  Located in the far east of South Africa and offering aircraft sales, pilot training (PPL, CPL, ATPL, bush-courses), and air charter.  Close to Kruger Park and Kalahari in Botswana.


  • Aerolink  All aspects of flight training: Private Pilot Licences, hour building, instructor rating, MMC to a full airline pilots licence.  Their fleet consists of Katana DV20 and 40s, Piper Seneca, Robinson R22 helicopters, and Beechcraft 200 simulator FNPT II.  They have an Airbus A320 facility for cabin crew training, and offer refresher courses for existing aircrews or they will hire the facility out to airlines.  Based at Sabadell Airport, near the city of Barcelona and also at Bilbao, in the north of Spain.
  • Airmed Flight School  A pilot and cabin attendant school at Valencia International Airport where you can get your airline transport pilot licence in 14 months.
  • Nivel 195  This flight school offers improvement courses, aircraft rentals, time building and proficiency checks.  Aircrafts are based at Granada Airport, Spain.


  • Scandinavian Aviation Academy  Commercial flight training and professional/airline pilot programmes from the largest Flight Training Organisation (FTO) in Scandinavia.  They have delivered professional flight training for individuals and airlines since 1963.  Headquartered at Stockholm's Västerås international Airport, and providing flight training in San Diego, California.  They also have flight training at the secondary school level in Arvidsjaur in the very northern part of Sweden.
  • Land and Seaplane Training - Sweden  Training on microlights, both landplanes and seaplanes, including the Polaris FIB (and amphibian), DTA trike and 3-axis Storch.  Demo flights on the 3-axis Seamax Flying Boat.  Training with a UK BMAA instructor takes place in Sweden.


  • Swiss AviationTraining Ltd.  SAT is a Switzerland-based company that specialises in providing initial and further training and instruction for commercial pilots, cabin personnel and aircraft mechanics.  The company is a fully-owned subsidiary of Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.

New Zealand

  • Apace Aviation Advisors  Helping aspiring pilots become a commercial pilot through low negotiated training rates with professional, quality flying schools in the USA and New Zealand.


  • AirConsult  Pilot-training, as well as trading, consulting, charter, handling, accident-research in the South-East of Turkey.
  • THK Flight School  A flight training school in Turkey.

Flight Training - Multiple International Locations

  • Civil Aviation Academy Ltd  An operator-affiliated group of Flight Training Organisations providing professional and recreational flight training to future European airplane and helicopter pilots.  All courses are in English, Spanish, or the Scandinavian languages, and all licenses are according to the JAR FCL.
  • CP Advanced Flight  Advanced aviation training for experienced pilots: turbine and heavy jet, Kingair training, and other advanced training services.  Instructors include airline pilots, check pilots, military backgrounds, medevac, charter, and corporate pilots with instructional background.  Facilities in Abbotsford and Toronto.
  • Orbifly Flight School  Provides IFR/CPL FAA flight and ground training to European private pilots seeking instrument privileges.  Their FAA certified instructors are familiar with flying in the US as well as flying in Europe.  The school operates in Switzerland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany.

Other Flight Training

Glider Training

  • Glidetrain  UK instructor Bruno Brown offers individual tuition from pre-solo to Full Category instructor training, at Shennington Airfield.
  • Great Western Soaring School  Sailplane flights with an FAA Certificated Commercial Pilot / Instructor in Llano, California.
  • Learn 2 Soar  Offering glider and motorglider rides to the general public.  They also provide pilot education, endorsement in gliding, motorglidng and cross country.  San Antonio, Texas.
  • NorthWest Eagle Soaring  Offers rides and flight training in a state-of-the-art DG-1000 glider, 20 miles north of Seattle in Arlington, Washington on the edge of the majestic Cascade mountains.
  • Northwest Soaring  A commercial soaring school and glider ride business in the state of Washington, USA.
  • SoaringNV  Provides cross country soaring instruction, glider training, and scenic rides over Lake Tahoe.
  • Turf Soaring School  Glider rides and flight instruction in Arizona.
  • Unusual Attitudes, Inc  Offering glider and powered flight instruction and rides in sunny Homestead Florida, just minutes from Miami, the Everglades, and the Florida Keys.  They fly (2) Blanik L-23's, 1 Piper Pawnee, and two Cessna 172's.

Ground Schools

  • Advanced Aviation India  Theory and practical flight training for both CPL helicopter and aeroplane.  Theory courses in Bangalore, India with the practical flight training being undertaken in New Zealand.  Advanced training for ATPL, IFR, Turbine and Multi-engine ratings also available.
  • Airplane Ground Schools  Serving the General Aviation community with lists of ground schools arranged by U.S. state and city.
  • American Aviation Services LTD  A European FAA specialist with ground school, flight training.
  • Aviation Ground Schools  A two-day weekend accelerated ground school.  FAA private pilot, commercial pilot, or instrument rating.
  • Aviation Online Training LLC  An online Private Pilot ground school with a live FAA Certified Flight Instructor and a virtual classroom through interactive web-based software.  Books and materials required for the class can be purchased from their Course Materials Catalog or from Gleim's web site.
  • Aviation Seminars  Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Instrument Rating, and Instrument Instructor weekend test preparation ground schools.  Also, FAA approved Flight Instructor Refresher Clinics across the U.S.
  • AviationSpot.com  Online instruction and preparation for students who are contemplating or completing a Pilot Licence.  Ground school courses for private and recreational pilots, commercial pilots, and instrument rating.
  • Aviation Training Center  Ground school, simulator, and aviation career preparation training facility in the Seattle Washington area.
  • AviationWise  Online aviation classes for pilot certification.
  • AviaTraining AS  An independent FTO/TRTO simulator and training centre in Northern Europe (JAR-FCL 1&2 approval N/FTO/010).  Type ratings: B 737-300-900, BE-200 (soon A-300/A-320), IR (A/H), ME, ATPL (A/H), MCC, Cabin Crew, FI, recurrent training and more.  Located at Oslo-Torp International Airport, Norway (ENTO).
  • Bond Aviation  A certified FAA 142 Training Center offering simulator training on all models of B737, B757, B767, A320 and A330 for individuals, corporate operators, BBJ operators, military initial, recurrent, differences training, type ratings.  Serving airlines, corporate flight departments, BBJ operators, military, and individuals.  Also, aircraft dispatcher training and flight attendant training, crew leasing, aircraft dispatcher, aircraft ferrying,
  • Canadian Flight Institute  Complete your Canadian Pilot Ground School from the comfort of your home or office.  Attend a live online ground school every week taught by a certified flight instructor from anywhere in the world.
  • Global Training Aviation  Spanish Type Rating Training Organization (TRTO -E -010), based in Madrid-Barajas.  Courses meet JAA regulations.  Type Rating for B747, A320, A330, CCQ, ATR 42/72, and others.  MCC, CRM, dangerous goods, instructors courses.  Tailored crew training for airlines.
  • Gold Seal Online Ground School  A full-feature training site containing an assortment of free multimedia lessons and library resources for student and private pilots.  A premium option is offered for advanced training topics.  Selected by Plane & Pilot magazine as a 2008 "Top Ten Online Resource."
  • Jeppesen Academy  Pilot ground training.
  • Naples Air Center, Inc.  CAA/JAA approved courses.  Ground school, aerobatic training, helicopter flight training.  Located at Naples Airport, Florida, USA.
  • Piloten-Training.com  ATPL/PPL online training, coaching, exam preparation.
  • Simulations Of Solutions, Inc.  A flight simulation training school in Mid-Michigan for general aviation pilots.
  • Sydney Flight Training Centre  Training for career and recreational pilots.  Dedicated ground theory school and full-time chief ground instructor.  Advanced training for instrument and instructor ratings, Airline Transport Pilot Licence and Night VFR.  Frasca 142 Synthetic flight trainer, single or multi-engine and GPS capability.
  • Valight Training Services  A dedicated theory only Australian training centre providing personalised attention to your training requirements: private pilot, night VFR, commercial pilot.

