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House of Rapp

The House of Rapp  - The website and blog of Ron Rapp, a professional charter pilot and instructor specializing in tailwheel, aerobatic, experimental, formation, and glass-panel flying. He's also an aircraft owner, aerobatic competitor, and a National-level judge.

Maker Plane

Maker Plane  - An open source aviation organization seeking to enable people to build and fly their own safe, high quality, reasonable cost plane using advanced personal manufacturing equipment such as CNC mills and 3D printers.  See the Homebuilt and Experimental Aircraft page for other resources.

Tally One

Tally One  - Started by two active duty military pilots where aircrew, (military and civilian), can share stories and pursue their love of aviation. Instruction on aviation-related topics, Blogs written by qualified military Instructor Pilots and/or civilian Certified Flight Instructors, and much more.   Find this site and others in the Military Aviation page.

Teen World Flight

Teen World Flight  - Teenage Australian pilot Ryan Campbell seeks to become the youngest pilot in history to circumnavigate the globe solo in a single engine aircraft, a 10-week, 24000nm journey.  Follow his flight in the Cirrus SR22 and give him your support.  "Not only am I trying to inspire youth to take flight, but for their dreams to take flight too, in whatever field that may be."

Landing Lights

Landing Lights  - A place to share photos, stories, and opinions from the perspective of the planespotter and aviation enthusiast.  The goal is to expose more people to planespotting and to foster discussion between planespotters.  Find other great sites in the Aircraft Spotting page.


Skychattr  - Connect with other aviation professionals and travelers in this online community.  Share destination pictures and videos, exchange opinions on airlines in the forums, get the latest aviation news or travel information.  See others in the Aviation Communities page.


MyGoFlight  - All things iPad for pilots, aviatiors, and the iPad In Motion.  MyGoFlight makes iPad kneeboards, mountable cases and accessories for using the iPad securely in-flight. They also make flight bags designed for the paperless cockpit and the iPad. Products are used by commercial airline and general aviation pilots both and are professional grade, highly functional, and cool.  See the Aviation Merchandise > Pilot Products section for more items.

Pilots League

Pilots League  - A news and social network focusing on education and advocacy.  Features aviation experts, news, events, safety, classifieds and pilot forums in a social network setting.  See the Aviation Communities page for other aviation social sites.

The Restorers

The Restorers  - The original documentary film was produced with 8 short stories about people restoring planes.  Hemlock Films has since produced other aviation films as well as a TV series pilot that follows the "Miss Mitchell" B-25 from the Minnesota CAF chapter to the 68th Dolittle Raiders reunion.  See the Airplane Geeks Podcast episode for an interview and the Aviation Videos page for other great videos.

RC Heli Nation

RC Heli Nation  - Great conversation about radio controlled helicopters on this podcast.  The website also has a forum, news, reviews, builds, swag, and more.  See the Aviation Podcasts page for many other great podcasts you can listen to, and the Radio Control (R/C) Aircraft page for other resources.

The BoXX Office

The BoXX Office  - "Celebrating and elevating the history of women, what we've done, where we are, and what we're doing. Not just pilots, but 'Plane Janes' of all stripe. Pilot or not, the sky is still home for all kindred souls."

T-34 Association

T-34 Association  - A non-profit corporation promoting the safe enjoyment of the Beechcraft T-34 Mentor.  Here you'll find official documentation on the T-34, the Mentor Monitor publication, as well as T-34s, parts, and merchandise for sale.  Find others in the Aviation Clubs page.

US Aircraft

US Aircraft  - A place where the veteran, modeler, historian, aviation enthusiast, or air show spectator can find the latest in the world of United States military aviation and United States military aviation history.  The site includes an active forum.  The Military Aviation page has other interesting sites.

Find The Best - Airlines

Find The Best - Airlines  - Compare airlines across a number of ratings and statistics: service, baggage, seating, food, fees.  Find more useful sites in the Air Travel > Passenger Resources section.

The Aerobatic Project

The Aerobatic Project  - This pilot has a dream to fly aerobatics competition, build public awareness of British aviation, and inspire others along the way.  Aerobatic news, blog, gallery.  Look in the Aerobatics page for other great sites.


HomebuiltDirectory.Com  - Their goal is to be the largest collection of homebuilt aircraft and projects on the Internet.  Free listings that include text, photos, website link, and YouTube videos.  See the Homebuilt and Experimental Aircraft page for other resources.

