Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Aviation Facts

Abbreviations, Acronyms, & Terms

Aircraft FAQs & Facts

  • Aircraft  A website aimed at serious aviation enthusiasts looking for comprehensive information on a variety of civil and military aircraft: informative articles, breathtaking pictures, comprehensive links, and an extremely detailed glossary of aircraft and aviation terms.
  • Aircraft Nicknames  "Shamelessly compiled from the pages of PPRuNe and many other contributors."
  • Aircraft World Directory  This is a great reference site for aviation enthusiasts and is based on the book, "The World's Civil Aircraft."  It contains specifications and history of the world's civil and military aircraft manufacturers.
  •  Information about 500+ aircraft (military and civil), 200+ different airlines, aircraft manufacturers, history and much more.
  • Airfleets  Good, detailed airliner production lists.
  •  A database of international aircraft registry data, including the unique 24bit ICAO24 aircraft address used in Mode-S and ADS-B.  Passenger airliners, cargo airplanes, business jets, helicopters, private aircraft, civil and military common registry data.
  •  At this site you can search for IATA and ICAO aircraft codes.
  • Airplane Cheat Sheet  A quick reference on commercial aircraft: range, seats, engines, aisles, speed - Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, AVRO, Fokker, Ilyushin, Tupolev, SAAB, ATR.
  • AOPA Online - Statistical Reference Guide  Provides data on active general aviation aircraft, registrations, landings, hours flown by aircraft and use, aircraft shipments, accident data.
  • Aviation Trivia  Accomplishments, specifications, pictures, and wav sounds of hundreds of historic aircraft from the Wright Flyer to the F-35.  Learn about the fastest, the largest, the highest, firsts, and lots of other aviation facts and trivia.
  • Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics  A great page by NASA.
  • Boeing Commercial Aeroplanes  Good source for facts, photographs, history, news releases about commercial aircraft.
  • Boeing: The Wonder of Flight  Explains how things fly (manmade and otherwise, powered and not).  The Century of Discovery page offers a timeline of flight with pictures and information.
  • Designation Systems FAQ  Good reference information for military aircraft from around the world.
  • Flight Deck Simulations  View the interior of jetliner flight decks (777, 767, 747, A320) where switches, knobs, and buttons are clickable and defined.
  •  das Flugzeuglexikon - the Aircraft Encyclopedia.  Technical specifications for most civil and military aeroplanes and helicopters (built after WWII).  You can download a photo and a PDF-Datasheet for every aircraft.  In German and English.
  • Global Business Jet Yearbook  A pocket reference book for owners and operators of long-range business jets worldwide.  Contains information on airports, FBOs, charter operators, maintenance and completion centers, and more.  Also available online.
  • Groen Brothers Aviation - What is a Gyroplane?
  • Handbook of Business Aviation  eference books for operators of turbine helicopters, twin engine aircraft and business jets throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.
  • How It Flies  A sort of Wikipedia for airplanes.  At this site, anybody can can add or edit information about any aircraft.  That includes specs, opinions, photos, videos, or anything relevant to an airplane.  The goal is to give pilots not only the numbers, but information from other pilots on what it's like to actually fly a particular aircraft.
  • Howstuffworks "How Air Force One Works"  Floor plan, features, history.
  • International aircraft registration country codes / prefixes  An index to country prefixes in aircraft registration or aviation tail numbers.
  • Ken's Aircraft  Aircraft specs, information, and photos by nation, manufacturer, designation, location (museums, airshows, airports), and name.  Engines by manufacturer and designation.
  • KewlJets  Designed to be a resource for business and leisure travelers looking for information on corporate jets, business jet charter, very light jets, midsize jets, heavy jets, supersonic jets, aircraft sales, aircraft photos, and aircraft manufacturers.  Browse by manufacturer or aircraft class.  The site also has a flight tracker, air charter quotes, comparison stats, and other resources.
  • Low - Aircraft Registration Search  Search an aircraft registration database.
  •  This site has a number of databases that provide useful information to visitors, including Aircraft Background Investigation, Aircraft Performance & Specifications, Homebuilt / Experimental Database.
  • Radio Controlled Airplanes help file  This FAQ contains information of general interest to beginners.
  •  Search for aircraft registration details in one, easy to use location.  Australian CASA, United States FAA, New Zealand CAA, Canada CCAR, Ireland IAA and many more over time.
  • RisingUp Aircraft Performance Database  Performance information on most general aviation aircraft.  Search the database by manufacturer/model, or browse the Index of Aircraft Manufactures that are included in the database.  You can also search the database using the advanced search page, or typing in simple search terms.
  • See How It Flies  An on-line book about the perceptions, procedures, and principles of flight: energy management, angle of attack, airfoils and airflow, lift and drag, damping and stalls, stability and trim, torque budget, slips and rolls, landing, takeoff, cross-country flying, emergency procedures, flight maneuvers, multi-engine flying, and other topics.
  • Smart Aviation Pix  This fascinating airplane ontology mashup, initially focused on general aviation and commercial airplanes, presents you with airplane photographs and data from Flickr, Freebase, Wikipedia, and other sources.  Search by type, manufacturer, and model.
  • US Military Aircraft  Facts, specs, statistics, and photos from the Federation of American Scientists.
  • What is an Electronic Flight Bag?  From Teledyne Controls, where you can download the FAA AC-120-76A "Guidelines For The Certification, Airworthiness, And Operational Approval Of Electronic Flight Bag Computing Devices."
  • WHEL | Aerospace Resources & more  Data sheets for current civil jet aircraft, such as widebody, narrow body, business, regional, and cargo jets.