Hang Glider, Ultralight, and Microlight Training

  • AeroXtreme Paragliding Peru  Dedicated to paragliding classes in Peru, paragliding gear, tandem rides.
  • Airborne Alaska  Trike instruction with an FAA Sport Pilot CFI in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Dealer for AirBorne Australia trikes.  Other services include ski endorsements and training, cross-country training with day treks and Trans-Alaska treks.  All services to become a Sport Pilot.
  • AirSport Adventures  Introductory flights and PPC flight instruction at Homestead [Florida] General Airport (X51).
  • Alaska Sky Systems  USUA certified flight instructors guide you through the process of learning to fly an ultralight safely.  Also, support and service: aircraft maintenance, advanced instructor (BFI) training.
  • Clearprop! Microlight School  They offer flight training and ground school on both fixed wing and flex-wing microlights to NPPL level and beyond, as well as Air Experience Flight Gift Vouchers for 30 or 60 minute flights.  Located at Redlands Airfield, Wanborough, Swindon, Wiltshire, just 2 minutes from the M4 J15.
  • Delta Club 82  Hang gliding school in France near Toulouse.
  • East Tennessee Ultralights  Full time ultralight flight school in Bristol, Tennessee.  Flightstar Sportplane sales and service, Rotax repairs.
  • Float Planes and Amphibs  FPNA specializes in the sale of, or fitting to, Part 103 and Part 103 exempt aircraft, as well as training in ultralights and sport pilot qualified aircraft like microlights, trikes, ultralight trikes, and three-axis aircraft.
  • FlyTheBoat.com  Learn how to fly over incredible Navarre Beach Florida in an ultralight flying inflatable boat. Introductory lessons available.
  • Fly Hard Trikes  AFI Sports Instructor, Flight Instructor, weight shift trikes, ultralights. This pilot has has flown over 1,000 hours in a hanglider, over 3,000 hours in an ultralight trike, and has piloted over 200 students through their solo check flights.  Outside Chattanooga, Marion County Airport.
  • Fly NI Microlight Airsports  Operates out of Kernan Valley Flying club in Co. Armagh (Northern Ireland).  Weightshift courses are catered for with intensive instruction available where necessary.
  • Hang Glide Vancouver Island  Tandem hang gliding flights from Mt. Prevost, Duncan on Vancouver Island or Mt. Bruce on Saltspring Island.  HPAC certified tandem instructor.
  • Highland Aerosports  Offers tandem (instructor and student together) hang gliding lessons, solo aerotows, and equipment sales and service in the Baltimore and DC area.
  • Kitty Hawk Kites  Hang gliding school located on the outer banks of North Carolina.
  • Lift-off Aviation  Ultralight ground school and flight instruction using the Chinook Plus 2.  Introductory lessons and gift certificates available.  Juergensen Airfield in Fergus, Ontario.
  • Light Flight  A Western Australia hang gliding and microlighting school.  They supply a range of hang gliding and microlighting equipment, and run flying tours both locally, interstate, and overseas.
  • M56 Microlights North Wales  Microlight flying school at North Wales, Prestatyn.  Flying all year round and offering trial flights to complete NPPL licence packages.  Microlight aircraft sales, service and accessories, permits, check flights, flight tests, and ground exams.
  • Microlight Scotland  A microlight flying school serving West and Central Scotland.  Gift vouchers available online, full training through to your Private Pilot's Licence from Cumbernauld Airport, near Glasgow.
  • Nene Valley Microlights  Microlight lessons, trial flights, gift vouchers.  At Sackville Farm Airfield, near the village of Riseley in Bedfordshire.
  • Open Skies Aviation Ltd.  A trike school in British Columbia, Canada, near Vancouver.  Picture gallery, BC trikers directory, trike FAQ and links, and other information.
  • Paraflite.net  Powered parachute training training in Shelby, Michigan.
  • Paragliding365  This German site is a comprehensive guide to hanglider and paraglider schools and sites worldwide.
  • Powered Parachute Courses in Spain  Pleasure flights, pilots licences, and instructor courses in Spain run by Freefall Addicts.
  • Queenstown Paragliding School  Paragliding and hang gliding training in Queenstown, New Zealand.
  • Scottish Microlights  A small family company offering trial flights and training over the sea and coastline.  Based on the North east coast of Scotland, they can also help arrange holidays for people wishing to stay longer and tour Scotland.
  • Sky Bound Sports  This North Wing trike and flex wing dealer offers flying lessons for future trike pilots.  Located just Southeast of Wendell, ID during the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Then they move to the North edge of Quartzsite, AZ for the Winter months.
  • Sky Trails Ranch  Three and four day PPC training in Southwestern USA.
  • Super Fly Paragliding  A U.S. importer and distributor of paragliders and paragliding accessories.  USHGA certified paragliding instructors.
  • Tampabay Aerosport Florida  Ultralight flight school for trikes and fixed wing aircraft.  US distributors of competition winning Apollo trikes and Apollo Fox from Europe.  South Eastern US dealers for Tundra off road trike and Cygnet amphibian trike.  Located at Zephyrhills, Fl (ZPH).
  • Texas Powered Parachutes, Inc.  A flight training facility and provider of powered parachutes in the South Texas area.
  • Tomvale Air Services Ltd. Tomvale Airport (NA9) in Ardoch Ontario, ultra-light pilot instruction, software designed to prepare pilots for the aviation exams.
  • U Fly Trikes, Inc.  Flight instruction and sales in Forest Lake, Minnesota.
  • UltraFlight UltraFun  FAR Part 61 flight instruction in Taylor Craft floatplanes in Havre de Grace, Maryland.
  • The Ultralight Place  Fixed wing ultralight and powered parachute flight training in Illinois.
  • Ultrasport  Chilean ultralight flight school.  Aircraft dealer, demo flights, etc.  In Santiago.
  • U.S. Airborne Sport Aviation Center  A full service ultralight, paramotor, paragliding, and hang gliding center for the western United States.  They offer beginner to advanced training in ultralight trikes, paramotors, and paragliding, as well as aero towing hang gliders.  Located at Asotin, Washington, USA.
  • Western Aviation Services Ltd.  Ultralight flight training, sales, maintenance, and classifieds, located in British Columbia.
  • Windsports Hang Gliding School  Located in Los Angeles, southern California since 1974.  Solo and tandem hang gliding instruction and adventures at famous Dockweiler Beach and Sylmar Flight Parks.  Year round adventures and instruction for nearly all ages.
  • Wrong Brothers Aviation  An ultralight training DVD in a Challenger II.  75 minutes of seat of your pants flying.  Check out clips at Web site.