Rob's Gallery

Rob's Gallery  - The art of Rob Kennedy, an Australian artist painting numerous styles, subjects and mediums.  His aviation and transport art is impressive and worth viewing.  Rob has a shop where you can purchase his artwork and he undertakes commissions.  Look in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork page for other great sites.

Patient AirLift Services

Patient AirLift Services  - A network of volunteer pilots providing free air transportation to individuals requiring medical care and for other humanitarian purposes.  A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity.  Find other services in the Aviation Organizations > Humanitarian & Charitable Aviation Organizations section.

In the Pattern Podcast

In the Pattern Podcast  - Four student pilots get together to talk about their experiences with flight training.  Join them as they work together to get their certificates and ratings in this aviation podcast about the joys of learning to fly.  See the Aviation Podcasts page for many other great podcasts you can listen to.

Avia Time

Avia Time  - A blog covering the aviation industry in emerging regions: aircraft maintenance, aviation training, crew and fleet management topics, as well as news from aircraft manufacturers and airlines.  They focus on the aviation developments worldwide, but especially in emerging markets such as CEE, CIA and Russia.

Arab Aviation

Arab Aviation  - Aviation and airline information and news.  Covers country, airline, and MRO briefs, with details on over 35,000 airports/aerodromes worldwide, safety related occurrences in the Arab region, who's who, services directory with over 4,500 firms, airline statistic, job postings and aircraft exchange platform, and other features.  The Aviation News page has many other sources for current aviation news.

Fly By Night Aviation Videos

Fly By Night Aviation Videos  - A site with hundreds of free aviation videos, including military aviation, aerobatic, and classic aircraft.  This site features many exclusive videos from flight test programs and museums.  Flirst flights, record setting flights, and operational flights.  Find other aviation video sites in the Aviation Videos page.

Private Pilot Insider

Private Pilot Insider  - A new, nicely done blog blog for general and private pilots with reviews, news, flying stories, photo and video gallery, and more.  Find other great sites for pilots in the Pilot Resources page.


Hipmunk  - A very interesting and different flight search tool that gives you a unique graphical presentation of available flights.  Find lots more resources for air travelers in the Air Travel and Air Travel Deals pages.


airlinetimetables.com  - This site contains over 5000 airline timetables for sale, as well as a smaller quantity of postcards and other items.  See also AirTimes for The Collector's Guide to Airline Timetables.  The Aviation Memorabilia and Collectibles page has other collector pages and resources.

Aviation Watch

Aviation Watch  - An independent, non-profit organization that focuses on civil aviation in India, particularly safety, security, and consumer rights.  AW organizes conferences and workshops to debate and discuss key issues and opportunities in civil aviation, passenger security, and safety.  The Aviation News page has many other sources for current aviation news.

VFR Guide.com

VFR Guide.com  - An online portal and social network for European aerodrome users and pilots.  Developed by Aviation Engineering Group Ltd to provide timely general aviation digital aeronautical information and multiple views in a single site.  Look for many more communities in the Aviation Forums and Communities page.

Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia

Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia  - The site of the iconic RFDS of Australia, the worlds' first formal aeromedical service.  Information about their services, contact details, landing strip requirements, advice for safe outback travel, and more.  Find more in the Medical, Rescue, and Firefighting page.

World Controllers' Cup

World Controllers' Cup  - The WCC is an opportunity for Air Traffic Controllers meet, socialize with fellow professionals, and play in a soccer tournament.  Las Vegas, USA, from 07th to 12th November, 2011.  Look in the Air Traffic Control page for many other resources.


FighterJox  - Aviation themed underwear and tee-shirts: Looking for something a little different to protect your undercarriage?  Want to display your superior aviation intelligence on a T-shirt?  You need FighterJox.  Find other items in the Aviation Merchandise > Apparel section.

American Aviation Institute

American Aviation Institute  - An independent think tank for commercial aviation based in Washington, D.C.  AAI draws on business, academic, regulatory and consumer perspectives to analyze airline, airport and government practices and policies, and makes specific, quantitative recommendations for the industry's improvement.  Find more in the Aviation Consultants and Professional Services page.

Mach 2 Magic

Mach 2 Magic  - The personal gallery of paintings and prints by Katie John, a Save Concorde Group member, featuring Concorde.  See our Airplanes page for other Concorde sites, like Heritage Concorde.