Airline FAQs & Facts

  • AeroTransport Data Bank  This great site for subscribers has airline information (name and alias, dates formed and dissolved or renamed, country of origin and base airport, IATA and ICAO codes, short historical summary), fleet data, country information, aircraft orders.
  • Airline Callsigns  Extensive list provided by Monitoring Times magazine.
  • Airline Codes  3-digit, 2-digit, and airline ticketing codes.
  • Airline  This site provides a searchable listing of all the codes currently used by airlines and airports.  It contains a complete listing of all IATA and ICAO 2-, 3- and 4-letter codes.
  • Airline Directory  A directory of the world's airlines in an easy to read format, complete with contact information and quick facts on each airline.
  • Airline History - Past, present & future  This site maintains a list of over 15000 airlines with status dates and geneology.  Arranged by country.
  • Airline information on-line on the Internet FAQ  There is an enormous amount of information available on the Web about airlines and aviation.  This FAQ concentrates on schedules, fares, reservations, and tickets for commercial airlines, and on-line travel agents.
  • Airline information on-line on the Internet  This guide concentrates on schedules, fares, reservations, and tickets for commercial airlines, and on-line travel agents.  Also, a listing of on-line specials, sources of special fares and other deals available over the net.
  • Aircraft Data and History  A detailed aircraft information database with about 400 civil aircraft in use or under development: aircraft history, powerplants, performance, weights, dimensions, capacities, production.
  • Boeing Commercial Airplanes - Jetliner Safety Information Site  Contains extensive information about aviation safety: what it is, who is responsible, and how accidents are investigated.  Of interest to parents, teachers, and young aviation enthusiasts is the flash media demonstration that shows in an easy-to-understand way how jetliners fly.
  • Bureau of Transportation Statistics  Airline Data and Statistics.  On-time data for passenger flights by 10 largest U.S. carriers.
  • Pyramid Media Group  A provider of print and electronic media for the business, travel, and aerospace markets: airline logos, fleets, aircraft encyclopedia, manufacturers, orders and deliveries, photos.
  • Why airlines do the things they do!  Interesting explanations of airline behavior.

Airport FAQs & Facts

  • Air Broker Center - Airports Worldwide  Listings of airports, location, ICAO and IATA codes, runway type and length, if IFR.
  •  At this site you can search for IATA airport codes.
  • Airplane City Code Database  Nearly 9,000 airports worldwide, searchable, by country, US state, city, code, including runway length, elevation, latitude and longitude.
  •  An airport directory presented for pilots, travelers, and anyone looking for information about an airport or traveling.  They offer information on public and private airports, heliports, and other related facilities.  Articles include information about traveling, flying, small plane and jet ownership, and more.  Data comes from various sources including the Department of Transportation, FAA, and others.
  • Airport Codes  Learn how the FAA categorizes airports in the USA and browse the lists of United States airports, arranged by IATA airport code, by airport name, and by state.  Also, a list of more than four hundred airports throughout Canada, Mexico, and the rest of the world which receive scheduled passenger service.
  • Airport Diagrams Search  Enter and airport code, U.S. state, or airport name, and you get an airport diagram in pdf format showing the runways and buildings.
  •  This worldwide airport guide claims to list 13,000 airports, which are searchable by city name, IATA code, or ICAO code.  It's linked to Google Maps and shows current status of delays and weather, and airport information including website links, cariers, checkpoint wait times, and availability of airport wireless Internet access.
  • The-Airport-Guide  Information about over 13,000 airports worldwide and the companies supporting airport operations: airport information, FBO / handlers, overflight and landing, flight planning with filing, secure communications, and more.  Just enter an ICAO or IATA airport code, and right away you have available runwaus, navaids, weather, maps and charts, NOTAMS, FBO's, local hotels, catering, fuel suppliers, maintenance, charter aircraft, and flight support service companies.
  • Aviation Jobs Online - World Airport Codes  Alphabetical list of airport codes, plus a list by city.
  • Handbook of Business Aviation  An open access site with airport, FBO, charter, maintenance and service companies listed, covering Europe and Asia Pacific regions.
  • How Airport Security Works  From the Howstuffworks site.
  • Low - Airport Search  Search for airport information in this database with over 19,000 US airports.  Find runway lengths, runway numbers, pattern altitude, longitude, latitude, and more.
  • Mapping the World by Heart: Airport codes  Large alphabetical list of worldwide airport codes.
  • NGS Aeronautical Survey Program Photo Gallery  The ASP Photo Gallery contains "center shot" aerial airport photos (100 dpi scan) surveyed FY99 to present.
  • S K Y G O D .com - Article on Airport ABC's  An explanation of Airport Identifier Codes.
  • WHEL | Aerospace Resources & more  Airport runway information for some 150 international airports, and world airport top 50 / top 30 rankings by passenger volume.
  • World Airport Locator  Specify a city or IATA code, and this Web page returns airport name, IATA code, city/country, website, flight and schedule info, directions, and weather.
  • World Wide Airport and City Code Database  Alphabetical database by city name and airport code.