Human Factors & Safety

  • APS Emergency Maneuver Training  Aviation safety training courses in upset recovery, aerobatics, and spin recovery emergency maneuver training for pilots.  This is "edge of the envelope" maneuvering not seen during normal flight training.  1-day to 4-day courses available for all levels of pilot experience.
  • The Aviation Consulting Group  Safety training and consulting for aviation organizations.  Human factors training and consulting, Safety Management Systems (SMS), Crew Resource Management (CRM), error/event investigation training and consulting.  Clients include airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and defense contractors in the United States and around the world.
  • Aviation Courses  An independent aviation safety training company in the UK specialising in safety and emergency procedure training for flight attendants and pilots.
  • Aviation CRM.com  Provides CRM and Human Factors training designed specifically for corporate and business aviation flight departments.
  • Aviation Training Service Company  Offers aviation Crew Resource Management (CRM) and human factors training courses for pilots and cabin crew.  Run by experienced and accredited CRM Instructors and CRMI Examiners.  Hampshire, UK, but they often travel to company locations to deliver.
  • Global Air Training  An international training company, providing training programmes in Crew Resource Management, Human Factors, Safety and Security.
  • The Institute of Aviation - University of Illinois  Flight and maintenance training programs and research activities in the area of aviation-related Human Factors.

Military Aviation Training

  • Become Air Force Pilot  An Air Force pilot reveals insider tips and strategies to become an Air Force pilot.
  • Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division  Integrated life-cycle support (i.e., research, front-end analysis, acquisition, product support, and disposal) for training systems using state-of-the-art simulation and training technologies for all Naval warfare areas and other services.
  • RAF Valley  The 4 Flying Training School is the Advanced Training and Tactics Unit responsible for training RAF and RN jet pilots for Harrier, Sea Harrier, Jaguar, Tornado F3 and GR4.
  • Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-In  Vintage World War II aviation training films.

Paragliding Training

  • AirAddict Paragliding School  Learn to paraglide in Northern California with USHPA Certified Advanced Instructor, Jason Shapiro.  Paragliding lessons, tandems, resources, videos, and photos.
  • Apex Paragliding School, Sussex  Offers BHPA paragliding tuition on the beautiful Sussex Downs, near Brighton.
  • Colorado Paragliding  Located in Golden Colorado, and offering instruction, tandem flights, and adventure tours.
  • Discover Paragliding  Paragliding training and equipment sales throughout northwest Oregon and southwest Washington, USA.  Learn year round with tandem, solo, and tow training methods.
  • Elevation Paragliding  NZHGPA registered paragliding specialists offering instruction, guiding, tandem flights and equipment hire and purchase.  From total beginner to advanced cross country clinics.  Queenstown, New Zealand.
  • Escuela de Parapente Costa Rica  The paragliding school that has graduated most of the current active pilots in Costa Rica.
  • Fly Above All Paragliding  A large flight school using their Progressive Learning Techniques.  Learn to fly in sunny Santa Barbara, California.
  • Fly Adventure Paragliding School Peru  A school dedicated to teaching the free flight of paragliding in Peru.  Located on the coast of Lima with qualified instructors, certificated by the International Aeronautical Federation (F.A.I), who will share with you their passion for paragliding.  They offer paragliding experiences for everyone including tandem flights, fun day's, and full courses.  They're also dealers of new and used paragliding equipment.  See their Blog.
  • FlyLikeThis.com  The online home of Flying Laundry LLC, offering USPPA approved powered paragliding (paramotor) flight school and training, and principled equipment sales in the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.  If you dream of flying, and live in the Delaware Valley, this is your one stop resource for paramotor training and gear.
  • Fly Victoria Paragliding School  Tandem paraglider flights, paraglider courses, and equipment sales.  In Victoria, BC.
  • Freeflight Paragliding  A cocktail of adrenaline and adventure, mixed together.  Flying off a 5,500ft mountain then spiralling down over blue lagoons, landing on golden beach and having a cold beer in your favourite bar.  Cruise at 5,500ft above Brighton or soar the cliffs of Beachy Head.
  • High Adventure AirPark  Australin hang-gliding, paragliding and microliting recreational training centre.  Tours, live-in courses.
  • Indus Paragliding  This is a professional paragliding school in Kamshet, India.  Tandem joyrides and paragliding courses for Elementary Pilots, Club Pilots, and Advanced Pilots.  Located 100km from Mumbai (Bombay) and 50km from Pune city.
  • Into the Blue  Flying lessons, air experience flights, paragliding and parachuting courses, and tours from the Biggin Hill Airport in Kent.
  • Max Roc Paragliding  Paragliding lessons and tandems all year long in Oregon: beginning through advanced instruction.  Gear sales and service, international tours.
  • Mendoza Parapente  Offers tandem paragliding flights and personalized, one-on-one paragliding instruction in the foothills of the Andes.  The adventure starts at the door of your hotel, where you are picked up by their 4x4 jeep, driven in comfort to the top of Cerro Arco, less than 20 minutes from downtown Mendoza.  Mendoza parapente es una empresa que desempea la funcin de escuela de parapente brindando a sus alumnos cursos de iniciacin y perfeccionamiento para la practica de este deporte. Por otra parte, esta orientada al turismo aventura, por medio de la realizacin de excursiones en 4x4 y vuelos biplaza con instructor, brindando a los interesados la posibilidad de realizar un vuelo en parapente en forma segura y placentera.
  • Nirvana Adventures - India  A paragliding school and flying club in India that offers paragliding courses, rides, and weekend flying trips
  • Paragliding Rainbow  Paragliding pictures, videos, information for licence, tandem, equipment.  The only school allowed to operate in Rainbow Beach, Australia.  Established in 1996.
  • Paragliding training  Offers training courses in paragliding, paramotoring, and parasailing.  Basic, intermediate, and advanced flying courses.  Training with help of winch.  Located in Mumbai, India.
  • Parapro  A paragliding and paramotoring school based in Christchurch, New Zealand, providing tandem flights, flying courses, equipment sales, and tours.
  • Skyschool Flight Centre  A BMAA registered paramotoring and paragliding school based in Mere, Wiltshire.
  • Temple Pilots Paragliding Club  Paragliding training in India.  Course information and flying sites in India.
  • Thermal Monster Paragliding  Paragliding courses and holidays based in Les Arcs, French Alps.  BHPA instructers.
  • Thermal Tracker Paragliding  A full service paragliding school in Southern Oregon: fully certified instruction, gear sales and support, world-wide tours, and free equipment consultation for established pilots seeking advise on their next gear purchase.
  • Tribal Flight  Established to promote the sport of paragliding with standard and tailored instructional courses by approved professionals from around the world, to individuals, clubs and corporate groups.  Also, stocking high quality products for pilots and a paragliding forum.

Skydiving and Parachute Training

  • Atlanta Skydiving Center  State of the art equipment and faciities available for both experienced Georgia skydivers, or students.  All instructors are USPA certified.
  • British Parachute Schools  Based in the Vale of Belvoir, 12 miles South East of Nottingham at Langar Airfield, now used exclusively by the Parachute School with a variety of jumpships.
  • Parachute Center  Skydiving training programs for the first timer as well as advanced and team training.
  • Skydiving.com  Find a location to learn to skydive.
  • Tradewind Sky Sports  Skydive training the town of Washington, North Carolina.  Accelerated free fall jumps.

