Aviation Stories

Web Sites with Aviation Stories

  • aviation stories.net  True stories from pilots around the world.  If you love flying, write about it!  Had a close call?  Let others hear about it in 'I Learned about flying from that.'  Stories are uploaded in pdf format for easy printing and reading.  All stories are approved before inclusion.
  • Flightstory.net - The International Aviation Story Database  Pilots, flight attendants, crew members, ground staff, technical staff, ATC radio listeners, frequent flyers, or any flyer can post interesting aviation stories and ATC logs in this large aviation story database.  It's free and no registration is required.
  • FlyStories.com  Read and share stories and videos on just about any aviation topic: bush flying, airlines, military, light aircraft, training, flight attendant, funny tales, bizarre stories, mile high, crashes, just plane dumb, and others.
  • FromTheFlightdeck.Com  Aviation stories from user submissions to the forums, aviation jokes, pictorials, and more.
  • The Paper Jet Lounge  An aviation stories database dedicated to all who serve in the aviation industry from ground handlers to ATC.  Share your own story.
  • Pilot Chronicles  An online database of pilot knowledge and experience.  Don't keep your valuable learning experiences to yourself - share your stories and contribute to the base of knowledge that keeps all of us alive and flying.
  • Pilot's Web Aviation Journal  Online magazine for pilots offering aviation articles and stories, free email, bulletin board and chat.
  • Around the World in Four Inch Heels  This pilot shares her aviation stories and other thoughts as she roams around.