Agricultural Aviation

Agricultural Aviation Websites

  • AGpilot  A Dutch website dedicated to agricultural aviation, also known as aerial cropspraying or cropdusting.
  • Aviation at the University of Minnesota, Crookston  Information about the bachelor of science degree in Agricultural Aviation at the University of Minnesota, Crookston.
  •  A site dedicated to cropdusters, taildraggers, and barnstormers.  Classifieds, merchandise, bike gallery, plane gallery, cropduster gallery.
  • I Fly Ag  A taildragger, firebomber, barnstormer site with cropduster gallery, merchandise (caps, shirts, desktop models), and airplanes for sale.
  • Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp.  Aerial application services to growers, large paper companies, and various government agencies.  Also provides aircraft sales and service, aviation insurance, aircraft parts.
  • National Agricultural Aviation Museum  In Jackson, Mississippi.
  • Schweizer Aircraft Corporation  Designer and manufacturer of sailplanes, helicopters, agricultural aircraft, and reconnaissance aircraft.
  • Super Air  A leading leading agricultural aviation company in New Zealand: aerial fertiliser and agrichemical application, with a reputation for aircraft engineering and innovation.
  • Turbine Design Inc. Agricultural airplanes.
  • Yorktown Aircraft Service Ltd.  Maintenance, products, and services supporting agricultural aviation in Canada.  Located in Yorkton Saskatchewan Canada.