Samson Motor Works

Samson Motor Works  - This site introduces the Multi Mode Vehicles (MMV) from Samson Motorworks.  The Switchblade three-wheeled Flying Motorcycle is the first of this new vehicle line to meet the demand for flying cars and roadable aircraft.  Find others in the Airplanes > Flying Cars and Other Vehicles section.

Sky Blue Radio

Sky Blue Radio  - Internet radio dedicated to flight simulation and aviation, broadcasting 24/7 right into your flight sim cockpit on 123.45 using Wee Tune Beastie on the com2 radio.  A great mix of entertainment for young and old, for the seasoned pilot and families.  Flight simmers can find other good websites in our Flight Simulation page.


PilotVids.com  - Created to allow aviation enthusiasts to share aviation related media.  Share aviation videos, images, and audio files and browse the media.  Join the community and upload your aviation media.  Find other aviation video sites in the Aviation Videos page.

The American Society Of Aviation Artists

The American Society Of Aviation Artists  - The ASAA a non-profit organization that brings together persons who share a love of art and aviation in an organization that challenges itself to the creation of works that are unique to aviation and aerospace.  The Aero Brush quarterly journal is a source of information subjects pertinent to aerospace art, the artists who create it, and to the ASAA.  Look in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork page for other great sites.

Centennial of Woman Pilots

Centennial of Woman Pilots  - To celebrate the Centennial of Licensed Women Pilots, pilots from around the world will attempt to introduce a record number of non-pilot girls and women to flying during the year of the Centennial.  Look at the Women in Aviation page for many more resources.

Essential Flight Technology

Essential Flight Technology  - Chartflier is an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) application for the VFR and IFR pilot that brings paper charts to the digital age with free ADS-B weather capability.  The Aviation Software > Pilot Software section has other apps.


myAirport  - An online community for pilots with information on airports and aviation events, aircraft classifieds, and aviation forums.  Look for many more communities in the Aviation Forums and Communities page.

Runway Pilot

Runway Pilot  - An aviation inspired apparel line that uses hand-crafted, eco-friendly materials in most of their pieces, as well as print with non-toxic water-based inks which are better for you and the environment.  All of products are finished in Denver, Colorado.  Find other items in the Aviation Merchandise > Apparel section.

Flaps Podcast1

Flaps Podcast  - A monthly podcast aimed at those who fly, those who wish they could, and those who do neither.  Produced by two pilots in the UK who decided that flying was too much fun not to talk about, and too much fun to take too seriously.  See the Aviation Podcasts page for many other great podcasts you can listen to.


Heliguy  - An online RC helicopter store with a comprehensive support programme and a well managed spares and accessories department.  They build rigs for aerial photography as well as more sophisticated small unmanned aerial vehicles capable of longer flight times.  Find other sources for RC applications in the Radio Control (R/C) Aircraft page.

Warbird Radio

Warbird Radio  - An Internet radio station devoted to military aviation.  Their goal is to preserve the stories and history of those who flew these airplanes, and still do.  See other aviation audio programs in the Aviation Podcasts page.


L'Aeroteca  - The oldest and biggest aeronautical bookstore in Barcelona since 1986.  A multi-lingual site with sales in euros and shipping internationally.  Find others in the Aviation Books & Publications page.


AirportParking.org  - Parking advice, reviews, coupons, comparisons and tips and tricks to save time and money the next time you need to park your car at the airport.  Currently limited to a small number of U.S. airports, but looking to expand.  Find more resources in the Airport Parking page.


Brooxes.com  - If you want to get set up with the equipment you need for Kite Aerial Photography, this is the site for you.  They offer camera cradle kits, kites, and other components for a complete KAP system.  See the photo gallery for examples of the impressive images you can make with KAP.  Look in the Kites > Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) section for a small but useful list of other resources.

Extreme Spotting

Extreme Spotting - Airliners In Flight  - This site is for people who take photos of planes at cruising altitude, and includes a rich collection of quality pictures of airliners in flight.  Enthusiasts can exchange information and photos in the forum.  Daily news updates, interesting articles and aviation-photography tips.  Original in Polish or English, but with multi-language support.  Find other sites in the Aircraft Spotting page.

Marston PteroWorks

Marston PteroWorks  - Unique radio controlled electric airplanes, including the 52" Marston Pterodactyl with twin engines, aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle - a complete laser-cut kit that includes plans and 2 carbon spars.  Other fantastic designs available.  Find other sources for kits and plans in the Radio Control (R/C) Aircraft page.

