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Max Flight

Max Flight is a producer of digital aviation content.  Now retired, Max spent 35 years in the aviation industry with a jet engine manufacturer in a wide variety of positions, including IT, Finance, Operations, HR, Logistics, Aftermarket, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, and Legal.

His online aviation activity started with several early blogs and in 1996 he created the Thirty Thousand Feet Aviation Directory.  That curated directory became extremely popular because early search engines had not yet matured and it was difficult to find aviation resources online.  What started as a single short web page grew over the years (some would say pathologically) to include categorized links to over 20,000 aviation resources.


Around 2005, Max started listening to the few aviation podcasts that were available at that time.  Then in 2008 he jumped in and became a podcast co-host, mostly out of curiosity to see how podcasts work.  In the years that followed, a second and a third aviation podcast joined the original show.  Now Max focuses his online activity on the podcasts and the old aviation directory is gone. Except for the directory of aviation podcasts.

These are Max's current aviation podcasts:

Airplane Geeks Podcast

Max co-founded the Airplane Geeks podcast in 2008, which grew into one of the premier aviation podcasts. This weekly podcast covers all aspects of aviation: commercial, military, and general aviation. It seeks to educate and inform an audience of aviation professionals and enthusiasts by exploring and expanding their passion for aviation.  Max and his co-hosts are joined each week by an aviation guest, typically aviation journalists, consultants and analysts, pilots, engine and airframe executives, regulatory agency representatives, and other aviation subject matter experts.

As an offshoot of Airplane Geeks, Max maintains the AvGeekFests calendar with events of interest to aviation enthusiasts.

The UAV Digest

Max co-hosts The UAV Digest podcast with David Vanderhoof. Started in 2013 as an Airplane Geeks spinoff, that weekly show covers unmanned aerial vehicles and systems. Industry guests occasionally join Max and David, but the typical episode is a discussion of six or eight news items from the past week with a focus on drones for good and regulatory developments.

Runway Girl Network

Max co-hosts the PaxEx Podcast with airline passenger experience industry expert Mary Kirby. That show is part of Mary’s Runway Girl Network, an aviation news service that covers the passenger experience: passenger safety, comfort, connectivity, and services.  Working with a cadre of incredibly talented aviation journalists from around the world, Runway Girl Network combines deep industry intelligence with first-hand knowledge of the passenger experience to provide unrivaled free news, insight, and analysis to both stakeholders and the traveling public.

Eat at the Airport

In addition to those podcasts, Max operates the crowdsourced Eat at the Airport global map of airports that have onsite diners or restaurants. The site seeks to encourage people to visit airports and support the eating establishments there.

Max can frequently be found at air shows, aviation museums, and other aviation events.  You can follow him at @MaxFlight on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn.