Airline Website Lists

  • Airline and Airport Links  A very comprehensive alphabetic and regional directory of airlines and airports with a presence on the Web.  A good resource.
  • Airline Contact Information  Search the database by country, region or first letter.  Provides the airline website, IATA and ICAO codes, country, phone, email, mailing address.
  • Airline Directory  A directory of the world's airlines in an easy to read format, complete with contact information and quick facts on each airline.
  •  A large list of airline phone numbers and websites.
  • Flight Atlas  This site uses a very well done graphic interface to allow you to find airline flights between cities throughout Europe, and then offers links to the airlines so users can book directly.  Also has a directory of European airport links.
  • Smilin' Jacks Aviation Directory  Airline links by region.

Unofficial (and Tribute) Airline Websites

  •  The personal page of an American Airlines enthusiast.
  • BKS Air Transport  A tribute site for one of the first airlines that made package holidays available to the people of the Northeast of England: history, photos, inflight items, timetables, memorabilia, reunions, and more.
  • British Caledonian Airways  A tribute site for British Caledonian Airways.
  • Cubana de aviacion  Cubana de aviacion staff site.
  •  An unofficial web site for Delta with over 400 pictures from Delta aircraft events, mainly the retirement of aircraft and the famous "Delta Belle L1011" trip to Victorville.
  • QANTAS Airlines  All about Qantas, with Qantas' flight destinations, articles about Qantas, information about Quantas Club, and much more.
  • V-Flyer  A large, independent guide to travelling with Virgin.  Created and maintained by passengers, this site offers advice and guides on all aspects of your travels, and a very active forum.

Airline-Related Sites

  • AeroTransport Data Bank  This great site has airline information (name and alias, dates formed and dissolved or renamed, country of origin and base airport, IATA and ICAO codes, short historical summary), fleet data, country information, aircraft orders, aircraft orders.
  • Air Transport Business  Articles covering many aspects of commercial aviation.
  • Airline Data Website A site sponsored by Data Base Products for those needing airline data.  Information is provided about O&D Databases, Onboard, HUB, Form 41, and Superset.  These provided data from the USDOT and Stats Canada, published on CD-ROM and magnetic media.  Also, extensive links to other related airline data websites.
  • Airline History - Past, present & future  This site maintains a list of over 15000 airlines with status dates and geneology.  Arranged by country.
  •  This website is about nothing but airline food.
  • Airline Reviews Worldwide  A fast and easy to use Amazon style airline reviews site.  Find out the truth before you travel or share your experiences with others.  Read or post reviews on any world airline.  No registration required.
  • Airline Quality  Airlines ranked by quality of service and product.   Airline and airport awards, flight reviews, news stories, airline survey information.
  • Airlines, Airplanes and Airports  Airplane etiquette, travel tips, aircraft information, city code database.
  • Airlines Reporting Corporation  The ARC provides services related primarily to distribution and settlement of travel purchased in the U.S. on behalf of ARC's owner airlines, participating carriers, authorized travel agencies, and customers.  Only passenger carrying, scheduled airline members of the Air Transport Association of America (ATA), that are also party to ARC's Carrier Services Agreement, are eligible to be shareholders.
  • Airlines of the Web On-line schedules & fares by Internet Travel Network, view schedules, fares, make reservations, airline Website links.
  • Airwise  Airline, aviation, and air travel news.  Also flight arrival information, airport guides, airline web sites and news, discussion forums.
  • Daily Airline Filings - Airline Information Research site Airline filings, aviation news, headlines, search function, airline stock quotes, links.
  • History of PIA  The history of the national flag carrier of Pakistan.
  • IATA FAQ  Lots of information and statistics about airlines: passengers, freight, traffic, etc.
  •  An online website that centers around the business and financial aspects of the airline industry, focusing on airlines whose stocks and/or ADR's are traded on the US stock exchanges.
  • Skytrax  Airline news, surveys, rankings, seating, meals, web sites, passenger opinions, reviews, products.
  • Smilin' Jacks Aviation Directory  Airlines and other aviation items.
  • theAirDB  This project aims to collect information about airports, airlines, and connections world-wide.  View airport locations by country on maps, locations of airports served by airlines, news about airline connections added and dropped.