Martha Stewardess - Living at 34,000 Feet

Martha Stewardess - Living at 34,000 Feet  - Lots of interesting airline news and goings on.  Martha is a "well seasoned Flight Attendant for a major US airline" who "works tirelessly maintaining a safe, stable, and secure environment while hosting hundreds of somewhat unstable, often insecure, and not-always-friendly passengers stuffed inside a metal tube hurling through space at over 500 mph."  Chip is Martha’s other half.  See the Airlines > Airline Blogs section for more blogs.

RC Model Reviews

RC Model Reviews  - Offering unbiased reviews of all forms of Radio Control gear.  2.4ghz shootout, servo reviews, how to fix that engine, are those Chinese 2.4ghz modules really worth it?  RC enthusiasts will want to visit this site.  See the Radio Control (R/C) Aircraft page for more great sites.

Skydive Burnaby

Skydive Burnaby  - This Southern Ontario skydiving facility serves Toronto, the GTA, Niagara Falls and Western New York with first jump tandem skydives and regularly hosts experienced jumper events.  The Parachutes and Skydiving page has many other interesting websites.

Plane Pieces Inc.

Plane Pieces Inc.  - Aviation meets modern art.  This company recycles and transforms scrap airplane propellers into gorgeous sculptures, art, and functional furniture.  Find other unique items in the Aviation Products > Gifts section.


Airlikes  - An air travel information website with more than 1,400 airlines and over 4,000 airports in its database.  You can find information and share your flight or airport experiences.  Find lots more resources for air travelers in the Air Travel page.


StuckMic  - Provides air traffic control information for air traffic controllers, pilots, academy students, and those interested in becoming an ATC.  Forums, chat room, articles, blogs, facilities, CTI schools.  Look in the Air Traffic Control page for many other resources.

The Flying Cloud, R-505

The Flying Cloud, R-505  - Set in a world that was, or perhaps a world that might have been, The Flying Cloud is a tale of airships, adventure, gallant gentlemen, and sultry island maidens.  Bringing the world more airship fiction.  The Airships & Balloons page has other interesting sites.


Non-Rev.com  - A community gathering for anyone who works for an airline, and wishes to connect and learn from others in the industry.  Explore non-rev options, use tools to improve your trip, and learn about the best places to go and stay while on your trip.  Special discounts also available from a number of travel providers.  The Interline Travel page has more crew sites.


Octuri  - This aircraft interior designer for an aircraft manufacturer has created several futuristic, imaginary, science-fiction concept planes.  The computer generated renderings are quite striking.  Look in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork > 3D Electronic Aircraft Images section for a selection of other great sites.

Airline Codes

Airline Codes  - Find every airline code in the world!  Browse by Airline name, ICAO code, or IATA code.  Where available, links to the airline websites are provided.  See the Airlines > Airline Codes section for other related sites.

Mokopane Radio Flyers

Mokopane Radio Flyers  - The website for the radio control flyers of Mokopane in the Northin Province of South Africa.  Also see the Mokopane Radio Flyers blog.  In the coming weeks they'll be talking about the upcoming Busveld Flying Festival hosted in Mokopane this year.  See the Radio Control (R/C) Aircraft page for more R/C sites.

Phoenix Helicopter Academy

Phoenix Helicopter Academy  - A specialist helicopter flight training school located at the Goodwood Aerodrome, Goodwood, Chichester, West Sussex.  They offer helicopter gift flight lessons, you can learn to fly for your pleasure and earn your Private Pilots Licence, or you can start a new career to become a Commercial Helicopter Pilot.  See the Helicopter Training page for other sites.


AERBT  - An Executive Review of Business Travel is published every Monday by email and on the Web and contains commentary, news stories, a feature item on some aspect of travel, and travel related humour.  Industry leaders comment monthly on current affairs.  Free registration.  See the Air Travel News page for other sources.


AvionicsNet.com  - A website designed to provide pilots with information, tools, and aviation and avionics databases.  They keep you up to date on the latest avionics products with detailed information.  Pilot forums are targeted to help with day-to-day problems or questions.  Post blogs, technical questions, suggestions, tips, list used avionics inventory for sale or wanted.  Look for many more communities in the Aviation Forums and Communities page.


intelliDrones  - Supplies aerial photography and surveillance systems in the commercial space: from single drone aerial photography to multi-mission surveillance and monitoring services for companies, organisations, and even individuals.  See the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles page for other sites of interest.

