• Airbus Industrie  The European multinational consortium created in 1970 with a family of short- medium- and long-haul aircraft with seating capacities ranging from 124 to approximately 400 seats.
  • Airbus A340 Homepage  A virtual cockpit with the definition of every knob and switch.  Also, photo gallery, news, c/n list, and forums.
  • Airbus A380 Long-Range Jetliner  Description, weights, propulsion, performance, variants, operators.
  • European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company EADS N.V.  EADS is the transnational aerospace company that includes Airbus (80% ownership), military transport aircraft, and other divisions.


  • The Boeing Company  Commercial airplanes, business jets, military airplanes, rotorcraft.
  • Boeing Commercial Aeroplanes  Good source for facts, photographs, history, news releases about commercial aircraft.
  • Boeing 707 Simulator Serial #0001  History, tech data, stories, pictures. Quite an interesting and informative site.
  • The Boeing 737 Technical Site  Written by and for 737 pilots and engineers.  Here you will find operational, mechanical and training notes, articles and photos contributed by crews and agencies from around the world.
  • Boeing 747SP Web Site  Production list of the B747SP, pictures, info, operators, current status, incidents and accident reports.
  • Boeing 787 Home  Background info, multimedia, technical facts.
  • 787 DreamLiner  This Boeing site includes an impressive interactive video of the DreamLiner interior, as well as information and photos.

McDonnell Douglas

  • The DC-3 Hangar  Specializing in the Douglas DC-3 aircraft, "the largest DC-3 aviation site on the net" with specs, photos, history, just about every resource you need.
  • MD-80 Site  A non-commercial website about the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 and Boeing 717, in German.
  • The Online DC-3 Aviation Museum DC-3 information, flight simulator files, photo gallery, stories, books, tech data.  Mailing list available designed to allow the spread of information about the DC-3, C-47, R4D, Li-2, Dakota, etc.


  • Concorde Gallery  The personal gallery of paintings and prints by Katie John, a Save Concorde Group member, featuring Concorde.
  • Concorde SST  Accident page, fleet, history, specs, pictures, events, links.
  • Concord  Concorde photos and memorabilia, including a unique collection of qality prints for sale online by world-renowned photographer Adrian Meredith.
  • Concorde Spirit Tours  Formed in 1989 for the operation of high-profile charter tours on the supersonic Concorde aircraft of Air France and British Airways.  In The Betrayal of Concorde, they present "the story of Concorde's premature retirement on October 24, 2003, at least a decade before this would have been technically necessary... a sordid litany of betrayal, hypocrisy, cowardice and corporate politics.  Read the hitherto-secret facts."  This is an important read for Concorde enthusiasts.
  • Eric's Concorde Tribute Page  Concorde history and links.
  • Heritage Concorde  Created by Stephen de Sausmarez, one of the Save Concorde Group team, this site has all the technical information you could ever wish to see regarding the systems and operation of Concorde.
  • The JHS Concorde Page  A Concorde tribute site with history, photos, multimedia, links.
  • London Concorde  Following and updating information for the Thames Concorde.
  • Save Concorde Group  This group is working and campaigning to have a Concorde returned to flight for special occasions.
  • - Concorde at Manchester Airport  Photographs and video of the Concorde at Manchester.


Other Airliner Sites

  • Commercial Aircraft Groundspeed Records  A database by aircraft type showing current speed record, together with a picture.
  • The Flying Clippers  Site devoted to the Pan Am flying ships: Boeing 314, Martin 130, Sikorsky S 42: data sheets, history, pictures, information, and related links.
  • A Little VC10derness  Dedicated to the Vickers VC10: history, technical data, VC10 news, flight sim downloads.
  • United Aircraft Corporation  A Russian government-owned Joint Stock Company formed through stakes in Sukhoi, Ilyushin, Tupolev, and others.  UAC looks to produce and export civil aircraft.