Defunct Airlines

Defunct Airline Lists

Sites Dedicated to Defunct Airlines

  • CP Air  A short history of Canada's CP Air with fleet info, memorabilia, collectibles, and more.
  •  Featuring TWA and Braniff jetliner collectibles, uniforms, tableware, documents, and airplane parts.  You can own your own TWA/Braniff history.
  • Fly TWA  An historical site dedicated to the people that made TWA proud.  Information about the Fly TWA Museum, history, memorabilia.  See also Fly Braniff and Fly American.
  • Invicta Airways  This site is set up to remember the airline that was based at Manston, Kent and chronicled in the book "Take off to Touchdown."
  •  A site about Muse Air, a U.S. airline that provided commercial airline service from 1981 to 1987.  Here you can find the history of the airline and the men, Lamar and Michael Muse, who started her.
  • Pan Am Historical Foundation  Preserving the history and accomplishments of Pan American World Airways.  In addition to special projects, the Foundation publishes a quarterly newsletter and annually reissues the famous Pan Am Calendar.
  • The PSA History Page  Good description of the history of Pacific Southwest Airlines.
  •  History and memorabilia archive with information about the now defunct companies Atlantic Coast Airlines (United Express), Atlantic Coast Jet (Delta Connection), and Independence Air.  This site has been created by a former ACA/Independence Air employee and is dedicated to the hard working employees that were a part of the company's history.

Airline Blogs and Podcasts

  •  Airlines, airports, aircraft and everything in between by a long time air travel enthusiast.
  • The Airline Hub  Good news and commentary about commerical aviation and the airline sector.
  • AC Pilot News  This blog represents an alternative to mainstream news about Air Canada relating to merger issues, pilot pay, and the Air Canada Pilots Association.
  • AirTransparency  "It has become an American pastime to hate the airlines. I'm here to change that."
  • Airtravelstuff  A blog with news from the airline and travel industry.
  • The Airline Blog  Features news, rumors, and the occasional opinion about the airline industry.
  • Airline Confidential  "If God had meant man to fly he'd have given us tickets."  A blog about the airline business.  People behaving badly, or bizarrely, are not the only things that make airlines and air travel so fascinating.  Flying is fun, air travel is glamorous and it's the source of more than its fair share of amusing incidents.  See also the book, Airline Confidential: Lifting the Lid on the Airline Industry.
  • AirlinePilot  This French blog shares the dream to become airline pilot.
  • Airline world  Posts about current events in the world of commercial aviation.
  • Airliner Blog  An actively managed blog with informative and fun content about airlines, pilots, passengers and air travel.  The blog runs special series like "Long Lost Airlines," and "What Airplane is that?"
  • Allplane: Aviation, Airlines and Air Travel  "The blog for those who enjoy flying!"
  • The Asian Airlines Blog (and airplanes and airports too!)  This blog is "dedicated to covering the good, the bad and the sometimes downright ugly aviation providers in the continent with a combination of personal experiences, news and reviews."
  • Ask Captain Lim  This now-retired Boeing 777 captain maintains a very good site where he answers a wide variety of aviation questions.  This is a great source for airline information.
  •  Articles about aviation, airlines, and aircraft, gathered from the daily newspapers and aviation websites.
  • Bangalore Aviation  This very good Indian blog covers aviation, airports, airlines, travel news and opinions.
  • The Cranky Flier  This blog about the industry from someone with an airline background focuses on the customer experience.  Random musings, news articles, trip reports, and photos.
  • Crossing The Skies  This blog offers a huge amount of technical information about airplanes, airports, and air regulations, and also aviation news.
  • Duncan Download - Aviation Experts Blog  Sharing the knowledge and experience of Duncan Aviation's experts.
  • The Flying Critic  A critical look at the airline and travel industry.  News, tips and tricks, hotel and airline reviews, and more.
  • Friday Aviation Blog  Weekly commentary on global air transport issues by an air transport business development manager and advisor with extensive experience across long and short haul legacy carriers and early low costs carriers.
  • the hoglog blog  Aviation and life presented and discussed by aviation writer, humorist, and self-described "professional smart-ass" Kevin Garrison.  This blog provides the kind of aviation wit and wisdom that can only come from years of experience, most of it flying.  This guy has been around, done it all, and written about most of it.
  • IAGblog Podcasts  Aviation and travel industry podcasts from the Innovation Analysis Group.  IAG provides information and consulting services to the travel and aviation industries, and covers aircraft manufacturers, airlines, airports, and ground transportation.
  • Indian Airlines News Blog  Through this blog, you can stay current with news about the airline industry in India.
  • Jets and Life  A personal blog about airlines and aviation.
  • Martha Stewardess - Living at 34,000 Feet  Lots of interesting airline news and goings on.  Martha is a "well seasoned Flight Attendant for a major US airline" who "works tirelessly maintaining a safe, stable, and secure environment while hosting hundreds of somewhat unstable, often insecure, and not-always-friendly passengers stuffed inside a metal tube hurling through space at over 500 mph."
  • North American Flyer  Airline pilot technical information, interview questions, airline trivia, photo gallery.  Flight planning and weather information.
  • Nuts about Southwest  The blog of Southwest Airlines is all about their employees, customers, airplanes, and airports.  Readers are encouraged contribute by posting comments.
  • Online Travel Review  Daily airline news served up by Jared Blank, a prolific blogger.  A great way to keep current with the industry.
  • Pax in 11D  An interview with the passengers seated in 11D on each of the author's flights.  This blog is meant to be light hearted and entertain, not just a bitch and complain blog.
  •  This blog is run by aviation and travel enthusiasts who try to provide a community website focusing on anything to do with travel and flying, including career information, aviation jobs, the latest news, and even planes for sale.
  • Rahul's blog - Direct access to Indian Aviation...  This blog gives a snapshot of the Indian aviation industry.  It's not strictly a news blog.
  • samaviation  In this informative blog, Sam provides posts with news about airlines and aviation in India, and sometimes other regions as well.
  • SimpliFlying  A blog offering "refreshing airline branding insights" by Shashank Nigam.  Read about the issues that affect airlines and how they manage their brands, what they’re doing right, and what they can do better.
  • Sky Talk  The Star-Telegram's airline, travel, and aerospace blog.
  • Stop Cell Phone Use on Airplanes  A "blog dedicated to stopping the authorization of in-flight cell phone use by passengers.  Opinions on the topic of airtravel cell phone use and tools designed to stop it before it starts."
  • The Timetablist  Images of airline timetables, airline route maps, airline ads, new airline service announcements, first flight covers of commercial airline flights.
  • The Wings Stayed On!  This thirty year veteran airline pilot writes an eclectic series of posts based on his experiences.  You'll find behind-the-scenes tales, technical descriptions of airliners, and stories about the people who fly them.  The blog posts are accompanied by lots of reader comments.
  • The World Of Aviation Blog  This is a is very informative that provides a lot of detail about airlines and other aviation topics.  I believe it's based out of Malaysia so the content is mainly Asian, but don't let that stop you because this blog offers a lot more.