FlightWorks Aviation

FlightWorks Aviation  - A homebuilt/experimental builder assistance center in Southern California where you can use their facility, tools, and experience to get your airplane into the air faster and safer.  See the Homebuilt and Experimental Aircraft page for other resources.


RC-Airplane-Plans.com  - Offering free RC airplane building tutorial videos that walk you through the entire process of building your airplane.  Also, a free list of components required to build the airplane.  RC airplane plans for the airplane are inexpensive.  See the Radio Control (R/C) Aircraft page for R/C fun.

Answers for Pilots

Answers for Pilots  - A website where pilots can ask and answer each others aviation trended questions.  Their goal is to portray accurate aviation information on a variety of trade topics.  They present a wealth of information in a user oriented manner that focuses on what you, as a visitor are interested in.  The aviation blog covers current aviation events and hot topics.  Find other great web pages in the Pilot Resources page.

Build A Foamie

Build A Foamie  - This website helps people build RC aircraft.  You might be surprised to see how fun and easy it is to build an RC plane from scratch using foam and other inexpensive materials.  Some Plane Building Instruction Kits are available to make it easy to build and fly RC planes.  See the Radio Control (R/C) Aircraft page for other RC resources.

Vuelo Aero

Vuelo Aero  - This website for the Spanish speaking aviation community has a focus on General Aviation, but it includes just about anything related to flying: news, photos, videos, and stories.  The Aviation News page has many other sources for current aviation news.

fltdata - the aviation site

fltdata - the aviation site  - A free open business directory and community for professionals in the aviation industry.  Aviation professionals may sign and build a professional and company profile, as well as post classifieds, events, blogs, connect to other professionals in the aviation industry and much more.  Look for many more communities in the Aviation Forums and Communities page.

Flying Podcast

Flying Podcast  - This podcast covers all forms of aviation in the UK.  They talk to anyone with an interest in aviation, from museums to flying instructors to people that just have an interesting story to tell.  Produced by Steve Cooke, who flys a PA-28 from City Airport Manchester.  See the Aviation Podcasts page for many other great podcasts you can listen to.

Coastal Horizons Virtual Airways

Coastal Horizons Virtual Airways  - A Las Vegas based virtual airline serving the continental US, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, with new destinations added weekly.  Coastal Horizons plans to be the virtual airline that promotes realistic simulation of airline operations, and one that supports the growth, community, and entertainment of flight simulator enthusiasts.  Their proprietary system interfaces with the VAFS (Virtual Airline Financial Systems) network providing a level of realism that is emerging in the Virtual Airline industry.  See the Flight Simulation page for other flight simulator sites.

Victory Vintage Signs

Victory Vintage Signs  - High quality nostalgic metal signs, clocks, and thermometers: U.S. and German military aviation and noseart, as well as others.  Powdercoated images cured on heavy sheet metal, perfect for your game room, home theater, business, restaurant, bar or pub.  The Aviation Memorabilia and Collectibles page has other collector pages and resources.

Heiner Aviation

Heiner Aviation  - Currently constructing the prototype (to LSA rules) of the MH-1 motorglider.  The design uses a small pusher engine with no shaft drive.  The small and light aircraft has medium performance soaring capabilities and good cross country ability.  See the Motorgliding section for other sites.

GPS Logbooks

GPS Logbooks  - An automatic pilot's logbook where you record your flights then share them with the world.  Use your phone to record your flight live and let people see your flight in 3D as you are flying in realtime through browsers supporting the Google Earth plugin.  The Aviation Software > Pilot Software section has other apps.

Circle To Land

Circle To Land  - A different type of Q&A community for pilots, by pilots.  If you have a question about flying or airplane ownership, ask it here.  You can search, vote, and earn reputation points and badges for best answers.  Look for many more communities in the Aviation Forums and Communities page.

Rag Bag Aero Works

Rag Bag Aero Works, Inc.  - Custom aviation related embroidery, apparel, and printed graphics, specializing in vintage aviation with over 300 designs for individuals, clubs, corporations: T-shirts, sweat shirts, jackets, hats, hangar banners.  Find other items in the Aviation Merchandise > Apparel section.