Regional Airplanes

  • Avions de Transport Regional (ATR) ATR 42 and ATR 72 regional turboprop aircraft.
  • AvCraft Aviation  Manufacture, completion, and service of a family of Dornier 328Jets.  AvCraft purchased the rights and facilities for the Fairchild Dornier 328 turboprop and JET aircraft manufacturing and support facilities in Germany from the receivers of Fairchild Dornier GmbH in December 2002.
  • Bombardier Aerospace  Manufacturer of airliner type aircraft (CRJs, the Dash-8 series of aircraft) and owner of the Learjet group.
  • Bombardier Q400  A regional turboprop aircraft for the 70 seat market.
  • Embraer  Products, customer support, news and opportunities.
  • Fairchild Dornier Regional aircraft and aviation services.
  • Hafei Aviation Industry Company, Ltd.  A scientific research and manufacturer of helicopter, general-purpose, and regional aircrafts in China: Y12 light general-purpose aircraft, Z9 series helicopter, EC120 helicopter, and subcontracted aviation products for foreign companies.
  • Mitsubishi Regional Jet  A planned 70 to 90 passenger aircraft powered by Pratt & Whitney's next generation Geared Turbofan™ engines. This Flash-based site provides an animated tour of the MRJ interior and exterior, specifications, and a description of the "slim seat" which uses a net fabric in seat bottoms and backs, producing wider leg room for a given seat pitch.  Entry into service is planned for 2012.
  •  For potential operators of Fokker aircraft, and others who are interested to learn more about these aircraft.
  • Rekkof  Owner of the design rights for the Fokker series of commercial jets.  (Spell Rekkof backwards!)

Business Airplanes

  • Aerion Corp.  The Aerion Supersonic Business Jet (SSBJ).
  • AeroVehicles  The manufacturer of the AeroCat hybrid aircraft, using a mix of static and aerodynamic lift, and capable of operating from land and water, carrying 20+ tons payload, in support of existing and emerging business markets.
  • Avocet Aircraft LLC  Avocet ProJet designed and built by IAI.
  • Boeing Business Jet.
  • Britten-Norman  The Islander is a rugged multi-purpose utility aircraft used for many applications: freighter, air ambulance, passenger aircraft, parachuting, and area and line search.
  • CessnaRise  Cessna responds to the criticism of corporate aircraft with an ad campaign designed to educate those who think these aircraft are frivolous toys.
  • The Dassault Group  Design and manufacturing of civil and military aircraft and systems.
  • Dassault Falcon  Home of the Falcon series of business jets.
  • Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation Corporate info, products, customer services, related sites.
  • Gulfstream V-SP  Corporate jet.
  • Ibis Aerospace Ltd.  Design, manufacture, and support of Ae270 single-engine turboprop aircraft for business, commercial, and government markets.
  • Pilatus Aircraft LTD  Business, training, and utility aircraft.  Company information, customer support.  Swiss mirror site.
  • Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation  This partnership between Swearingen Aircraft Company of San Antonio, Texas and Sino Aerospace Investment Corporation of Taiwan produces the SJ30-2 long-range light business jet.  Powered by Williams International FJ44-2A fanjets.
  • Spectrum Aeronautical, LLC  The Spectrum 33 high-performance composite business jet.

Very Light Jets & Personal Jets

VLJ Manufacturers

  • Cessna Citation Mustang
  • Cirrus Design Corp  Manufacturer of "The Jet," the company's composites-intensive, single engine personal jet.
  • Diamond Aircraft  The D-Jet, a composite single engine jet.
  • Eclipse Aerospace  Supporting the Eclipse 500.
  • Embraer Very Light Jet  Carrying up to eight people and powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada's PW617F engine.
  • Epic Aircraft  The five-seat Victory VLJ powered by a Pratt & Whitney PW600 engine.
  • HondaJet  The Honda Motor Co. composite very light jet powered by twin HF120 engines, developed with GE.
  • HondaJet Sky Ad  Honda released a global "sky" ad with a video featuring aerial shots of the HondaJet winging it's way through beautiful clouds.  Shot from all angles, you get a good sense for the proportions of the aircraft.

VLJ Resources

  • DayJet Discussions  This blog provides conversations on DayJet and the use of Eclipse VLJs, and DayJet on-demand air taxi news.
  • Eclipse Aviation Critic NG  This blog, by a long timer in the industry, examines the Eclipse program with a very critical eye.
  • Eclipse Jet Owners and Pilots Association  A forum for owners, pilots, and aviation enthusiasts of the jet.
  • Very Light Jet  A website with news, photos, and information about very light jets and very light jet manufacturers.
  • Very Light Jet Blog  Current happenings in the world of micro jets.
  • VLJ Magazine  Dedicated to reporting exclusively on Very Light Jets (also known as VLJs, Personal Jets, Microjets, and Personal Light Jets or PLJs).  This online magazine provide VLJ news, informative articles, exclusive interviews, a section focusing on air-taxis, and a listing of all the VLJ manufacturers.