Airline Codes

  • AeroTransport Data Bank  This great site has airline information (name and alias, dates formed and dissolved or renamed, country of origin and base airport, IATA and ICAO codes, short historical summary), fleet data, country information, aircraft orders, aircraft orders.
  • Airline Codes  Find every airline code in the world!  Browse by Airline name, ICAO code, or IATA code.  Where available, links to the airline websites are provided.
  • Airline Codes  This site provides a searchable listing of all the codes currently used by airlines and airports.  It contains a complete listing of all IATA and ICAO 2-, 3- and 4-letter codes.
  • The Airline Codes Web Site  This site helps you cut through the jungle of all those codes and abbreviations used in and around the airline industry: aircraft codes, airline codes, airport codes, Boeing codes, callsigns, country codes.

Sites with Airline Logos

  • AeroSite Airline Logos  A huge directory with airline logos, airline codes, airport codes, Boeing customer codes, aircraft specs and profiles.
  •  This site provides a really large list of airline logos, arranged alphabetically.  Registered users can create their own galleries and add, delete, or modify albums as well as upload to them.  Users can also rate logos and create favorites.
  • Just Planes Videos - Airline Links  This aviation video site has a large alphabetical list of airline links, including airline logos.

Airline Alliances

  • SkyTeam Alliance  A Delta, Korean Air, Air France, AeroMexico, and Czech Airlines alliance formed to create a world travel network.
  • Star Alliance  Home page for the alliance that includes Air Canada, Lufthansa, SAS, Thai, United, Varig.  Benefits, destinations, travel guide, schedules, flight status, reservations, contacts.
  • oneworld Alliance  The global airline alliance among American Airlines, British Airways, Canadian Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Iberia Airlines, Aer Lingus, LanChile, Finnair, and Qantas.