Parrot AR Drone

Parrot AR Drone  - A quadricopter with automatic flight stabilization and controlled by the iPhone or iPod Touch.  It uses the iPhone or Touch accelerometer to detect your movements and control the copter.  An onboard camera shows you the view.  See the Radio Control (R/C) Aircraft page for R/C fun.

Legend of Aces Aviation

Legend of Aces Aviation  - This Brighton, Michigan company specializes in vintage, classic, World War II, experimental, light sport, and gate guardian aircraft services: Certified Aircraft Restoration and Maintenance, Experimental Aircraft Builder Assistance, Gate Guardian Aircraft Construction, Aircraft Information and Recovery.  See their online store for books and other aircraft merchandise.  The Aircraft Recovery and Restoration page has more interesting sites.

AV8 Magazine

AV8 Magazine  - A free online aviation magazine for pilots and enthusiasts with news and features from the USA and Europe.  The format and content is just like a print magazine.  Registration required, but worth it!  The Aviation News page has other sources for current aviation news.


FlightCaster  - Predicts flight delays using an advanced algorithm that scours data on every U.S. domestic flight for the past 10-years and matches it to real-time conditions.  Find lots more resources for air travelers in the Air Travel page.


Tnooz - Talking Travel tech  - This site provides news, analysis, commentary, data and business services to the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.  They focus on technology, digital distribution, media and marketing, web strategy, start-ups and financing in the travel sector.  See the Air Travel page for other sites.


AviationChatter.com  - An online flight training resource with insights and lessons learned with student pilots and up.  While the target audience is private pilots with and without instrument ratings, students, aviation enthusiasts, and professional flyers will enjoy this site.  The Aviation Training and Education > Training Blogs and Podcasts section has other good sites.


LateDeparture.com  - A blog about what you can do at a given airport if your flight is delayed.  It covers significant airport and airline news, but more importantly it provides funny, quirky, informational, and entertaining stories about travelling through airports.  Find more airport information in the Airports & Airfields page.

Downwind Magazine

Downwind Magazine  - Check out Downwind Magazine for the latest updates on flying and the lifestyle that tags along with it.  Read up on interviews with Harrison Ford, this season's hottest bomber jackets, FBOs of the month, and much more.   Distribution is through FBO's, flight schools, aeronautical universities, pilots shops, and other locations.  The Magazines and Periodicals page has a number of other good reads.

Airline Simulator Flights

Airline Simulator Flights  - Allows the general public to fly actual airline flight simulators at airline training centers in Toronto and Vancouver.  Current aircraft available: B767, B737, A320, A330, A340.  B777 and B787 coming in 2011.  See the Flight Simulation page for other flight simulator sites.

Global Aviation Resource

Global Aviation Resource  - GAR is an online aviation site with news, reviews, features, and comment.  They cover it all from modern military and historic aviation, to airshows and industry news.  blogGAR allows their writers and photographers to make additional content available - images from a day's photography, the background story to a feature or just a comment or discussion piece on something newsworthy.  The Aviation News page has other sources for current aviation news.

Travel Cast Network

Travel Cast Network  - Travel professionals and enthusiasts can find the latest travel news and information through this portal to podcasts and travel related videos.  Find lots more resources for air travelers on the Air Travel page.


AboutAirportParking.com  - A directory of over 400 airport parking lots at more than 100 airports in the U.S.  The site provides price comparisons, interactive maps, and user reviews to help travelers find the best lot for their needs.  In addition, you can book discounted reservations at more than 80 parking lots across the country.  No booking fee.  Find more resources in the Airport Parking page.


Crewlife.com  - A social networking site that connects airline crew around the globe.  Input your layover time and city and it will show you friend matches for the same time period.  Interactive city guide, messaging, forums, videos, and more.  Look for many more communities in the Aviation Forums and Communities page.


Scramble!  - In this 94 minute independent movie, intended to inspire teens, high school students battle giant scale RC warbirds (mostly WWII), via fully immersive telepresent remote control cockpits.  US, British, German, and Russian model warplanes are flown as UAVs in aerial combat.  A graphic novel of the movie (227 pages) is available as a PDF.  Find other aviation video sites in the Aviation Videos page.

Las Vegas Flight Ventures

Las Vegas Flight Ventures  - Offers individuals and groups the opportunity to fly the same FAA-approved simulators that airline captains use for training and certifications.  You take control of your own airliner and choose your own flight patterns, maneuvers and destinations.  See the Flight Simulation page for other sim sites.