Training Blogs and Podcasts

  • 29R - Nothing but blue skies...  The journey from a desk job, like a perfect cross between Dilbert and Office Space, to an aviation career.
  • Adventures in flying!  A site about the quest by a young soldier to become a private pilot and to share stories with other pilots.
  • Aeroplane Dream  An aviation blog with pictures and flight logs of a French private aeroplane pilot training to become an airline pilot.  Each article includes related pictures taken by the author.
  • Airline Command  Aimed at the prospective airline Commander or Captain who will shortly begin either an upgrade course from First Officer or will soon be appointed as Captain by their employer.  The basic principles contained here can be used by any Captain, civil or military, of any aircraft.  By a current Airbus (A330 and A340) Training Captain with a major Asian airline involved with Second Officer, First Officer, and Command Training.
  • Apply Power, Go Around  A student pilot on a three year quest for his private pilot's certificate.
  • Ask a CFI  A blog and forum by a flight instructor where you can ask your flight training and aviation questions.  He's there to help student and licensed pilots find information and answers to questions and problems they might have.  There is a lot of interesting and useful information to be found here.
  • Ask My Sky Mom; Aviation Wit and Wisdom  You have an aviation related question?  A CFI with a sense of humor will find you an answer in this "Dear Abby" style Q&A blog for pilots, student pilots, and the curious.
  • Aviated  The author blogs about experiences during flight training for a Private Pilot License, and periodically links to aviation or flight training articles/sites of interest.  The blog is focused on students in training for their PPL and is written to help them relate to various aspects of training for the PPL such as solo flight, cross countries, landings, etc.
  • AviationChatter.com  An online flight training resource with insights and lessons learned with student pilots and up.  While the target audience is private pilots with and without instrument ratings, students, aviation enthusiasts, and professional flyers will enjoy this site.
  • Aviation Flight Training / Personal Stories  Flight training stories of a former flight student from first interest in aviation through the flight training process to commercial and instrument rated pilot certification and beyond.
  • Aviation Mentor  A former software engineer, turned flight instructor, turned freight dog, returns to flight instructing and shares tips and techniques on flying, sprinkled with occasional bits of humor.
  • Aviation Training Solutions LLC  The site is about handing down over 30 years of aviation experience to upcoming pilots.  Topics will include flight training and information, career choices, and tips.
  • Behind The Yoke  Documenting the progress of getting a Private Pilots Certificate.
  • Born without Wings, but destined to fly  A blog discussing news on General Aviation and Flight Training, and following Waner Del Rosario on his training journey.
  • Bravo Zulu Aviation  A CFI's blog of travels and flight adventures.
  • e.Campus RACREUS  Blog de aviación.  Aeroclub de Reus. e.Campus RACREUS, escuela de formación de pilotos privados. PPL. Excursiones aéreas. Entidad deportva aérea sin ánimo de lucro que apoya el vuelo a motor. Reus. Spain.
  • Chasing the dream of flight  A student pilot's adventure on the way to becoming a professional pilot.
  • Cleared for the Option  Follow the progress of a student pilot who has spent 27 years doing everything EXCEPT getting his pilot's license.He's worked at two different FBO's, racked up countless hours on flight sim, years of reading Flying magazine, taken six different demo flights, and has been an all around aviation nerd for too long.  Now he's pursuing his dream and you can go along for the ride.
  • Cleared for Take-Off  This blog follows JR Walsh, a Student Naval Aviator through his training.  It chronicles his journey for friends, family, and random web-surfers in order that they may share in his experience.
  • Drapes in Phoenix  The flight training diary of a guy who decided to pursue his dream and fly.
  • Expect Left Traffic  A 15-year IT veteran finally working on a pilot's license while still trying to find time with his family and fix a motorcycle or two.
  • The Finer Points, An Aviation Community & Podcast  TFP is brought to you by a Certified Flight Instructor.  Weekly podcasts, a forum, and online shopping with aviation gear.
  • FL210.com  This blog follows the journey of two college students with a passion for aviation as they go about getting their PPLs.
  • A Flight Instructor's Journal  About the challenges and rewards of setting a small business to do sim and GPS training.
  • FlightLog  A blog about learning to fly helicopters.
  • Flight Training Blog  Random musings of a flying junky who is a full-time flight instructor specializing in Cirrus and other advanced technology aircraft and avionics.
  • Flight Training at E-Brilliance  This site aims to provide information about flight training and answer your flight training questions.
  • Flight Training Tips Online  Hints, tips, and advice from an FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) from Indiana.  This blog also includes discussion on anything interesting in the world of aviation.
  • Fly With Blake  This blogger seeks a career change and become a commercial pilot.  The blog was created to share experiences and act as a study aid.
  • Fly to your Dreams  This professional game developer decided to become a pilot when he was twelve, and now, sixteen years later, he's finally making that dream come true.  This blog chronicles his pilot training, and where that takes him in the future.
  • Fly Me Friendly  This blog was created to track the dreams and trials of someone who is surrounded by aviation.
  • Flying with ACE  This podcast was started by Alex, a youngster who is sharing his training experience.
  • Flying Around Long Island  A beginner's blog of his journey into General Aviation.
  • Flying Reports  Confessions of a student pilot.  A nicely done blog.
  • The Flying Toga  A Northwest Illinois highs school student's dream and journey to becoming a private pilot.
  • Flying Tragic  The tales of a recreational pilot learning to fly.
  • From The Right Seat  This blog explores one woman's journey through life as a flight instructor.
  • General Aviation Flight Training  This blog provides the information you need to know about general aviation, flight training, flight school, flying, pilot, airplanes, aircraft and commercial aviation.
  • The Great Gig In The Sky  The rapid journey from zero flight time to career pilot of 30 something, disenchanted with life on the ground.
  • I wanna be a pilot!  The story of getting PPL and way beyond that as learning does not stop on the checkride.
  • I’m Flying!  The aviation blog of Aeroclub de Reus flying club, airport of Reus in Spain, flying school and initiation flights.
  • Learn to fly in Canada  Learn to fly a plane and earn your private pilot license in Canada.
  • Learning To Fly  The fixed wing PPL diary of a UK flyer.  Budding pilots and student pilots will find useful information on this site.
  • Learning to Fly  This is a very interesting and informative video blog that uses on-board video systems to document the adventure of learning to fly.
  • Leaving Terra Firma  A blog about becoming a pilot, covering every aspect about learning to fly - from individual lessons to products and more.
  • Maiden Flight Podcast  In this podcast you'll hear the adventures of Mark Maiden, born and bred in Dublin, learning to fly and living to fly in Ireland.
  • MyFlightBlog.com  Learning to fly one post at a time.
  • My Flying Adventures  The adventures of a flight school owner and student pilot.
  • My Flying Career  This blog is for friends, family, and other pilot-career-aspiring people who want to follow a private pilot on his journey to becoming a professional pilot.
  • MzeroA  M0A is an aviation blog by a full time flight instructor dedicated to helping create better pilots through education.  Find up-to-date information on safety, news, and flight training.
  • PassionAviator  This certified flight instructor (CFI and CFII) blogs (and podcasts) to share his passion for aviation and help others learn to fly.  He also seeks "to spread aviation news and events to interested people" and to keep himself "on the cutting edge of knowledge regarding the field."
  • The Pilot Guy  An aviation blog with free flying tips, advice, and news from a current Flight Instructor.
  • A Pilots Journey  A blog about the training experiences of a pilot working on his ratings to become a career pilot.
  • Positive / Climb  The personal journal of commercial pilot trainee from the Azores, including aviation-related items and some very good spotting photos by the author.
  • PPL Training  A blog about PPL training and initial CPL training.
  • Sastre Air  The journey from private pilot to professional pilot in California.
  • staticbreeze  This blog follows the journey from ground to sky of a college guy in Hawaii working towards getting his wings.
  • The Student Pilot Flight PodLog  Devoted to flying and learning to fly.  The podcasts take you through the author's journey towards a Private Pilot's License.  Made on a Mac, and you can tell!
  • A Student Pilot's Blog  This blog follows the thoughts and experiences during the training (in a Piper J3 Cub and a Cessna 150) of a private pilot in Paraná, Argentina.
  • Student Pilot Journal  General Aviation pilots (or pilot wannabe's) will enjoy these frequent video podcasts by Greg Summers.  They represent "a podcast journal in the life of a student pilot" and contain lots of good video straight from the cockpit.  You can't get much closer to the action than this!
  • ...to become a pilot  A student pilot in Europe blogs on his way to becoming a commercial pilot, with his adventures, efforts, and thoughts on life.
  • Two Niner Niner Two  A blog by student pilot to record his flight training experience.
  • Use Right Rudder  Learn how to fly tips from a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument (CFII), Commercial Single and Multi-engine Land.
  • Virginia Student Pilot Podcast  A digital journal of the experiences learning to fly a private plane.
  • Who's The Blonde Stranger?  A blog about the author's progress toward obtaining a Private Pilots's Certificate.
  • Winging It  "The rambling journal of a middle-aged student pilot."  This blog gets more comment posts than most.
  • Youth Pilot  A blog by a Flight Instructor and Airplane Mechanic created to connect young people interested in flying to Flight Instructors throughout the U.S.  The "Youth Pilot Training Program" workbooks were written to assist young people as they learn to fly.