Green Sites

  • Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe  ACARE aims to develop and maintain a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for aeronautics in Europe that will influence all European stakeholders in the planning of research programmes, particularly national and EU programmes, in line with the Vision 2020 and the goals it identifies.
  • Aviation and the Environment Blog  This Flightglobal blog seeks to comment on environmental issues and host an objective debate about environmental issues.
  • Aviation Environment Federation  The AEF is a UK-based non-profit membership association that is concerned exclusively with the environmental impacts of aviation.
  • Aviation Experts  A consulting company focused on the aviation industry as well as the European Emission Trading Scheme (EU-ETS).  They provide an integrated software solution to manage and monitor your EU-ETS activities.
  • Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative  The CAAFI seeks to enhance energy security and environmental sustainability for aviation through alternative jet fuels.  It's a coalition that focuses the efforts of commercial aviation to engage the emerging alternative fuels industry, and is sponsored by The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Office of Environment and Energy responsible for aviation energy and environmental policy, Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) representing airports, Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) representing manufacturers, and Air Transport Association of America (ATA) representing U.S. airlines.
  • Eco-Aviation Channel  This Air Transport World page contains featured eco aviation articles, daily news about aviation and the environment, related webinars and events, and the free monthly Eco-Aviation Today e-newsletter.
  •  An initiative of the commercial aviation industry seeking to provide information on industry measures underway to limit the impact of aviation on the environment.
  • Gevo  This developer of next generation biofuels has investment from Virgin through the Virgin Green Fund.
  • GreenAir Online  Independent reporting and information on aviation and environmental issues with news, features, and statistics on the impact of air travel on global warming and the environment in general.
  • Green Aviation International  Aviation and other professionals working to ensure mutual solutions for the long-term success of aviation and green sustainable society.
  • Green Skys  The Green Skies aviation consulting company hosts an annual green aviation conference in North America bringing the industry together to discuss goals and learn from each other.
  • Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction  An aviation cooperative research organization, and an FAA/NASA/Transport Canada-sponsored Center of Excellence, that fosters breakthrough technological, operational, policy, and workforce advances for the betterment of mobility, economy, national security, and the environment.  Headquartered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Treeflights  This non-profit plants trees to withdraw carbon from the atmosphere, mostly for people who fly but they are happy to put trees in the ground for anyone engaged in a carbon-intensive activity or to replace consumed resources.  You can have a tree planted as a gift on behalf of someone else.

Airline Complaint Sites & Citizen Action Groups

Airline Complaint Sites

  • Alaska Airlines Sucks!  This blog seeks to explain why "For the same price, you just get screwed!"  Posts start in 2000 and run through January 2009.  Either the author ran out of gas or the airline doesn't suck any more.
  • Flights Gone Bad  This blog features complaints from the airline complaint system, as well as from other sources, that highlight problems passengers have with airline customers service, airport security, baggage handling, and other travel hassles.
  • Flying is fun but...  Lost a luggage at Gatwick? Seen dodgy toilets on Qantas? Share your experience with others.
  • Pissed Consumer  This complaint site has an Airlines page in the Travel section.
  • United Airlines (UAL) Sucks  Stories by someone who thinks United customer service warrants a Sucks site.
  • Untied  A complaint page for those having difficulty with United Airlines.
  • Whistleblowing Airline Employees Association International  A cross-industry resource for airline employees and retirees from all airlines and other government agencies who have blown the whistle on alleged wrongdoing within the airline industry, which has been reported to appropriate legal authority, but has been suppressed or ignored by airline management, unions, and/or the DOT/FAA/DHS and other government agencies.
  • Why Alitalia Sucks  This simple site makes an argument for supporting a boycott of Alitalia.

Citizen Action Groups

  • Aviation Consumer Protection Division  This division of the U.S. Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings (under the Department of Transportation) receives informal complaints from members of the public regarding aviation consumer issues, verifies compliance with DOT's aviation consumer protection requirements, provides guidance to the industry and members of the public on consumer protection matters, and makes available to the public information on pertinent consumer matters.  They offer travel tips and publications, aviation safety and security information, an air travel consumer report, and other information of interest to air travelers.
  • HACAN Clearskies  This independent lobbying group campaigns for quieter, cleaner, and safer conditions for residents living under Heathrow's flight paths.