General Aviation Airplanes

Light Sport Aircraft

  • Aero Ltd  The At-3 all metal EASA-certified VLA is an inexpensive and low running cost two seat aircraft for basic training and tourism.
  • Aircraft Manufacturing & Development Co.  Manufacturer of the ready-to-fly Zodiac CH 601 XL, a factory-built light sport aircraft.
  • AveoTech International  AveoLite, AveoXT, and AveoFreedom light sport aircraft.
  • Czech Sport Aircraft  Research, design, development and production of Light Sport Aircraft for basic and advanced flight training, basic military pilot training, general recreational use and air tourism.
  • Evektor America  The exclusive representative for the Evektor (Czech Republic) product line of aircraft in the U.S.
  • Foxcon Aviation Australia  Manufactures the Terrier 200 Light Sport Aircraft, available in kit versions or ready-to-fly, and sold through dealers worldwide.
  • Hart Aero Light Sport Aircraft  Exciting and affordable new light sport aircraft designs, kit aircraft, fabrication services, and more serving the light sport aircraft enthusiast.  Kits, partial kits, and completed aircraft are scheduled to be available August 2007.
  • Ion Aircraft  Developers a line of light, two-seat (tandem) airplanes suitable for training, sightseeing, cross-country cruising.
  • Just Aircraft, LLC  STOL LSA kit planes.
  • Light Sport Aircraft Headquarters  A source for everything Light Sport Aircraft.  Find the latest S-SLA designs and contact the manufacturers for more information.
  •  Sales and service of Special Light Sport Aircraft, pilot supplies, and training materials.  Also, flight training for the new Sport Pilot license and rental of Special Light Sport Aircraft.
  • Midwest Sport Aviation, LLC  Providing quality aircraft, services, and support for the sport pilot enthusiast and those individuals wanting to sell Light Sport Aircraft (LSA).
  • Remos Aircraft  The German manufacturer of special light sport aircraft.  The Remos G3 is a carbon fiber aircraft with foldable wings, and is sold through a network of dealers worldwide.
  • SkyView Aviation  This full service aviation center is the West Coast manufacturer of the Skylark Light Sport Aircraft.  SkyView also hosts an international flight academy, international aircraft shipping center, aircraft maintenance and aircraft sales.  Located in Tracy, California.
  • Sport Flight Aviation  Manufacturer of the Talon line of premier light sport aircraft, and Sport Brakes for light sport aircraft and ultralights.
  •  A discussion forum for Sport Pilots and Light Sport Aircraft.
  • Tecnam Aircraft  US Importers of the Italian line of Light Sport Aircraft - Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam, Srl.
  • U-FLY-IT Light Sport Aircraft  Light Sport and Ultralight aircraft sales and assembly, in DeLand, Florida.
  • X-Air Australia  The home of light sport aviation (LSA) and accessories in Australia, representing more than 15 different models of aircraft.  The electronics division is the manufacturer of the XCOM VHF transceiver and importer of other well-known aviation accessory brands.

Float and Seaplanes

  • AAC Amphibian Airplanes of Canada Ltd.  Provider of the Seastar amphibian fiberglass airplane kit.
  • Baumann Floats, LLC  Amphibious airplane floats.
  • Canadian Seaplane Pilots Association  The CSPA web site includes information on seaplane flying, safety issues, trips and events, members' news, and a photo gallery.
  • Catalina Flying Memorial  This is an initiative to acquire, restore, and bring to Australia a Catalina amphibious aircraft.  These were designed in the 1930's and only a few still exist in the world.  A 1945 model PBY6 aircraft has been acquired that was last used as an aerial fire-fighting water bomber in Portugal.
  • The Catalina Society  Their mission is to keep a Catalina flying boat airworthy at Duxford.
  • Lake Aircraft  The Lake Amphibian airplane.
  • FPNA - Float Planes and Amphibs  A full service dealer of ultralight and Light Sport Aviation (LSA) aircraft: floatplanes, amphibs, ultralight-sport airplanes and trikes.  Financing and flight instruction.  Palm Harbor, Florida.
  • PBY Catalina pages  News, articles, photos, books, and links.
  • PBY Memorial Foundation  They are working to to bring a PBY back to the Naval Air Station Seaplane Base at Oak Harbor in Washington State as a living tribute to the contribution of the aircraft in WWII.
  •  Provides hosting space to organizations dedicated to the advancement, preservation, safety, and advocacy of seaplane aviation.