Information about Aviation Companies

  •  Meeting the information needs of professionals within the civil and military aerospace community with a manufacturers directory, Asian Military Review and Gulf Defence Magazine, and other services.
  • Airline Industry Update  A free-access commercial aviation directory with more than 6,000 contacts in 15 different categories, covering airlines, manufacturers, ground handling, MRO, and many more.  They also produce a business-to-business e-newsletter, and offer a current airline news headlines with links to news articles and press releases.
  • Aviation Black Book  A Canadian aviation database with over 1850 detailed aviation listings, including company name, address, phone number, fax number with hyperlinks to websites.  Purchase on CD-ROM.
  •  A pay-to-list site that has the phone numbers of hundreds of aviation companies.
  • Business Data International  This provider of information on the emerging markets sells a 321-page English version China Aviation Directory listing all major aviation organizations and companies throughout China, including government agencies, societies and associations, airlines, airports, national corporations, aircraft and component manufacturers, engine and component manufacturers, airborne equipment manufacturers, tool and machinery manufacturers, aeronautical research institutes and universities, professional corporations, self-defence forces, space business, aviation hospitals, industrial parks, air shows, and foreign companies in China.
  • CorporateInformation  Locate web sites worldwide which contain information about a specific company.  Research an industry or company by country or by state.  Requires registration.
  • The Defence and Aerospace Directory  Search engine for companies, products, and contacts.  From Defence Data Ltd.
  • Goliath  Thomson Gale's online-business content service providing global company and industry intelligence to business executives.
  • Gulf Aviation Guide  Detailed business information, contacts, and services in the Arabian Gulf region.
  • Hoover's Online  This service provides company capsules, news, profiles, and stock information for all types of companies.  Click Companies & Industries and look in the Aerospace & Defense Sector.
  • MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK  The industrial directory of
  • Qwikturn  Provides a directory of airline purchasing and surplus contacts.
  • ThomasNet  A comprehensive resource for industrial information.  Go straight to the source of product, company information, CAD drawings and more.  Search by product or service, brand name, or company.

Information about the Aviation Industry

  • Aerospace Industries Association  AIA has expanded its Statistics Web site to include Additional Resources, a compilation of market forecasts, expert presentations, statistical data books, space reports, federal budgets, contract awards and government industrial statistics useful to aerospace researchers.
  •  Dedicated to bringing both up-to-date and historical information to those interested in aviation and space exploration.  A subscription service where you can find information about aerospace manufacturers, organizations events, and aircraft.

Engine FAQs & Facts

  • Aircraft Engine Design  Dedicated to education about gas turbine propulsion and aircraft engine design: courses, textbooks, data, cutaway engine pictures, pioneers, engine primer, library, links.
  • Beginner's Guide to Propulsion  From the NASA Glenn Research Center.
  • How Engines Work  These Flash presentations from engine OEM Pratt & Whitney show in simple terms how turbofan, turboprop, rocket, and land based turbines work.  (Find it in the Site Map.)
  • How a Jet Engine Works
  • The Jet Engine  This book, aimed at engineers and engineering students, provides a complete description of the working and underlying principles of the gas turbine.  Written by Rolls-Royce gas turbine engineers.
  • General Electric Aircraft Engines  Interactive modules and educational resources about the engines and the history of GE.
  • Innovative Scientific Solutions, Inc.  ISSI is a research development company studying the physics of Pulsed Detonation Engines (PDE's).  Site offers a PDE FAQ and videos.

See the Engine Manufacturers category for links to engine OEMs.

Newsgroup FAQs

See the Newsgroups category for a complete listing of aviation newsgroups and their charters.

  • Airline Ticket Consolidators and Bucket Shops FAQ  This is a monthly posting to the Usenet newsgroups and, answering Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ's) about consolidators, bucket shops, and discounted international airline tickets.

Soaring FAQs & Facts

Theory of Flight FAQs & Facts

Other Aviation FAQs and Information Sources