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Thirty Thousand Feet™ is a huge directory of Web pages, blogs, podcasts, forums, and other on-line resources with aviation content.  You will find links to commercial, government, military, organizational, and personal sites.  Some sell products and services, and some provide these for free.  Others just offer information or opinion.

This site comes from the labor of an aviation enthusiast.  It is basically an out-of-control hobby.  I cannot offer you a job, train you to be a pilot or flight attendant, or sell you aircraft maintenance services.   What I hope to do is provide a place where you can find the resources to help yourself.

This site is made up of many pages, each representing a certain aviation-related subject.  The pages are listed on the left side of the home page.  Clicking a page name brings up the respective section of the site with all its links.   Many pages are further subdivided into subject areas, which you can see by scrolling down the page.  Or, you can jump there directly by clicking on their name on the left side of the page.

You will probably find sites that interest you in more than one page.   For example, if you are looking for information about commercial airlines, you can start on the Airlines page, but you'll find photographs of airlines in the Photos, Images, and Artwork page, Magazines about them in that page, and commercial aviation accident information in the Incidents and Safety page.

Therefore, you can expect to move from page to page and explore as you go.

A Search feature is available to help locate pages on this site.  Take a look at the search tips to get the best results.  A few minutes looking them over will make a big difference in the success of your search.

Revised February 10, 2007.

A Tale of Ego-Ware

Some Web sites are commercial, some are published by clubs or other organizations, and some are the works of individuals for personal reasons.  Many times, the personal pages really don't amount to much more than "ego-ware."  Thirty Thousand Feet™ falls into this latter category, and I freely admit it.  Originally, all I wanted to do was learn HTML and how to put up a Web page to satisfy a curiosity.  Then I just wanted to play with CSS.  Now I just do it because I want to and because just enough people keep telling me the site helps them out.

The title comes from an attempt to provide breadth of subject matter: the big picture.  There are a lot of subjects that arguably relate to aviation.  The number of pages linked to from the home page attests to that.  Many (if not most) of those subjects will hold little or no appeal for any one individual.  However, I invite you to explore this site and maybe find something new that is interesting.

I have a personal thing for low bandwidth.  I hate lots of graphics and multimedia files that only serve to make a page load slowly and don't really add anything to the experience.  Focusing on content seems more important.  I can think of at least four possible reasons for my excessive desire to "keep it small:"

  • Backpacking in the mountains teaches you that saving an ounce on each item adds up to pounds in the pack.  (Please translate into your local units of weight.)
  • I used to write computer code and you know how those people abbreviate everything and take all possible shortcuts.
  • My personal computer experience started the original IBM PC - two floppy disk drives and no hard drive.  Everything was small on that machine.
  • My Internet experience started with a 486SX, 25MHz, Win 3.1, 85meg hard drive sub-notebook with a monochrome display.  And a 14.4 modem.  I still have it - somewhere.
  • I'm just basically really, really cheap.

This site started out as 100% text.  Then a graphic logo appeared, then a few other images here and there, but mostly it remained a sea of text.  But along the way Internet speeds went up, Broadband arrived, and a significant portion of my visitors have that.  So while I lag most others, the download size of this site is going up as the graphic content increases.

Thirty Thousand Feet™ strives to be highly standards-compliant and should be compatible with most all browsers.  It's been tested with the latest Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google (Chrome) browsers running under Windows.  It also renders properly with Safari, Opera, and Firefox on the Mac.  Hopefully this site works well with other operating systems and browsers. 

For sure, good presentation contributes to the ease with which good content can be found, and I've tried to make it easy to find the references that are of interest.  I haven't entirely succeeded, but I keep trying.

So, perhaps you'll find something interesting here.  If not, that's OK, and hopfully you won't waste too much time.  But if you do discover something useful, or, even better, something new to be interested in, then my ego is boosted.

Revised November 5, 2008.

Site Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I get a site added to Thirty Thousand Feet™?
A:  Simply click Add Link at the top of any page.  Include a description and a suggested page on this site, if you like.  Otherwise I will figure it out myself.

Q:  I submitted a site to be added, but it was not listed.  Why not?
A:  Could be a number of reasons.  Site updates are usually made weekly and sometimes the backlog is large.  Your site might be prone to crashing browsers, or it might load too slowly to be usable.  Objectionable content is another reason for rejection.  Sometimes people submit an URL with a typo that I cannot figure out, then don't respond to my E-mail asking for a correction.  Submitted sites that don't fit into the theme of this site will be rejected.  Finally, if your site has no real content and is simply a shell for Google ads, don't expect me to add you.