Airport Bars

Airport Bars  - The authority on airport bars throughout the USA.  Find the right bar for you with information including locations, descriptions, amenities, and customer reviews.  Search by keyword, airport code or name, city or State.  Find more airport information in the Airports & Airfields page.


CompanyAirplane.com  - An advanced aviation jobs site where you can use the ResumePlus control panel to create your own online portfolio that effectively presents your capabilities, history, and personal data through cover letter, a professionally formatted résumé, photo, and video introduction.  The Aviation Employment page has other helpful sites.

Roar n' Soar

Roar n' Soar  - Precision aerial maneuvers, the world's largest private collection of rare and vintage aircraft, radio-controlled models, a team of powered paragliders, and other racing vehicles from vintage and radio-controlled gasoline boats to a Jaguar Slalom competition featuring one-of-a-kind luxury automobiles.  Nov 7 and 8, 2009 at Fantasy of Flight, Polk City Florida.  Find more aviation activities in the Aviation Events page.

Northwest UAV Propulsion Systems

Northwest UAV Propulsion Systems  - NWUAV builds UAV engines and support systems to meet the high volume demands of companies that utilize Unmanned Engine Systems required in air, land and sea vehicles.  See the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles page for other sites of interest.

The PilotGEEK Cell Phone Briefer

The PilotGEEK Cell Phone Briefer - A subscription provides easy access to METARs, TAFs, NOTAMs and pop-up TFRs within a traffic control area to your cellular phone.  The Briefer also supplies access to local ASOS and AWOS phone numbers, optional alert system that sends text messages to your cell phone when the weather changes at your specified airports.  The PilotGEEK Briefer also checks for local TFRs and will text message information about pop-ups in the area of the specified airports.  See the Aviation Software page for others.


zoggavia  - A collection of classic airliner photographs, especially of the big propliners like the Lockheed Constellation.  It includes information about the airline/owner and fate of the individual aircraft.  Connie fans will want to check out this site.  Look in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork page for a large selection of other great sites.


AvStop.Com  - A good source for General Aviation news, not anly the latest headlines, but also aviation news by year, all the way back to 1901!  They have GA stories of interest, aviation videos, events, links, editorials, and more.  The Aviation News page has other sources for current aviation news.

SkyTroller - Enroute Air Traffic Control

SkyTroller - Enroute Air Traffic Control  - An air traffic control game for the iPhone or iPod Touch.  From the vantage of your radar screen you watch as flights from across the country converge in your airspace high over Kansas.  You have only seconds to react and keep aircraft in your sector safe as jets bear down on each other.  More stuff in the Aviation Gaming page.

Silvertone UAV

Silvertone UAV  - This UAV design comes from a need for a low capital cost surveillance tool for large farm and property owners.  It has a mission duration of 10 hours and a quick change payload pannier that can be replaced to re-configure the aircraft quickly for different missions.  See the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles page for other sites of interest.


NYCAviation.com  - This enthusiast site started for New Yorkers, but has now expanded beyond the city limits to include the rest of the country and soon the rest of the world.  They have some airline news, a "This Day In Aviation" feature, in-depth forums, guides for planespotting at various airports and a bit more.  Find other sites in the Aircraft Spotting page.


GalleyFM.com  - This site has a variety of resources for cabin crew: news, special exclusive offers, cabin crew jobs, fun competitions, a crew forum, flight info/curency conversion/world times.  See the Flight Attendants & Crew page for other sites of interest.

Flying Across America

Flying Across America  - Two pilots promoting General Aviation by flying across the U.S. and back.  They'll fly from FBO to FBO and hold rallies on behalf of General Aviation.  Contributions are needed to support the effort.  Find other great web pages in the Pilot Resources page.


AirportSearch.de  - Track flight status, flight departures and arrivals, airport delays, airport maps, and other flight and airport information in real-time from more than 6000 international airports.  See the Aircraft Flight Tracking page other sites where you can track flights.

RC Airplanes Simplified

RC Airplanes Simplified  - Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional in the world of RC airplanes, this site is for you.  From selecting your first model, to designing, building and flying your own scale RC airplane, the hints and tips are here.  It is also possible to buy RC products via this site.  See the Radio Control (R/C) Aircraft page for others.


