Aircraft Flight Tracking

Sites Offering Aircraft Flight Tracking

  • Airline Flight Tracker & Airport Arrivals Departures  Track airline flights over North America, Europe, Asia, and Worldwide.  Check the status of any commercial passenger flight or locate your cargo-package anywhere.  See airline timetables, visit a satellite, track space flights.
  • Airwise  Worldwide flight schedules and flight arrivals for major airlines.  Look under "Flight Info."
  • Flight Arrivals  A comprehensive and independent source of arrival and departure information for commercial airline flights over the U.S. and Canada.  Also shows current airport status.
  • FlightAware  View schedule and activity for both private and commercial air traffic in the United States.  See scheduled, enroute, and recent flights for any airport.  Tracking, history, maps, and graphs.  Also, airport and operational information, airport diagrams, and instrument/terminal procedures for most US airports.  FlightAware also maintains a user-contributed list of airport businesses such as FBOs, merchanics, and aircraft rental/flight schools along with a list of services and regularly updated fuel prices.
  •  This site provides real time commercial and general aviation flight tracking, airport status, and travel delay forecast information.  They also have links to other useful sites: airline seat finder, fare search, weather, airport parking, WiFi hotspots, planned flight routes.
  • Flightradar24  Shows live air traffic from around the world by combining data from sources including ADS-B, MLAT, and FAA, and aggregating them with schedule and flight status data from airlines and airports.
  • FlightStats  Check world-wide flight status by flight, route, or by airport.  The Flight Tracker lets you to track most commercial flights in the US and Canadian airspace on a Google Map.
  •  A live flight tracker for aircraft transmitting ADS-B around Sydney Australia.  Using an SBS-1 virtual radar, aircraft are tracked and plotted on Google Maps.
  • FlightView  Track upcoming and in-air flights on a map with radar weather, see a national airport delay map with weather overlay, FAA airport delay status, airport arrivals, departures, weather and more.
  • Flightwise  An Internet-based tool for anyone interested in aviation.  Pilots can access the web site to obtain information and plan their flights, and FBOs can use the site to track flights, attract aircraft to their facilities and help manage their operations.  Charter outfits can use the site to manage their fleet.  Develop your own flight tracking applications via the PlaneXML Flight Tracking API.
  • Google  Enter the two-character airline code and flight number (e.g., UA 801) and see brief flight status info on the search results page.  Then click the "Track status..." link to see detailed information from FlightStats, including departure and arrival times, gates, weather, codeshare information, airport ratings, security wait times, and airline on-time performance.   Also, track the flight in real-time.
  • GMaps Flight Tracker  This site shows inbound flights for some US airports using Google Maps, as well as traces for past flights.
  •  Allows subscribers online access to worldwide flight schedules for all major airlines and low cost airlines, also including cabin class availability and arrival information.