Inflight Entertainment

  • Aeros Aviation  In-flight entertainment, airborne communications, and biometric airport security products.
  •  Service provider for the inflight entertainment industry: consulting services, Internet services, and news services.
  • The Airline Passenger Experience Association  APEX is a worldwide network of inflight entertainment/communications professionals.  A not-for-profit association, founded by a group representing the inflight entertainment community.
  • Creator Capital Limited  A provider of interactive in-flight gaming entertainment software and services.
  • digEcor, Inc.  Offering portable Inflight Entertainment systems: content sourcing, encoding, and encrypting, as well as IFE PMA parts and repair services for other IFE systems.
  • DTI Software  Specialises in providing video game and multimedia content for in-flight entertainment systems.
  • EMTEQ  Interior lighting and cabin solutions, including SkyPro, the CMS/IFE system and Advanced Connectivity Productivity Solution.  Exterior lighting solutions, avionics integration and support.  Design, engineering, certification and installation.  Specialty structures and mechanical systems.
  • Flight Display Systems  FAA/PMA approved in-flight entertainment systems for private and commercial aircraft.  Products include Ellipse Direct Satellite TV, Flight Display Moving Map, Jet Jukebox, DVD players, 7 to 42-inch LCD cabin monitors, ceiling, wall and arm mounts, three channel wireless audio, cockpit cameras and audio/video splitters.
  • Flt Tech Online  An online newsletter from the Air Economics Group which focuses on the implemtation of new aviation technology, including the inflight entertainment area.
  • IFE Services  An in-flight entertainment provider to the airline industry.
  • In-flight Entertainment News  A blog with mostly commercial aircraft in-flight entertainment news, with some (admittedly biased) private aircraft cabin entertainment rumors and product developments.
  • Inflight Marketing Bureau  An association of the European inflight media industry.
  • Inflight Media Marketing  IMM is the media representative of many airlines and a marketing service with many survey tools.  Offices in France, Italy, and Switzerland.
  • Intheairnet  An organization dedicated to creating next-generation inflight entertainment and information systems with a web-based technological approach and Internet business model.
  • LiveTV  This wholly owned subsidiary of JetBlue Airways Corporation provides turnkey in-flight entertainment services (DIRECTV, in-seat audio/video, XM Satellite Radio) focused on single aisle commercial aircraft.
  • Lumexis Corporation  Their IFE system utilizes optical fiber to carry data aboard aircraft, and relies on light, yet very high bandwidth to enlarge entertainment quality and offerings.  It is also designed to have lower acquisition and ownership costs.
  • Panasonic Avionics Corporation  In-flight entertainment and communications systems, including broadband connectivity.
  • Spafax Inflight Entertainment  Television and movie specialists who manage the entertainment for airlines, from strategic planning and building creative concepts through to onboard delivery and product development for new platforms.
  • Thales Group  In-flight entertainment services for airline passengers: films, games, communications, and email/Internet connections.

Inflight Internet

  • Aircell  Broadband access that allows passengers to use their Wi-Fi enabled laptop and handheld mobile devices in flight to connect to the Internet.  The system works through an air-to-ground link with existing cellular technologies.  A Gogo™ company.
  • ASiQ Pty. Ltd.  Developer of in-flight email system called Data3Mail.  Product information and press releases.
  • CloudStream  A "digital carry-on" for Lufthansa flights.  Add digital content anytime you are online.
  • EMS SATCOM  Satellite-based broadband communication systems for worldwide high-speed Internet, voice, and video capabilities on aircraft, vehicles, and vessels.  Broadband applications for corporate aircraft, air transport, military aircraft, and helicopters.
  • Gogo  Providing inflight internet to passengers on select airlines, and business aircraft.
  • OnAir  A joint venture with SITA Inc. and Airbus with a vision to meet the personal and business communications expectations of the traveller in the aircraft cabin.  They provide passengers with communication services during flight, ranging from in-seat SMS using the airline's onboard system, to mobile telephony and Internet access using passenger's mobile and portable devices.  The services are designed for both Airbus and Boeing aircraft.
  • Row 44  Providing satellite-based airborne broadband communication for a wide range of aircraft, including 30 megabit per second (downlink) Wi-Fi (802.11) connectivity for internet browsing, email, and VPN access.  Their IPTV system lets airlines deliver entertainment to each passenger seat, including live TV stations and video-on-demand programming.  The telephony system enables inflight phone service (VoIP or cell phone roaming) and text messaging.
  • SkyThing  A proprietary internet service system for US-based airlines, communications providers, and other entities.
  • Stratos  High-speed access to e-mail, the Internet, and company networks for airlines and business aviation via the satellites of Inmarsat.