Training Directories

  • Association of Aerospace Universities  The AAU is a focus for activities in the higher education sector relating to UK aerospace and supports industry through the provision of world class education, research, and consultancy.
  • Australian International Aviation Training Agency  AIATA provides flight training and maintenence course and enrollment information for International students.  Search flying schools, TAFE colleges, and universities offering aviation programs in Australia.
  • Aviation Flight Schools  A directory of flight schools, aviation schools, and helicopter pilot training.
  • AviationSchoolsOnline.com  A directory of flight training articles, flight training podcasts, ground schools, and other resources.
  • Aviation Training Directory  A very comprehensive and definitive list of aviation training facilities in the United States, with over 700 listings to date.  Fixed wing, helicopter, simulator, lighter than air, glider, ultra light, etc.
  • The 'Aviator' Web Site  A community of readers and aviators offering directories of flight instructors, flight schools and other companies.  Also a shop/classifieds/wanted section, buy and sell aviation products, information about companies who offer services to aviators.
  • Best Aviation  A global aviation school database.  This is a good resource for finding flight and pilot training schools, flight attendant schools and cabin crew training, aircraft maintenance schools and mechanic training, aviation colleges and degree programs.  Also, aviation jobs and employment information on airlines world wide.  Learn which airlines are hiring, pilot job requirements and how to apply.
  • BestFlightSchools.net  Committed to providing a high-quality listing of flight schools throughout the world, complete with the information and customer reviews you need to make an informed decision about your aviation education.  Additionally providing the student pilot community with a forum, articles, and blog space to share experiences with others who are learning to fly.
  • cfi-resource.com  A large online US flight school and instructor directory.
  • Choosing Your Flight School  AOPA provides general guidelines to aid anyone interested in learning to fly.
  • Eduguideonline  A guide to online colleges, degrees, and education.
  • FAA Flight Schools  A directory with flight schools listed by U.S. State and type of school.  Also, a free flight scheduling application for schools and free lead generator.
  • Flight School Database  A large directory covering more than 1,300 flight schools and pilot training institutions world-wide.
  • Flight School List.com  A large online list of aviation flight schools in the U.S.
  • Flight Schools & Aircraft Rental Directory  A listing of flight schools in the US.
  • Flight Schools Australia  A directory of flight training schools in Australia.
  • Flight Schools Directory  Directory of flight schools offering free service that submits your contact information to top flight schools with one form.
  • Helicopter-Training.net  A directory of helicopter schools and information on helicopter flight training and helicopter flight schools.
  • JustFlightSchools.com  A complete directory of flight schools.  Lists flight schools by U.S. State.  Schools can be added and rated online.
  • My Aviation School Database  A website for finding an aviation school or aviation flight school in Canada, USA, or Europe.  Listings for airplane schools, helicopter schools, and ultralight schools across the world.
  • Online Degree University Programs  This site is dedicated to providing a data base for finding online degree schools and programs.
  • Pilot Flight Instruction  A comprehensive flight school and flight training instructor index.  View complete profiles, photos, and video of flight instructors and flight schools.
  • Private 2 ATP  A large online search engine for flight schools and rental aircraft.
  • Southern California Flight Schools  A directory listing of Southern California flight schools.
  • Top Aviation Schools  An online directory of helicopter and flight training institutes.
  • Type Ratings  Information on type ratings for professional pilots looking for a self-sponsored type rating.  Search by jet or turboprop aircraft model and find training provider name, contact information, website, course details, and other information.