VTOL and STOL Planes

  • Aeromobile Inc.  A website devoted to the inventions of Dr. William Bertelsen, an early inventor of the hovercraft, or air cushion vehicle (ACV).  Dr. Bertelsen has also invented a vertical take off and landing plane that utilizes a unique wing, called the Arc Wing.  On the website are documents, photos, and videos related to the Arc Wing VTOL plane.  R&D work on this fixed wing VTOL plane is ongoing, with the results reported on the website.
  • Britten-Norman  Manufacturers of the Islander, Trislander, and Defender STOL light utility and surveillance aeroplanes.
  • The butterfly LLC  They are developing a sky car which is a gyroplane that can be driven on the highway after it has landed nearly vertically in an open area near the highway.  See the current videos of the single place version.


  • Hov Pod Hovercraft  The Hov Pod is a 3-man leisure hovercraft capable of flying at speeds up to 45 miles per hour at an average cruising height of 9 inches.  The Hov Pod can fly over any flat surface, including rivers, lakes, the sea, snow, ice, mud, sand, grass etc.
  • The Hoverhawk Corporation  Aircraft / hovercraft hybrid kits scheduled to begin shipping in June 2001.
  • Ocean Hover Ltd  Established to exploit opportunities for hovercraft with particular emphasis on the international oil and gas industry.  The hovercraft proposed and the service provided relies upon designers, builders and operators with a long history and proven track record of meeting and exceeding the expectations of their customers in the harshest of environments.


  • Ornithopter Zone  A good resource site for machines that fly by flapping their wings.  Teacher's guide, how to build your own ornithopter, videos and images, radio control, forum, plans, and links.

Flying Cars and Other Vehicles

  • The CityHawk & TurboHawk flying cars  Photos and information about these VTOL (Vertical Takeoff & Landing) vehicles.
  • Samson Motor Works  This site introduces the Multi Mode Vehicles (MMV) from Samson Motorworks.  The Switchblade three-wheeled Flying Motorcycle is the first of this new vehicle line to meet the demand for flying cars and roadable aircraft.
  • Terrafugia  The Transition roadable light sport aircraft.

X-Planes and Future Aircraft

  • Aerospace Technology - NASA X-43 (Hyper-X) Hypersonic Aircraft  News and project information on the X-43A air vehicle, an experimental hypersonic flight research program managed by the NASA Langley Center.
  • Boeing Phantom Works  This advanced research and development unit of The Boeing Company pursues breakthrough improvements in the affordability, quality and performance of aerospace systems.
  • NASA Aeronautics Enterprise  Future aerospace technology programs, events, FAQs, library and newsletter.  Also, aircraft graphics and photos collections, and an aircraft video selection.  Peek into the future.
  • QSST Quiet Supersonic Transport  The QSST was designed by the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works for Supersonic Aerospace International as an aircraft that could be built and certified.  Unlike the Concorde, the QSST was designed for overland supersonic flight without objectionable sonic sound levels.
  • Solar-Impulse  About 50 scientists are working on psychiatrist Bernard Piccard's Euro 40-million Solar Impulse project to harness solar energy to fly a plane around the world.  The concept exists in the computers of researchers at the Lausanne polytechnic in Switzerland.  Trials are set for 2007.
  • X-43 Hyper-X Program  A hypersonic demonstrator aircraft powered by a scramjet engine.
  • XCOR Aerospace  Trying to become the first private enterprise to send a human into space, and developer of the EZ-Rocket (a modified Long-EZ homebuilt aircraft) flying rocket airplane.
  • XB-70A Valkyrie Research Aircraft  Information on the XB-70 Valkyrie from the Boeing Co. archives.
  • The Wing Is The Thing (T.W.I.T.T.)  Lots of blended wing drawings, data, and resources.

Aircraft Delivery Services

  • FerryAir - Aircraft Ferrying  An international aircraft ferrying and aircraft positioning company, predominantly for planes weighing 12,500 lbs or less.
  • The Ferry Pilot  Professional aircraft ferry service at competitive rates.
  • Global Aircraft Delivery, Inc.  Worldwide ferrying of transport aircraft: Boeing, Airbus, and McDonnell Douglas.
  •  UK-based worldwide aircraft ferrying company, USA, Europe, Africa a specialty.  Full European air charter service for business and sporting events.
  • Southern Cross Aviation  Worldwide aircraft delivery.