Airline Products and Supplies

  • AmSafe Inc.  Safety and securement equipment for the aerospace, defense, and ground transportation industries.  Products include seat belts, restraints, airbags, cargo and barrier nets, camouflage, slings including rotorcraft underslung, tie-downs, and cabin interior textiles.  Services include worldwide defense and commercial aviation distribution.
  • Davis Aircraft Products Co., Inc  Manufacturer and distributor of high quality passenger and commercial aircraft passenger restraint systems, cargo restraint systems, helicopter tie downs.
  • Eyelevel  Specialises in supplying private jets and private VIP airlines with luxury products such as Cashmere blankets, super soft flight socks, luxury bathromm cosmetics and creams, amenity bags, sleep suits, eyeshades, comfort packs.  They also supply bespoke table linen and bed sheets/pillows.
  • FBO Logistics  Rents and sells life rafts, life vests, and survival equipment, mandated by the FAA for all Part 135 Operators.
  • Inflight Australia  Airline cabin inflight products: airline blankets, towels, head rest covers, amenity kits, moisturizer, pillows and pillow covers, napkins, cutlery, meal trays, lavatory chemicals.
  • Shanghai Haoliwen Airline Appliance Co., Ltd  A Chinese supplier of inflight textiles such as blankets, hot/cold towels, table linenware, sleep suits, etc.

Airline Services

  • Aviation Warranty Solutions Limited  Complete aircraft warranty recovery solutions for the aviation maintenance industry.  Airlines can reduce the cost of unscheduled maintenance and modification programmes by taking maximum advantage of the warranties and guarantees available for your fleet.
  • Mantic Point  The StreamThru white-label service for airlines keeps passengers informed throughout their journey.  Passengers get free flight information direct to their mobile phones for scheduled flights from 24 UK airports.  Airlines create an opt-in, day-of-travel dialogue with passengers to keep them informed and target ancillary services when they are most relevant.
  • Sojern  They deliver customized, destination-oriented information to travelers for their convenience and enjoyment.  Through exclusive partnerships with airlines, Sojern provides weather services, local events, and special promotions and offers on boarding passes.

Airline Affinity Programs

  • Aeroplan  A Canadian loyalty program that earns miles through the Star Alliance network, as well as from car rentals, resort stays, and vacation packages.
  •  Browse reviews, opinions, and applications from major airlines that distribute credit cards.  Get in-depth knowledge from their article database, along with user reviews on travel credit card related cards.

Airline Reports

  • Low Cost Airlines in the Asia Pacific Region  A Force for Change Report - Reviews progress on the evolution of LCAs globally and within the Asia Pacific region and highlights emerging variants of the model as it evolves within Asia. The report also considers the sorts of impacts the proliferation of LCAs may have on countries and economies, and explores the huge potential for their expansion.

Other Airline-Related Sites

  • ACER Center of Excellence home  Airline Cabin Environment Research sponsored by the FAA Office of Aerospace Medicine.  This group of educational institutions represent an Air Transportation Center of Excellence for airliner cabin environment research.
  • Air Valid  Airline news, information, passenger views and opinions.  The Airline information and seat pitch comparator is a handy way to compare up to four airlines.
  • Jetliner Cabins  The aim of Jetliner Cabins is to survey one small part of the legacy that we have inherited from the Wright Brothers and the development of the commercial-aircraft cabin environment from the late 1970s to the turn of the millennium. Topics include product branding, the passenger experience, cabin maintenance and the marketing challenge and include comments from more than forty international specialists relevant to their areas of expertise.
  •  The site provides industry news and a very comprehensive database of airports and airlines.  Airline data includes routes, fees, deals, news, photos.  Airport data includes codes, airlines, facilities, transportation, routes, alternative airports.