University and Academy Degree Programs

  • Airline Transport Professionals, Inc.  Airline career pilot program.
  • Alabama Aviation Technology Campus  Training for professional airplane and helicopter pilots, aircraft mechanics, and aviation electronics professionals.
  • Angley College  Offering Associate's and Bachelor's degree Business Administration programs with a Concentration in Aviation Management online in as little as 36 months.  Attend classes at the Florida campus and graduate in as few as 14 months.
  • Another Mid-Lifer Story  This 39 year old has decided to make a career change and become an airline pilot.  Follow along as he goes through flight training and takes the steps to become a professional pilot.
  • Arizona State University Department of Aeronautical Management Technology  The Department offers a major in Aeronautical Management Technology leading to a Bachelor of Science degree.  This major includes options in Airway Science Management and Airway Science Flight Management.
  • Australian National Airline College  Preparing overseas flying students for a career as a pilot.  Melbourne, Australia.
  • Aviation Atlanta  Professional pilot course.  Affiliated with Georgia State University.
  • Aviation Professional Education Center  A non-profit corporation providing training in aviation technology.  Offers an Associate in Applied Science Degree, and an FAA/Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) or FCC/Aviation Electrician Technician (AET) license.  Programs focus on large jet transport aircraft and aviation systems.
  • Aviation Technological Academy  An aviation academy with workshops in avionics, powerplant, airframe.  Amman, Jordan.
  • Aviation Training by Directory of Schools  Obtain training as an aviation mechanic.  Other online degree programs available.
  • AviationUniversity.com  Utah Valley State College offers on-line 2-year associate's and 4-year bachelor's degree programs in Aviation Science.
  • Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA  The mission of the Aerospace Engineering Department is to educate students for professional aerospace careers of technical responsibility and leadership in a multidisciplinary, system-based environment.
  • Canadore College  Aviation programs in avionics, aircraft maintenance and structural repair.  Located in North Bay, Ontario.
  • Central Oregon Community College  The "Aviation - Professional Pilot Airplane Program" at COCC earns you an Associate of Applied Science degree, and also the FAA ratings required to become a professional pilot.  Specifically, you earn the private pilot certificate, Instrument rating, commercial pilot certificate, multi-engine rating, and the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) certificate.  Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) certificate and Multi-engine Instructor (MEI) ratings are optional.
  • Cloverpark Technical College  Aviation mechanic A&P training and pilot training thru CFII.  This site lists aviation courses plus all courses the college offers.
  • Cochise College  15-month complete AMT (A&P) professional pilot training program, and 12-month complete avionics technology program.
  • College Search Online Degrees  A free academic resource for students.  Search for courses at multiple colleges and universities and request prospectuses.  Use search keywords line "aviation" and "flying."
  • Comair Aviation Academy Airline-owned academy offering aviation programs.
  • Concordia University  International Aviation MBA Programme.
  • Coastal Pacific Aviation  Aviation education and professional pilot training in British Columbia.  Degree and diploma programs in cooperation with the University College of the Fraser Valley.
  • Cranfield University Aerospace  Created to perform cutting edge research and to develop future leaders for aerospace manufacturing, civil and military aviation, the regulatory bodies, national research laboratories, and academia.
  • CSE Aviation Limited Home of the Oxford Air Training School, a provider of professional pilot training in the United Kingdom.  CSE also operates Oxford Airport, and provides maintenance, spares support and component repair facilities for a wide range of aircraft up to executive jets.
  • Daniel Webster College  Preparing men and women for profesional entry and advanced studies in aviation, engineering, computer science, and other areas.   The FAA approved (Parts 141 and 61) Flight Training Program uses Certified Flight Instructors.   The Air Traffic Mangement major is recognized by the FAA as part of their Collegiate Training Initiative.  An online MBA for aviation professionals is available, and they provide an air traffic control program that runs evenings for the non-traditional student.  In Nashua, New Hampshire.
  • Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell  Offering an FAA Part 147 Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) program in New Mexico.  Complete a degree in two years and graduate with sufficient training to pass FAA A&P certification, which is also offered at the ENMU-Roswell campus.
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University  This is the world’s largest, fully accredited university specializing in aviation and aerospace, and it offers more than 30 degree programs in its colleges of Arts and Sciences, Aviation, Business, and Engineering.  The university educates more than 34,000 students annually in undergraduate and graduate programs, with accreditation pending for Embry-Riddle’s first doctoral programs, in Aviation and in Engineering Physics.  Embry-Riddle educates students at residential campuses in Prescott, Arizona, and Daytona Beach, Florida, through its Worldwide Campus operations headquartered in Daytona Beach, and more than 130 campus centers in the United States, Europe, Canada, and the Middle East, and through online learning.  For more information visit the website or call the Daytona Beach campus at +1 800-862-2416; Prescott campus at +1 800-888-3728 and Worldwide at +1 800-359-3728.  The CAAL Blog by the Center for Aviation and Aerospace Leadership (CAAL) at Embry-Riddle is intended to appeal to audiences from within the aviation and aerospace industries, as well as enthusiasts who want access to the writings of some of the industry’s pivotal leaders and brightest strategists.
  • Flying Colors Pilot Training  Located at Winnipeg International Airport and offering a baccalaureate aviation degree program which combines in-depth aviation education together with professional flight training.  Flying Colors uses Diamond Katana and Beech Travelair aircraft and Canada's first Transport Canada certified Level 3 Flight Training Device.
  • Georgia Northwestern Technical College Aviation  FAA-Certificated Part 147 Aviation Maintenance Technician School, and Avionics training in Northwest Georgia.
  • Hallmark Institute of Technology  Accredited Associate degrees in Aviation and Powerplant Technology, as well as Business Office Administration, Computer Network, Systems Technology, Medical Assisting, and Electronics Engineering Technology.  Their purpose is to train students in real life settings that offer hands-on experiences.  Then upon graduating, students are qualified to take the FAA A&P certification exam.  Located in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Imperial College - Department of Aeronautics  Organised into two Divisions, Aerodynamics and AeroStructures.
  • John D. Odegard School Of Aerospace Sciences  At the University of North Dakota.  Air traffic control, flight operations, flight training.
  • Lane Community College Flight Technology  Accredited pilot training plus a college degree.  Begin receiving college credit while still in high school.  Continue with a Bachelors degree coordinated through Oregon State University.
  • LeTourneau University  The School of Aeronautical Science offers collegiate level flight and maintenance training programs.
  • Lewis University  The Department of Aviation offers programs in Aviation Administration, Aviation Flight, Aviation Maintenance, Aviation Security (B.S.), and Aviation and Transportation (M.S.).
  • Liberty University  Earn your Bachelors of Science in Aviation online from a large flight school in Virginia.
  • Loughborough University - Department of Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering 
  • Merit Education  An online career education and degree portal with training programs for aspiring professionals.  Includes aviation, trades, vocational, and degree programs.
  • Mesa Pilot Development  Mesa Air Group and San Juan College offer professional pilot training through the Aviation Degree Program.
  • MIAT College of Technology  Programs in aviation maintenance, power technology, and transport dispatch.
  • Minu-Sepehr AeroSpace University  MAU offers online education in aviation and space studies.  Aerospace employees can benefit from short courses leading to a Diploma or Certificate.  Graduates of Business or Management programs can benefit from a Post Graduate Diploma to pursue a career in Aviation or the Space industry.  MAU offers in-house scholarship for qualified students.
  • MTSU Aerospace Department  Middle Tennessee State University offers a B.S. in Aerospace, with concentrations in: Professional Pilot, Flight Dispatch, Administration, Maintenance Management, and Technology.  There is also a non-degree ATC program that is offered to any major at the college.
  • The MIT International Center for Air Transportation Laboratories, research studies, publications.
  • National Aviation University  Formerly named the Kiev International University of Civil Aviation, this Ukraine University offers aviation and space technology programs.
  • Ohio University Department of Aviation  Offering a number of degree programs: You can work to become a licensed pilot, start a career in aviation management, or learn about human factors.
  • Pathfinder Aeronautical Institute  Primary and advanced flight and ground training in Cessna 172 and Mooney M20C aircraft.  Associates and Bachelors Degree programs are also available.  Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
  • Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics  PIA offers programs in Aviation Maintenance Technology, Aviation Electronics Technology, and Aviation Maintenance Technician.  In the
  • Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) program, you'll learn how to inspect, troubleshoot, maintain and repair the aircraft's engines, structure and onboard systems.  Hands-on training for inspecting, maintaining and repairing aircraft systems.
  • Purdue University - Department of Aviation Technology  A part of the School of Technology at Purdue University, the Department provides four year B.S. degrees in Professional Flight, Aviation Administration, and Aeronautical Technology.  Also avaliable are dual degrees in Engineering and Aviation Technology, a Masters degree in Technology, and a PhD related to aviation.
  • Romanian Aviation Academy  A flight training organization for airplane and helicopter pilots, flight attendants, air traffic controllers, flight dispathcers, etc.
  • Queens University, Belfast - School of Aeronautical Engineering 
  • Queensland Aerospace College - Australia  Offering a range of training programs aimed primarily at the aviation industry and its professionals, including Engineering, Flight Crew, and Management.
  • Sierra Academy of Aeronautics  Training for airline pilots, helicopter pilots, aircraft mechanics, aircraft dispatchers.
  • Sinclair Community College  Comprehensive aviation technology programs.  Students gain hands-on experience through the school co-op program while earning college credit for practical work experience.  The Aviation Technology department has a unique partnership with the Delta Connection Academy that provides training for professional airline pilots at the Dayton International Airport.
  • Singapore Aviation Academy  Air traffic services and airport emergency services courses.  A division of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore.
  • South Seattle Community College  Offering Aviation Maintenance Technology and Aeronautical Technology programs.
  • Spartan School of Aeronautics  Industry current training with Diploma and Associate Degree programs in aviation maintenance, avionics and instruments, nondestructive testing, communication electronics, and professional piloting.  Also a Bachelor of Science program in aviation management.  Located in Tulsa Oklahoma.
  • Sydney Flight Training Centre Australia  An international flying College specialising in airline pilot training, located at Bankstown Airport NSW, Australia.  Offering Certificates III/IV and Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Aviation.  Bachelor of Aviation Management degree course also available.
  • The Technology Transfer Program at ITS Berkeley A unit of the Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California at Berkeley.  Its mission is to support the development and implementation of state of the art transportation systems by facilitating exchanges of information between research and practice and by providing a program of professional training, conferences, workshops, and technical assistance in the areas of transportation planning and policy, environmental issues, traffic engineering and signalization, project development and management, infrastructure design and maintenance, traffic safety and aviation.
  • University of Bristol [UK]  The Department of Aerospace Engineering offers degree programs in Aeronautical Engineering and Avionic Systems.
  • University of Dubuque  Professional university flight program.
  • University of Glasgow - Department of Aerospace Engineering 
  • University of Nebraska Aviation Institute  The Aviation Institute maintains preeminent standing in collegiate aviation through the provision of superior education, research and service initiatives.  Graduate and undergraduate programs.  Omaha, Nebraska.
  • University of New Brunswick  Offering a three-year degree program in Bachelor of Business Administration with Concentration in Aviation and Operations Management.  This accelerated three-year program integrates commercial flight training with essential business and management skills development, equipping pilots of the future with the skills they require.
  • University of North Dakota, John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences  Aviation, space studies, atmospheric sciences, computer science applications.
  • The University of Tennessee, College of Business Administration  Offering an Aerospace MBA.
  • The University of Tennessee Space Institute  A graduate education and research institution with an Aviation Systems program designed students with a bachelor's degree in engineering or science who wish to study under a "systems philosophy" toward careers in research and development or administration in areas pertinent to aviation.
  • Uproar One's Aviation Page  A good listing of aviation colleges, universities, and flight schools at this site, which also features R/C and full scale aviation links, model aviation, flight sim, sailplanes, homebuilts.
  • U.S. Air Force ROTC  A college program offered at over 1000 colleges and universities across the U.S. that prepares you to become an Air Force officer.
  • US College Search  Offers information and links to aviation colleges and schools throughout the US.
  • UVSCAviation.com  The Utah Valley State College online learning site for Aviation Science.
  • Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology  A private, four-year college offering degrees in engineering technology, management, and aviation - including aircraft operations (flight) degree programs leading to the FAA written pilot exam or a Certified Flight Instructor/Single Engine rating, ATC, and aviation maintenance.  Located in Flushing NY but offering distance learning.
  • Vincennes University Aviation Technology Center  The Vincennes [Indiana] University Aviation Maintenance Department offers a 2yr A.S. or A.A.S. degree accompanied with an airframe and powerplant rating.
  • Western Michigan University  The College of Aviation offers undergraduate programs in Aeronautical Engineering, Aviation Flight Science, Aviation Maintenance Technology, and Aviation Science and Administration.
  • Westwood College of Aviation Technology  Airframe and powerplant technician programs at 3 U.S. campuses.
  • Wright State University - Aerospace Medicine Program  A civilian program training physicians in the field of aerospace medicine.