Civil Aircraft Registrations

  • Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority  Search CASA's aircraft register by number, aircraft type and model, manufacturer, registration holder, registered operator, or serial number.
  • Canadian Civil Aviation Register  A search inquiry application intended to provide basic aircraft registration information on civilian aircraft registered in Canada.  Queries are extracted directly from the official database.  Download a copy of the Canadian Civil Aircraft Register file in ACSII text format, display the results of the Service Level Standards for the past six months for aircraft removals, CAR 203 leasing authorizations, and registrations.
  • FAA Aircraft Registration Inquiry  Search by N-Number, Serial Number, Name, Make / Model, Engine Reference, Dealer, Document Index, State and County, Territory and Country, N-Number Availability.  The FAA Civil Aviation Registry is responsible for developing, maintaining, and operating national programs for the registration of United States civil aircraft and certification of airmen.
  • Norwegian Civil Aircraft Register  Detailed information about all aircrafts registered in Norway. (LN-XXX)

Aircraft Storage Facilities

  • Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center  The AMRC is a Department of Defense facility that processes and maintains aerospace vehicles and components in extended storage for all military services.  Tours available.
  • AVTEL Services  This affiliate of The Telford Group, Inc. provides aircraft storage in the high desert north of Los Angeles in Mojave, California.

Other Sites with Airplane Information

  • Aerofiles U.S. aircraft, their models, specifications and data, and informative text.
  • Aircraft  A source of comprehensive aircraft information, technical specifications, and resources covering large jets to light aircraft.  Completely human edited, similar to DMOZ.
  • Aircraft World Directory  This is a great reference site for aviation enthusiasts and is based on the book, "The World's Civil Aircraft."  It contains specifications and history of the world's civil and military aircraft manufacturers.
  • Airplane Cheat Sheet  A quick reference of popular aircraft manufacturers' commercial airplanes and engines.
  • Airplane and Aircraft  Pictures and information about many types of aircraft of all shapes and sizes.  Everything from paper airplanes, kites, ultralight aircraft, airplane photos and more.  In addition, they also help people locate jobs in the aviation industry via their aviation job search pages.
  • AOPA Online - Statistical Reference Guide  Provides data on active general aviation aircraft, registrations, landings, hours flown by aircraft and use, aircraft shipments, accident data.
  • The Aviation Enthusiast Corner  Aircraft locator by type and manufacturer, museum index by location, airshow location index.
  • Avicopress  This Russian site (translation available) provides aircraft history of Myasishchev, Ilyusin, Yakovev and others DB.  Excellent drawings, colour schemes, and GCI images.
  • Bear In The Air  A blog primarily dedicated to all things DC-3/R4D/C47 and LI-2.
  • The Canard Aviator's Page Information, classifieds.
  • Eugene Maslov's Home Page  Personal page from an aeronautical engineer who created the Accord-Prototype multi-purpose, amphibious aircraft as the Chief Designer of the Accord design bureau.  Seeks to create an organization to facilitate the world-wide use of Russian aeronautical engineering talent in aircraft design and manufacturing.
  • FanWing  The FanWing generates lift and thrust using a horizontal-axis wing rotor.  This privately developed prototype takes off, flies, and lands.
  • KewlJets  Designed to be a resource for business and leisure travelers looking for information on corporate jets, business jet charter, very light jets, midsize jets, heavy jets, supersonic jets, aircraft sales, aircraft photos, and aircraft manufacturers.  Browse by manufacturer or aircraft class.  The site also has a flight tracker, air charter quotes, comparison stats, and other resources.
  • MD-80 International Forum  An active MD-80 Forum.
  • Neltecho [India]  Manufacture of light weight aircrafts such as verticopter, VTOL aircrafts, hover pods, etc.
  • The Old Flying Machine Company Formed in 1981 to preserve and maintain rare vintage aircraft in airworthy condition.  The OFMC committed to display aircraft in a manner that emulates as closely and safely as possible the roles for which they were originally designed.  Air Shows, Film Work, Aircraft Sales and more.
  • The ORIGINAL Ascii Airplane Collection  Huge collection of aircraft pictures made from the ASCII character set.  Many of these are quite impressive!
  •  An online reference for the Piaggio P166 aircraft: searchable database, photos, information.
  • Rearwin Airplanes  Rearwin Airplanes was founded in 1928 and designed and built over 400 airplanes, including instrument trainers and gliders.  News and Info, plane and reference information, photo gallery, aircraft locator, related links.
  • Russian Aviation Museum  Includes catalog of aircraft with specs, names of designers and design bureau teams, engines used in Soviet/Russian aviation, reference and other links.
  • Scaled Composites, Inc.  An aerospace and specialty composites development company with experience in air vehicle design, tooling, and manufacturing, specialty composite structure design, analysis and fabrication, and developmental flight test.
  • WHEL | Aerospace Resources & more  Compilations of up-to-date technical specifications and performance data for civil jet aircraft, such as Widebodies, Regional Jets and Cargo Jets.