Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control Websites

  • Air Traffic Control & Business Systems GmbH  AC-B GmbH develops and cares for message switching systems as well as business systems within the air traffic control area.
  • Air Traffic Control in The Netherlands  Information, frequencies, sound, pictures maps.  Very good list of ATC-related links.
  • Air Traffic Control Sri Lanka  This site is dedicated to all aspects civil aviation, especially air traffic control, air traffic engineering, radar control, auto pilot operation, and satellite guided air navigation.
  • ATCeaBLOG  Air Traffic Control fact and opinion updated regularly.
  • ATC News  Air traffic control news headlines - updated daily.
  • atcosonline  A community-based site for air traffic controllers with forum, user blogs, news, links.
  • Aviation On-line Radio Network Live events, sound bytes.
  • DFW  This is an aviation website for DFW and North Texas.  While the site is dedicated to the aviation enthusiast, they hope to have something for everybody.  Whether you are simply checking the weather, the status of your flight, or are curious about DFW, this is the place for you.
  • Flight Service Sigmet  This blog provides a running commentary by an Air Traffic Controller on the present state of Flight Service, with specific focus on the recent contracting-out to Lockheed Martin.
  • Local5454 - SquawkIdent  A communication portal for Canadian Air Traffic Controllers with a forum, links to aviation news, and live ATC feeds.
  • My Life And Air Traffic Control  An Australian Air Traffic Controller writes about his job, how to be an air traffic controller, how much you get paid, and other topics.
  • National Air Traffic Controllers Association NATCAnet NATCAnet Web Pages, membership, services, contact information, links, chat.
  • National Air Traffic Services (NATS)  The UK's air traffic service provides safety by ensuring aircraft flying in UK airspace, and over the eastern part of the North Atlantic, are safely separated.
  • NAV CANADA  The Gander Automated Air Traffic System (GAATS) oceanic air traffic system based in Gander, Newfoundland is dedicated to the North Atlantic airspace.
  • Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization  PATCO is an independent labor union, certified by the NLRB, and representing air traffic controllers in matters relating to wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment.  PATCO currently represents contract tower controllers working for RVA, Midwest, and SERCO with tower locations in New Jersey, Texas, Montana, Georgia, Connecticut, Indiana, and Wisconsin.  PATCO membership also includes hundreds of PATCO strikers.
  • Professional Women Controllers, Inc.  PWC is an association of air traffic control specialists (both men and women).  While membership is predominantly composed of controllers within the USA, the international membership base is expanding.  The webpage is used to facilitate the networking of persons in the air traffic control professional field, both within and outside the United States, and to keep members informed on issues, career opportunities, and activities.
  • Readback - VHF Air Traffic Control Monitoring Mailing List  A mailing list dedicated exclusively to the reception and appreciation of civil Air Traffic Control voice communications in the VHF air-band.  Emphasis of postings should be on logs of voice radio communications received on civil VHF aviation frequencies that can be qualified as out of the ordinary.
  • Rhein Radar Controllers Association  A site for those working as air traffic controllers at the DFS Air Traffic Control Center Karlsruhe (Germany), the Karlsruhe UAC (Upper Area Control Center).
  • Smart Skies  This national campaign is led by the airlines of the Air Transport Association, and advocates modernization of the U.S. air traffic control system (ATC) and its funding mechanisms.
  • StuckMic  Provides air traffic control information for air traffic controllers, pilots, academy students, and those interested in becoming an ATC.  Forums, chat room, articles, blogs, facilities, CTI schools.
  •  Extensive links list: NATCA and other Union pages, towers, centers, flight service stations, controller pages, FAA pages, live ATC.  By the Chicago local of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association AFL-CIO (NATCA).
  •  The 1st private Italian ATC related site.
  • Wayne Farley's Aviation Blog  An aviation blog by an Air Traffic Controller that covers news, reviews and opinions on air traffic management, communication, air navigation, surveillance, general aviation and aerospace issues.
  • Yahoo! Air Traffic Control

Live Air Traffic Control

  • Air Traffic Atlanta  Live air traffic control audio and radar over the skies of Atlanta and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.
  • CyberAir Airpark Chicago Approach  Listen to live transmissions (using RealAudio) of the Chicago Approach frequency, transmitted from O'Hare Airport, Chicago, Illinois.
  • Dallas Fort Worth Air Traffic Control  Live ATC communications provided by CAE SimuFlite.
  • Istanbul Atatürk Airport ATC  ITBA feed site.
  • Low  A live feed of SoCal Approach where you can listen to aircraft entering Burbank (BUR) and Los Angeles International (LAX) airspace from the North/Northwest part of southern California.
  • Live Air Traffic Control  Links to live air traffic control (ATC) and airport web cams.
  • LiveATC.Net  Live aviation communications from all over the world brought to you by streaming audio technology.  For aviation enthusiasts, student pilots, student air traffic controllers, flight simulation enthusiasts, FBO operators, airline operators, and anyone with an interest in aviation communications.
  • Waterloo Live ATC  This site broadcasts Air Traffic Control frequencies at the Region of Waterloo International Airport, located approximately 50 miles west of Toronto, and serving the cities of Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph in the province of Ontario, Canada.

Flight Dispatcher (Flight Operations Officer) Sites

  • Airliner Dispatcher Resources  A site for Aircraft Dispatchers or people seeking to get started in the aviation field.  You'll find aviation books, links and resources for aircraft dispatchers, aviators looking for ground schools, flying schools and other aviation associations, aviation museums, aviation jobs worldwide.
  • Flight Dispatch Services Ltd.  A Polish flight dispatch center, with flight planning and support, and flight dispatcher training.  Located in Warsaw.

Flight Distatcher Organizations

Air Traffic Management

  • Airways New Zealand  An air traffic management company that provides air navigation services to New Zealand, and is partnered with Lockheed Martin to provide air navigation services and products to other countries.
  • Glossary of Air Traffic Management Terms  An FAA table containing definitions and descriptions of many common Air Traffic Management acronyms.
  • Roger-Wilco  An air traffic management blog where aviation experts can go to get information, state their views, discuss issues and raise concerns.
  • Thales Air Traffic Management  Voice communication sytems for towers and centres.