Training Resources

  • Aviation Downunder  This website is full of information about learning to fly in Australia: articles, forum, links, news, gallery, and more.
  • Aviation & Flight Training News  This UK site offers flight training resources for all types of pilots.  Find help on learning to fly, where to go next, career flying, news, jobs, and more.
  • Flight Information Technology  An online community where aviation alumni professionals from all schools, colleges, universities, and flight training centers can connect with one another to share information about who, what, and where they are, have been, or are going to.  This site is an independently owned entity that is not supported by or controlled by any aviation university or airline.  Anyone interested in aviation is welcome to join.
  • FlightLevel240  A student's perspective on flight training: the decision to start flying and what flight training is like from the view of a current student.
  • Flight Training Information  This site has a great deal of free information and resources for those desiring to pursue a course in flight training to become a pilot or to obtain an advanced pilot rating.  The author of this site is an industry expert and the director of a U.S. flight school, but he does not disclose his school at the website in order to maintain the integrity of the site and the information it contains.
  • Jet Careers.com  How to become an airline pilot: college degrees, choosing a flight school, civilian and military careers, European airline standards, corporate aviation.
  • Pilot Outlook.com  This resource for aviators provides information on pilot training, flying clubs, and airports.  Find flying schools and instructors, browse through aircraft by manufacturer and model, look through over 22,000 United States airports, learn about different pilot licenses and their costs, browse a large directory of U.S. flying clubs.
  • Pilot Portal USA  This site is designed for the American pilot and potential pilot who is looking for a flight school in the United States.  Here you will also find an aviation directory, an aviation dictionary, a weather discussion and weather data source, current aviation news, and other elements important to pilots.
  • profpilot.co.uk  A comprehensive guide for the aspiring European pilot.  Flight school reviews, JAA pilot license information and where you can train for them (covering PPL to MCC), medical requirements, shop, forum and a blog.
  • Start Flying  Information on how to get started flying fixed wing, rotary, gliders, microlights, hang gliders, paragliders, and balloons.
  • Student Pilot Network  How to become a pilot, choose a flight school, win a scholarship.
  • Student Flying Club  This site promotes aviation interest to new students, as well as already licensed pilots.  It contains useful information in the form of pilot journals, aviation articles, air terms glossary, and flight planning tools including an online E6-B flight calculator.

English Proficiency

  • ATCreadback  An online aviation english program that uses a team of licensed air traffic controllers and an interactive library of real-world aviation transmissions designed to improve the confidence of student and ESL pilots in radio communication.
  • Aviation English Asia  An English language school designed exclusively for pilots, ATCOs and flight attendants.  They offer courses in ICAO Aviation English, Practical Inflight Service, Social English and In-flight English.  Corporate and personal students are equally welcome.  Registered as a limited company in Hong Kong and operating throughout Asia.
  • Canadian Flyers International Inc.  English for Private/Commercial Pilots is an ESL course designed for ESL student-pilots who will go into aviation as a career.  This course focuses on Radio Telephony (listening and speaking), Cessna 172 flight procedures, and English for fluency.  In Toronto, Canada.
  • Climb Level 4  Provides online aviation English training software to prepare users for the ICAO language proficiency requirement test.  Features a comprehensive and personalized training curriculum in fluency, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, interactions and comprehension.  Climb Level 4 can be integrated into classroom training and/or used by individual pilots or ATCO's where and when they prefer.
  • Comunicatus - English for Aviation  They provide translation services and English for aviation training.  Their program for pilots teaches aviation-based professional English-language communication skills up to ICAO Level 4 Operational and beyond.
  • Pilots Teaching Pilots - Aviation English  A dedicated online virtual classroom for aviation English: live student-teacher interaction with online lessons.