Aircraft Tracking Products and Services

  • ADS Aerospace  Global real time aircraft flight tracking solutions using the compact ADS-100 Inmarsat satcom system.
  • AirNav Systems  A suite of flight tracking and monitoring software for the PC.
  • AvioLinx  Track your airline's flights on your smart phone.  AvioLinx integrates with the airline's operational system to give real time flight tracking on most smart-phones.  A perfect tool for Airline Managers, etc.
  • Blue Sky Network  BSN offers flight tracking for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft through an asset management solution with appropriate hardware and the SkyRouter information network.
  • Fastwave Communications  A global, real-time, 2-way GPS tracking solution using Iridium satellite telemetry.  FasTracker is a portable, autonomous tracking device that does not require an external antenna, making it ideal for aircraft ferry or charter operators.  Tracking data is accessible via a secure web interface and displayed on Google Earth.
  • Flight Explorer  A provider of Internet-based real-time global flight tracking information, reporting and display products.  Flight Explorer software and subscription services track flights through a variety of methods: IFR in the US, Canada, and UK; more extensively in New Zealand and the Pacific Oceanic region; and any aircraft worldwide via Honeywell GDC datalink, ACARS and satellite/datalink.  Used by air cargo operators, FBO's, rental car agencies, airports, and others.
  • FlightStats  Flight performance and delay information, both real-time and historical, for travelers, travel managers, suppliers, and anyone else impacted by flight operations.  Worldwide coverage, secured from multiple sources.  Support for codeshare flights.  Real-time information delivery.  Historical information.
  • FlightTrack  A live flight tracker for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Track flights with zoomable maps or get real-time departure info, delays and gate numbers at a glance. Full international coverage
  • FlightView  Offering airlines and airports FlightView displays, Web components, and real-time data feeds.  Also, consulting, dispatch, and reporting services.
  •  Provides pilots, flight crews, air taxis, FBOs, charter services, and other aviation organizations with the ability to publish live flight status information from any computer, cell phone, or mobile device.  Publish real-time online flight status info to customers or friends.  Information on personal or leisure flights, corporate flights, or Part 135 flights can be published.  Members can also create their own status board displays for the airport or lobby, and customers can track flights online, via email, or via text message alerts.
  • Guardian Mobility  Offers a full range of GPS tracking solutions for aircraft.  Lightweight and portable.  Fleet operators know the status and location of their aircraft at any given moment.  Approved and widely used for Automatic Flight Following (AFF) by forestry contractors throughout North America.
  • IndigoSat  Satellite tracking solutions for aircraft: Indigo One lets an aircraft owner or operator operate aircraft, Indigo MOBILE is for operators who need basic flight following, and the IndigoTrack aircraft fleet tracking system is a solution for real-time tracking of your aircraft.
  • Megadata Corporation  Offering the AirportMonitor Internet flight tracking and information system, which provides an interactive display of air traffic and flight information in and around the terminal airspace, designed for airport websites.
  • OuterLink Corporation  Provides secure, real-time location tracking and satellite communications capability including two-way messaging to strategically manage the operations of air, land, and marine vehicles  Aviation applications include an Automatic Flight Following tool for flight operations, useful for Air Medical and MedEvac organizations.
  • SkyNet Aero  This secure web application has been developed to help track and monitor all aircraft from commercial airlines to small private fleets when chartering planes to individual companies and these companies want to be able to see what their plane is doing.  Satellite Flight Monitoring breaks free of traditional sources to be truly independent of National and International Air Service Authorities air traffic data.
  • SkyTrac  Provides customized fleet tracking and flight data monitoring (FDM) solutions using the global Iridium satellite constellation. Their web based mapping system, SkyWeb, is available anywhere with an internet connection, including most smartphones. SkyWeb has many additional capabilities to further enhance fleet situational awareness and business efficiencies such as worldwide weather, NOTAMS, Duty Hours and exceedance reporting to name a few.
  • Spider Tracks  A satellite-based aircraft tracking system that uses the Iridium Satellite network to provide global tracking of aircraft.  The "spider" tracking unit has built-in GPS and satellite antennas so there is no need for external antenna installation.  It only requires power to operate (you can use a cigarette lighter socket) and does not have to be permanently mounted so it can be moved from one vehicle to another.  When used in aircraft it does not require CAA certification.  You can view the current position or past tracks of spiders by logging into a website and seeing the coordinates overlaid onto a 2D map.
  • Telematic Technologies  An aviation-certified satellite tracking solution for all aircraft types.  A digital, solid-state telemetry apparatus is coupled to a GPS and uses satellite communication technology and records engine-operating parameters during all phases of flight.
  • Web Aircraft Situation Display  The WebASD tool by ARINC provides aircraft position display to controllers, aircraft flight dispatchers, aviation operations managers, and ground services providers.
  • World Flights  A global, fully featured, user friendly flight tracking application for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Airport Delays

Radar Spotting

  • Virtual Radar  A site and forum for aviation enthusiasts with an interest in real time flight tracking with the airnav radarbox or the kinetic sbs-1 / sbs-1e using mode-s and ads-b.