Aviation Audio Sites

Aviation Audio Websites

  • Aero Dynamic Recordings - The Glorious Sound of the Big Props  A record label producing CD recordings of the sound of old propliners: taxiing in/out, accelerating to take off, take-off run, climb out, on approach, touchdown, shutdown engines, cruising, fly past (at distance/close), post maintenance engine run-ups, magneto checks, aerobatics, etc.
  • AirCraft Records  Audio compact discs featuring the sounds of historic aircraft, from the roar of the Reno Air Races to the thunder of the SR-71.
  • Aicraft Sound Recordings  Modern recordings of aviation classics.  Personally recorded aircraft from warbirds to modern jets at airshows and events in the UK.  Also, descriptions of each airplane.
  • Aviation Sounds  About a dozen aircraft sounds in .wav format.
  • Bruno Misonne  This composer from Belgium creates great soundscapes by combining airplane sounds with his musical creations.  He's been creating recordings for a number of years and now Bruno has produced a compilation CD which you can purchase from CD Baby, or directly through Bruno if you prefer.  Bruno uses a computer equiped with a E-MU 1212m soundcard the runs FL Studio 6.  Plugins employed include Sytrus FM synthesis, Steinberg Hypersonic I and II, EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, Steinberg Halion Symphonic Orchestra, Vocaloid Miriam, Zero G Wired and Morphology.
  • Sky Blue Radio  Internet radio dedicated to flight simulation and aviation, broadcasting 24/7 right into your flight sim cockpit on 123.45 using Wee Tune Beastie on the com2 radio.  A great mix of entertainment for young and old, for the seasoned pilot and families.