Other Training Sites

  • 2nd R/C Flight School  Learn how to fly radio control planes and helicopter in five days.  All fuel, planes and equipment furnished.  Small or private classes with professional instructors.  North Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • AeroFile  A listing and a network of aviation musems, educational institutions, research facilities, and government and military organizations that lend themselves to the advancement of aviation education and the aerospace profession.
  • Aeronautics Learning Laboratory for Science Technology and Research (ALLSTAR)  Sections on the history of aeronautics, principles of flight, and careers in aeronautics.
  • Aerotech News and Review  Education links by state, also aviation and space news, and other aviation links.
  • Ananda Aeronautical Academy  The mission of A.A.A. is to produce quality aeronautical engineers and experts by providing opportunities for school children of all ages.  They hope to facilitate children, not only in Ananda College, but also in other schools, with opportunities to learn and get the expertise in this field.  Located in Ananda College, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • AviaEd  Develops, communicates, and updates your routine regulatory programs and procedures.  Instructors motivate, inform, and challenge employees in classroom training settings.  Tailored workshops, multimedia presentations, and supplementary written materials.
  • Aviation Egress Systems  Training for pilots who might have to ditch their aircraft or helicopter in water.
  • Aviation Scholarship Foundation  An aviation charity dedicated to students from impoverished communities with a mission to fund private pilot training for low income youth.
  • AVISA Aviation Safety Systems Ltd  EASA approved, aviation airworthiness and maintenance based services including: continued airworthiness and maintenance management, continued airworthiness and quality safety consultancy, aviation safety training.
  • Business Aviation Training  Information and news.
  • The Department of Aeronautical Management Technology at Arizona State University East  Training in high-altitude physiology and hypoxia recognition.  An Altitude Chamber, formerly used to train Air Force personnel, has been refurbished and is available for general aviation, commercial, corporate, military, and non-military training.
  • The European Centre for the Aerospace and Aviation Industries  EURESAS provides training programmes and services for the European aerospace industry in areas of management skills, cultural issues, communciation skills, and change facilitation/coaching.
  • Flight Training News  "The online resource for anyone learning to fly." FTN is a European monthly publication in newspaper format for those who are considering, or actively involved in, flying training - recreational or professional.
  • Gracie Air Rage Defense  Training for pilots, air marshals, law enforcement officials, and military personnel is offered by Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy.
  • GSE Training Services  Ground support training.
  • Gulf Coast Training Solutions  FAA to JAA license conversions where passing of the JAA ATPL is simplified.
  • Halldale Media  Airline and defense training information, including Civil Aviation Training and Military Simulation & Training magazines.
  • IATA Training  The International Air Transport Association offers a wide-range of courses in Airport, Airline, Cargo, Civil Aviation and Aviation Security.
  • International Academy of Travel  Airline and travel industry training courses.
  • International Services  The consultancy and training arm of the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority.  Specialists in training, air traffic control, air traffic services engineering, operations, regulatory and institutional issues.
  • ISI Training Center  Counter terrorism training courses developed to eliminate sky terrorism.  ISI courses are based on the knowledge accumulated by instructors in the aviation security area.  Train aviation crews to deal with possible threats.
  • Learning To Fly  A website dedicated to providing valuable information to aspiring pilots as well as seasoned veterans of the air.  Includes such topics as how to choose the right flight school/instructor, history of flight, aviation weather, aviation jobs, pilot supplies, pictures of airplanes.
  • Lufthansa Resource Technical Training  LRTT is an EASA Part-147 Approved Basic Training Organisation formed as a joint venture partnership between Lufthansa Technical Training and Resource Group.
  • Mach 1 Consultants  A consulting firm specializing in flight schools.  Dedicated to the development of sales and marketing techniques.
  • MyPilotLicense.com  This aviation website helps you find flight schools, videos, pilot shops, and other things you need to get your pilots license.
  • Nastec International  Offering a state-of-the-art Sky Marshall Training Program.
  • National Aviation and Space Education Alliance  Formed to enhance the work of state aviation and space education councils and related organizations by improving communications among them and by developing mutual support programs.  Site includes links to State aviation education councils.
  • Navtech Seminars & GPS Supply  Technical seminars and advanced GPS education.  A selection of books, software, and equipment for GPS users.
  • Pilottraining.ca  Pilot training information for all Canadian pilot ratings and licences.
  • PlaneMath  A place for students and teachers to learn about math and aeronautics.
  • Private Pilot's Licence  Articles and other information about learning to fly aeroplanes and helicopters.  Reviews of airfields, aero clubs, and flight training schools.  Requirements for the UK Private Pilots Licence.
  • RBCS  Diploma programs for air cargo, airline management, cabin crew, and other travel industry areas.
  • Reem Aviation Security Consultants  Specializes in Ground Security Coordinators (GSC) Training and provides a variety of aviation security services: airline corporate security consulting, background checks, pre-employment verification audits, dedicated GSC's to cover flights at high-risk airports, cargo security training, cargo security audits, domestic profilers training.
  • Simlat Ltd.  A provider of next generation mission-training solutions for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/System (UAV/UAS) and the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) industry.  Simlat provides high-end ISR and UAV/UAS mission training systems and simulators and additional professional services and instructors.
  • So You Want To Be A Pilot: Job and Training Resources  This resource from Aviation Reference Desk points you to a variety of resources that answer your questions about becoming a pilot.
  • Southpac Aerospace  A registered aviation-specific training organisation in Australia that has trained over 5000 aviation quality and safety management auditors in the Pacific Region.  specialists in Management Systems and SMS training.
  • Spranza Incorporated  Providers of Civil Aviation Security Training and Certification at centers operated in conjunction with the University of Zilina, Slovakia and College of the Bahamas, Nassau.  Services include training, regulatory compliance assistance, speciality security hardware, and air operator AVSEC Compliance.
  • The Street Training Consulting Group  Nationwide training specialists based in Massachusetts who provide on-site classroom instruction for police, fire, EMS providers, Emergency Room personnel and teachers.
  • Summit CBT  Provides aviation training on a short term basis: they can review and amend your courseware, train your training staff, and prepare training programs.
  • T&T Training Solutions Ltd.  A complete career training and recruitment service provider, serving both individuals and organisations and offering training for the travel industry.  London.
  • Tradewings Institute of Management  TIM is an educational institiute in India with courses in travel, tourism, hospitality, and cargo.
  • Training Link Europe  Specialist training providers for those involved with the safe transportation of dangerous goods by air, road, and sea, including operators, shippers and freight agents.  World wide experience teaching dangerous goods courses and consulting in the UK, Europe, Australia, America and The Middle East.  The site has a news section pertaining to UK and Europe.
  • Transportation Development Group Logistics consulting and education, IATA certified Dangerous Goods Training, and IATA/FIATA certified Air Cargo Training.
  • TwinTime Building  In business to help pilots build twin time.  In Chicago.
  • United States Air Force Academy  Information about the Academy.
  • vortac82.com  An Italian page with information about airline pilot training, cabin attendants, flight instructors.
  • Welcome Sky  A non-profit aviation scholarship program administered by the Central California Aviation Association in Fresno, CA. designed to reach out to students ages 16-21 who show an interest in flying.  The program brings together current private pilots, flight schools, donors and interested young men and women in an arrangement that fosters fellowship while helping to build a base of new future pilots that will be aviation enthusiasts for decades to come.