Kaktus Digital Aircraft and Livery Designs  - At this site you can request to see fantasy liveries on different types of aircraft, all rendered in 3D.  Send along your aircraft livery and aircraft, and they'll see what they can render for you.  Look in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork page for a large selection of other interesting sites.


eezeer  - Post your airline or flight reviews (or even photos and video comments) right now from Twitter.  Your posts then appear on the eezeer home page.  See the Airlines and Air Travel pages for other sites about airlines and travel.

Evan Flys

Evan Flys  - Possibly the youngest aviation enthusiast around produces this great site containing interviews with WWII aviators, air racers, and air show pilots.  He's also got air show reviews, photos, and other items of interest.  This amazing youngster shows what's possible if you have the will.  The Youth in Aviation page has lots of resources for future aviators, their parents, and their teachers.


FlightJournal  - This life-long aviation enthusiast and pilot shares his passion through an online community (and blog).  The aim of FliteJournal is to provide a community for like-minded pilots and aviation enthusiasts to find new reasons to fly, share their experiences, and rekindle the spirit of adventure in aviation.  Look for many more communities in the Aviation Forums and Communities page.


PilotsCafe  - This online aviation community has articles, aviation news, pilot jobs, flight school info, airline info, and pilot forums.  It's free to join.  Look for many more communities in the Aviation Forums and Communities page.

Ferry Gallery

Ferry Gallery  - A site with pictures from around the world taken by Aviation Dynamix ferry pilots whilst delivering aircraft or mentoring pilots.  Their worldwide aircraft deliveries present unique opportunities for picture taking.  They try to add pictures to the site on a weekly basis.  Look in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork page for a large selection of other interesting sites.


Aviator.aero  - A source for transport aircraft and engine market information, managed by a team of aviation professionals.  Publish aircraft or engine availability and store photos and documents, airline news and aircraft transactions updated daily, search listings of available aircraft or engines, view profiles of commercial transport aircraft and engines, order custom reports about specific aircraft, airlines, or fleets.  Airintel is solely an information provider.  Registration required.  Find it in the Databases page.

Monarch Aircraft Restoration

Monarch Aircraft Restoration  - This Southern California aircraft interior maintenance facility is an FAA Part 145 Repair Station that can provide services for your aircraft interior needs: full interior, crew seats, cabin seats (including repairs and leather dye), cabinets or laminate, carpets & mats, maintenance runners, headliner and side panels, curtains & pillows, and much more.  The Aircraft Recovery and Restoration page has more interesting sites.

Homebuilder Videos

Homebuilder Videos  - DVDs and instructional videos for aircraft homebuilders.  Their goal is to educate and entertain aircraft builders and pilots.  Just a few videos now, with more titles scheduled to come.  Find other aviation video sites in the Aviation Videos page.


Windliner  - This weathervane looks like a Super Constellation in 1:72 and features solar cells located on the wings that provide power to illuminate the plane at night - red and green on the wings and white lights in the cockpit and cabin windows.  This allowing you to see wind direction even in the dark.  Find other items in the Aviation Products > Gifts section.


UltimateOvernight  - This is a place to search and discus overnights.  There are maps of 160+ cities, forums, hotel info, discounts and much more.  Membership is free and it's owned and operated by flight crew members.  Once you're a member, download your free membership card and have access to crew negotiated discounts in select cities.  The Interline Travel page has more crew sites.

Plane Mad

Plane Mad  - This aviation photo database screens your photo uploads in 24 hours, and also offers airport guides, airport weather (including runway in use to nearly 300 airports), blogs, forums, and more.  Search photos by location, airline, aircraft type.  Look in the Aviation Photos, Images, and Artwork page for a large selection of other interesting sites.

Sun n Fun

Sun 'n Fun  - The 35th annual Sun ’n Fun Fly-In and Convention ran April 21 - 26, 2009 in Lakeland, Florida.  If you missed it you can catch part of the excitement through several podcasts recorded at the event: Uncontrolled Airspace #131 "Among Friends", the Pilot's Flight PodLog #44, Uncontrolled Airspace #132 "Never Gets Old", and the Gathering of Aviation Podcasters 2009.

Airsports TV

Airsports TV  - An Internet TV channel that features action from the world of competitive air sports, including the official World Championships, World Cups, and other major international air sports competitions.  Exclusive access to the top events in air sports.  They cover aerobatics, aeromodelling, air racing, ballooning, gliding, hang/paragliding, helicopters, microlights, parachuting, and more.  Find other aviation video sites in the Aviation Videos page.