Q:  Do sites need to be in English to be listed?
A:  No, but if your link submission E-mail is in a language I cannot understand, and I cannot figure out enough of the content by viewing the site to write a description, your site will probably not be listed.

Q:  My site is listed, but the description or section doesn't seem right.  Can it be changed?
A:  Sure.  Contact me to suggest a correction for the description or the section.

Q:  Can my site be listed on more than one page?
A:  Yes, if it fits with the content of more than one page it can be listed in several.

Q:  How can my site be featured on the home page?
A:  It might be featured if it suits my fancy, or if you do something really nice for me.  But home page Featured Sites are my picks.

Q:  How do I advertise on Thirty Thousand Feet™?
A:  See the Advertising on Thirty Thousand Feet page to get started.

Q:  Will Thirty Thousand Feet™ answer my aviation questions or help me find a site?
A:  Maybe.  If the answer is easy, or the question can be researched without too much trouble then you might get a response.  Just don't expect too much of me.

Q:  Where does Thirty Thousand Feet™ get all the links from?
A:  From people who submit them and from sites I run across.  As a general rule, I don't raid the link lists of other people, but instead prefer to include sites that I have personally reviewed.

Q:  What about dead links that are still listed?
A:  Keeping any large list of links current is difficult.  I try to periodically sweep through them and clean out stuff that no longer exists.  If you discover a dead link and would like to help, please feel free to send contact me about the dead link.

Q:  Are you an expert in all those aviation subjects?
A:  Absolutely not.  I am an expert in a few small areas, I know a little about some others, and almost nothing about the rest.  I just categorize aviation links for a hobby.

Q:  I get strange results when I try and view Thirty Thousand Feet™ with my browser.  What's the problem?
A:  I try and make this site both standards compliant and compatable with most browsers, but some browsers might produce funny results.  This site is currently tested with Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google Chrome.  Older browser versions should work, however those that lack CSS support will look kind of ugly because the formatting information is lost.  No Java is used and JavaScript is employed for only a few simple tasks - like displaying the date the page was last changed.  An exception is the News page which employs a lot of JavaScript to display news headlines.  If you use some other browser and get strange results, I'd be interested in the details.  (If you use Internet Explorer Version 6 or below, please upgrade to anything newer.  You'll be glad you did.)

Q:  I click on a link and instead of the described site, I get an adult site.  What is going on?  I thought Thirty Thousand Feet™ was for general audiences, not adults.
A:  Well, this site is for general audiences, but something is going on that is beyond the control of all webmasters.  This problem was described in the May 2002 issue of Computer Shopper magazine:

"...many Web-site operators fall victim to a cybersquatter.  Often operating overseas, these virtual vultures make money by pinging domain-registry databases and snapping up domains the moment they expire.  Because many snatched domains are well-established in cyberspace, they often become candidates for an adult make-over.  Speculators will also typically offer to sell the domain back to the original owner at an inflated price."

This doesn't happen very often, but unfortunately it is becoming more frequent.  If you discover before I do that a link on this site now points to something entirely different than what is described, please contact me as soon as you can.  As I have done in the past, I will remove the link from this site.

If you are a webmaster you can protect yourself by renewing your domain name before it expires.  If you can't remember when it expires, visit the website of your domain registrar.

Revised November 5, 2008.

Privacy Policy

Thirty Thousand Feet™ respects your privacy. If you submit a site to be added to the listings, I will use your E-mail address to confirm receipt of your submission, or occasionally to get some clarification on your submission.  E-mail addresses are not given out to anybody.  Well, maybe there are two exceptions.  If I ever get a court order, I'll probably comply.  Also, sometimes I'll forward questions I receive to another expert who can answer your question.

I do not analyze server log files, but visitor statistics are gathered by Sitemeter and Google Analytics.  These statistics are only used in the aggregate.

In short, I do not know who you are and I don't care to find out.

Having said that, there are links from Thirty Thousand Feet™ to several other content providers.   These links take you outside this site and you then operate under their privacy policies.  If you have any privacy concerns, you might want to look at these sites and satisfy yourself with their policies.  If you don't like them, don't click:

Revised January 8, 2010.