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  • Barbados Civil Aviation Department  Their mission is to "provide a safe, efficient, reliable and economical air navigation service and to promote quality and excellence in Barbados’ Aviation industry through professional and cost-effective safety regulation."




  • Aviation Data Systems  Canadian aviation regulations library on CD-ROM.  License granted by Transport Canada to reproduce the Canadian aviation documents that appear on the CD-ROM.
  • The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority  Protecting the public by securing critical elements of the air transportation system as assigned by the government.
  • Transportation Safety Board of Canada  The TSB is an independent agency created by an Act of Parliament.  Its role is to advance transportation safety through the investigation of transportation occurrences in the marine, pipeline, rail and aviation modes.

Czech Republic













  • Irish Aviation Authority  The IAA carries out a range of operational and regulatory functions and services relating to the safety and technical aspects of civil aviation in Ireland.







  • SCT  Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transport.
  • SENEAM  Mexican Air Traffic Control Service.


The Netherlands

New Zealand

  • The Aviation Security Service of New Zealand  AvSec reports through a Board of Directors to the Minister of Transport and is responsible for passenger screening, access controls, security patrolling, and aircraft searches.
  • Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand  Services of the CAA, history, functions, legislation, aircraft register, publications.
  • Flysmart  This site was created to inform international airline passengers of the security measures introduced on 31 March 2007 for flights departing from New Zealand.
  • Ministry of Transport  Information for pilots, security, safety, legislation, publications.



Saudi Arabia

  • General Authority of Civil Aviation  GACA constructs, manages, and operates the Kingdom's civil airports and supervises airport personnel.  It also operates the air navigation system, implements civil aviation procedures and regulations, signs air transport agreements, develops procedures for air transport safety, issues licenses and certification of pilots, aircraft crews and civil aircraft manufacturing and maintenance centers.
  • Ministry of Defense and Aviation  General Authority of Civil Aviation.



South Africa

Sri Lanka





United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

  • Air Safety Support International  ASSI is a wholly-owned, non-profit subsidiary of UK CAA responsible for supporting civil aviation regulation in the UK Overseas Territories.  They publish current documentation, aviation requirements, consultation on changes, general aviation information for the Territories, etc. on this website.
  • (ATOL) Air Travel Organiser's Licensing  ATOL is managed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and provides consumer protection based on a UK legal requirement for licensing.  It exists to protect the public from losing money or being stranded abroad because of the failure of air travel firms.
  • Civil Aviation Authority  The CAA advises the U.K. Government on aviation issues, represents consumer interests, conducts economic and scientific research, produces statistical data and provides specialist services.
  • Department for Transport  Their objective is to oversee the UK delivery of a reliable, safe, and secure transport system that responds efficiently to the needs of individuals and business whilst safeguarding our environment.
  • National Air Traffic Services (NATS)  The UK's air traffic service provides safety by ensuring aircraft flying in UK airspace, and over the eastern part of the North Atlantic, are safely separated.
  • Safety Regulation Group (SRG)  The functional area within the Civil Aviation Authority entrusted with making sure the United Kingdom's air safety record is maintained.

