Kite Websites

  • Above It All Kites  Single, dual, and quad line kites, as well as accessories and line laundry.
  • The American Kitefliers Association  The largest association of kiters in the world, with over 4,000 members, in 35 countries.  Their purpose is to educate the public in the art, history, technology, and practice of building and flying kites - to advance the joys and values of kiting in all nations.
  • Canberra Kiting  A non-profit group of kite fliers, based in Canberra, who are interested in growing public interest in kite flying.  Their focus is primarily high performance kite flying, but they activity work with and promote kite flying with children, single line fliers, and generally anyone interested in flying kites.
  • Department of Tethered Aviation  "The Black Rock City Department of Tethered Aviation is a bunch of freaky folks from New York, Florida, Wisconsin, Oregon and California who gather each year at Burningman." Their passion is kite flying, kite performing, kite buggying, kite photography, the physics of tensegrity, kite construction, and teaching people to fly.
  • Extreme Kite Shop  Offering a variety of single line, quad line, and stunt kites.
  • The Flying Toy Store  Radio control, as well as other flying items like kites, rockets, gliders.
  • Fun With Wind  Kites, power kites, stunt kites, as well as windsocks, banners, spinners, and flags.
  • Into The Wind  Traditional and stunt kites and accessories.
  •  Kite building supplies (ripstop and oxford nylons, graphite, fiberglass, line, fittings, notions, tools, other hardware items), information, plans, and more.
  • Kite Flying  Content devoted to kite flying, mainly focused on providing helpful guides and tips to people interested in learning more about it.
  • Kitelife  This bi-monthly Internet publication has been a source of kiting information since April 1998 with articles, plans, event coverage, commentary, videos, and photos.
  • Kites R Us  An online source for hundreds of kites: stunt kites, beginner models, parafoils, powerful quadline kites for kiteboarding or getting pulled along on rollerblades.  Store located in New Hope, Pennsylvania.
  • Kitty Hawk Kites  A large online kite store with single line kites, stunt kites, power kites, and kiteboarding gear.  They also carry aviation themed gifts and apparel.
  • My Best Kite  A general kiting resource covering the most popular types of kites and kite-powered activities.  Also includes the webmaster's own kiting log and personal kiting records.  RSS feed available.
  • Picture Pretty Kites  An online kiteshop that specializes in kites of all kinds, shapes, and sizes.  They sell and repair stunt kites, single line kites, cellular kites, and power kites, as well as many accessories.
  •  Loads of kite information and resources: kites in the news, kite building, photos and descriptions of amazing kites built by the author, kite aerial photography, kite festivals and workshops.  If you are a kite enthusiast you must see this site.  See also Synergetic kites... soaring without wind for active high-tech single line synergetic kites and equipment.  These light and zero wind kites are handmade in the Swiss kite-lab.  Also, plans for the urban ninja, a synergetic low wind kite that can be flown in horizontal gliding, flatspin, or diving mode.  This kite is designed to fly in the most gentle of breezes or without any wind in confined areas like parking lots, courtyards and parks.  In normal winds it hangs up there, cool for kids too.
  • Stunt Kite Tips and Tricks  These beginner stunt kite tips will help you fly safer, decide on a place to fly, choose the right kite line, sleeve your lines, get more flight time, fine tune your kite, and much more.
  • World Kite Clubs  A very comprehensive list of kite clubs around the world.

Kite Aerial Photography (KAP)

  • Aerial Photographes LLC  A servives based in Vienna, Virginia and specializing in aerial photography inside and outside the DC flight restricted areas. Also flies or can coordinate your photo missions nationally, as well as throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.
  •  If you want to get set up with the equipment you need for Kite Aerial Photography, this is the site for you.  They offer camera cradle kits, kites, and other components for a complete KAP system.  See the photo gallery for examples of the impressive images you can make with KAP.
  • Notes on Kite Aerial Photography  A guide to kite aerial photography including background, equipment, a discussion section, and a gallery of 2000 aerial photographs.
  • Simon Harbord's Kite Aerial Photography Website  This KAP enthusiast offers many links.