United States

  • Aerospace Technology Enterprise  The NASA Office of Aerospace Technology (OAT) promotes a safer, more secure, more environmentally friendly, and more efficient air transportation system, increasing performance of military aircraft and developing new uses for science or commercial missions.
  • Airworthy.Org  A privately owned organization of experienced aviation professionals that assist others in locating and obtaining airworthy related resources on the World Wide Web.  Includes resumes of US Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DAR's), Designated Engineering Representatives (DER's), Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Mechanics and Inspection Authorization (IA) holders, reference data (CFR, FAA Orders, and Advisory Circulars).  Lots of information about the FAA and regulatory issues.
  • Av Info  FAA site intended to provide the public with easily accessible Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety related information pertaining to air operators and aircraft. The site also provides service information concerning Aviation related Schools, Safety related Forms, and FAA offices.
  • Center for Advanced Aviation System Development CAASD is a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to perform essential research and engineering functions.
  • [DOT] Aviation Consumer Protection Home Page  This U.S. Department of Transportation site offers travel tips and publications, an air travel consumer report (flight delays, mishandled baggage, oversales), complaint processing information, and airline customer service plans.
  • DOT Office of the General Counsel  The US DOT has opened a section on its web site dedicated to providing more information to airline passengers.  Prospective passengers can review the on-time performance, the baggage loss ratings and find the address for the official representative of each airline operating in the USA, along with travel tips and a fact sheet to help customers find the lowest available rates.
  • Department of Transportation - Office of Inspector General  Aviation acquisition and modernization, ATC operations, capacity, environment, customer service, management and finance, safety, and security.  Airport transportation infrastructure reading, competition issues, criminal investigations, aviation safety and aviation security.
  • Department of Homeland Security 
  • Dryden Flight Research Center Flight research and aircraft operations for current and future aerospace vehicles, atmospheric flight operations for NASA science platform aircraft, development and operations for Shuttle and future access-to-space vehicles.  Images, news, projects.
  • FAA Web site  The home page of the FAA.
  • [FAA] Air Traffic Control System Command Center  The ATCSCC Real-time Airport Status page shows general airport conditions (delays).
  • [FAA] Aviation Policy and Plans (APO)  The FAA annual forecast and trend analysis.
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Aviation Radio Service  Information for aviation radio users, telecommunications service providers, and radio equipment manufacturers.
  • FAA Civil Aviation Registry  The Registry (AFS-700) is responsible for developing, maintaining, and operating national programs for the registration of United States civil aircraft and certification of airmen.  The Aircraft Registration Branch issues aircraft registration certificates and processes documents affecting title to or interest in aircraft, engines, propellers, and air carrier spare part locations and also reserves and assigns all U.S. identification marks (N-Numbers) to U.S. civil aircraft.  The Airmen Certification Branch issues airmen certificates.
  • FAA Civil Aviation Security  The FAA's aviation security mission is to protect the users of commercial air transportation against terrorist and other criminal acts.
  • FAA FAR Index
  • FAA Flight Standards Service  This website provides Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety related information pertaining to Airlines and Aircraft.  Also, service information concerning aviation related schools, safety related forms, and FAA offices.
  • FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) Locator  Links to all the FSDO offices in the U.S.
  • The FAA Forum Features discussion forums, links, info.
  • FAA Free Flight  The mission of Free Flight is to foster and maintain consensus within the aviation community on the priorities for modernization of the National Airspace System, and to develop and deploy the technologies that will meet those priorities.
  • FAA Offices  Headquarters, field, and regional offices.
  • FAA Office of Aerospace Medicine - Civil Aerospace Medical Institute .
  • FAA Quarterly Enforcement Report A compilation of enforcement actions against regulated aviation entities.  Searchable database.
  • FAA Regulatory Support Division The Division is composed of five Branches: Airworthiness Programs, Aviation Data Systems, Airman Testing Standards, Designee Standardization, and Automation Infrastructure Management.  Advisory circulars, airman test, DAR kits.
  • FAA Search File Search for FAA documents by keyword.
  • [FAA] Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations  Rules related to aviation and space: links to the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations and the FAA's regulatory guidance library (RGL), a set of searchable databases containing regulatory and aviation information.  Also how to get official paper copies of Title 14.
  • Fast Lane  The official blog of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation is informative, well-written, personal, and fresh.  Just what a blog should be!
  • FedWorld Information Network FAA-CAI Library Index  This library contains new Airworthiness Directives (AD), Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) information, Type Certificate information, Amateur-Built Aircraft Kit list, Bilateral Information, and other airworthiness information.
  • FedWorld Information Network FAA-RI Library Index  FAR's in txt files.
  • Idaho Transportation Department  The Division of Aeronautics serves to provide a high quality, effective, efficient, and safe aviation system for all users of aviation services, visiting or residing in Idaho.  On the site: Aviation Career Education (ACE) Academy, airport materials that are available, International Aviation Art Contest, calendar of events, passenger demand study, flight instructor refresher clinic, links.
  • National Association of State Aviation Officials 
  • The National Transportation Safety Board History, information, events, press releases, accident reports, safety statistics, publications.
  • The Office of Aeronautical Charting and Cartography Navigational charts for civil, military users, and controllers of the U. S. National Airspace System.
  • Office of Aircraft Services  A service organization within the U.S. Department of the Interior providing centralized technical and administrative aviation services to Interior customers and other federal and state agencies.  Focusing on aviation safety and efficiency, OAS also provides oversight for Interior aviation policy.
  • Streamlined Process for Administrative Actions As part of the FAA's plan to improve aviation safety and agency efficiency, inspectors will have a tool to resolve safety and security violations that do not warrant more serious legal enforcement action.
  • Transportation Security Administration  Established by the November 19, 2001 Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA), this U.S. Department of Transportation unit seeks to protect U.S. transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce.  The website offers employment opportunities (such as airport security screener positions), security regulations and relevant information relating to transportation security activities, information pertaining to security and law enforcement operations that is suitable for public distribution, and information for transportation entities including terminal operators, airport officials, private transportation businesses (airlines, trucking companies, shippers, etc) and employees.  Travelers and consumers of transport services will find tips and updates pertaining to transportation security laws.
  • Transportation Security Administration Merchandise  Purchase ID lanyards, mugs, pens, luggage tags, apparel.
  • U.S. Department of Transportation
  • U.S. House Subcommittee on Aviation  Subcommittee issues, membership, schedule, hearings and testimony, bills and reports, press releases.  This is a subcommittee of the Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure.
  • Virginia Department of Aviation  A state transportation agency.


Regional Resources

  • African Civil Aviation Commission  The AFCAC is a specialized agency of the Organization of the African Unity (OAU) in the field of civil aviation.
  • Aviation Regs.org  An open forum for discussions regarding Federal Aviation Regulations as they pertain to FAR Part 121 and 135 Operators and FAR Part 145 Repair Stations.  Also the interpretation of these rules by operators and the FAA.
  • European Aviation Safety Agency  EASA is an agency of the European Union given specific regulatory tasks in the field of aviation safety.  The Agency helps the European Commission to shape new rules for aviation safety in: certification of aeronautical products, parts and appliances; approval of organisations and personnel engaged in the maintenance of these products; approval of air operations; licensing of air crew; and safety oversight of airports and air traffic services operators.
  • International Government Meta-pages--Northwestern University No-nonsense, utilitarian pointer pages to over 60 country government pages and nearly 100 International Government Organizations.
  • Joint Aviation Authorities  Information about the JAA, training catalog, directory, FAQ, publications catalog.

Regulatory Resources

  • Advisory Circulars  The United States and many other countries issue guidance, advice, announcements and training publications through the issuance of aviation advisory circulars.  AdvisoryCirculars.com is a resource for locating Advisory Circulars worldwide.