The KRU & Elite Scandal.

Analyzed by The Fake Detective

Malaysia's most popular pop group KRU is involved in a major scandal that has people talking all over Southeast Asia. The scandal involves 11 pictures that are extremely intimate in nature are said to be pictures of Edry from KRU and Linda Rafar from the group Elite. The picture below is one of the more tame pictures from the series:

According to various sources, both Edry and Linda claim that the pictures are fakes, saying that they were created by their "enemies" to tarnish their good names.

Two so-called experts, a "Mutimedia expert" from a Malaysian University and a graphic artist from the Berita Harian News paper reportedly confirmed that the photos are all fakes. Among their arguments (as stated in the Malayian national paper):

1. Edry's thighs are too big.

2. Edry's face was a bit red due to overtouching.

3. The necklace that appears in some pictures was painted in to resemble a necklace seen being worn by Linda in a magazine.

4. Parts of the faces - eyes, lips and nose - were taken from other images using "cut and paste" techniques.

The expert also added that "To actually spot the cut and paste work, it is necessary for people to use a properly calibrated, high resolution monitor."

Edry and Linda are said to have met with the Malayian Information Minister and urged him "to tighten control over the use of the Internet in order to curb internet abuse." They are also said to have engaged lawyers and a private investigator to track down the culprit who "created" the fake images.

In the opinion of The Fake Detective:.

There is nothing fake about these pictures. Cut and paste techniques were NOT used to create them. They are real, unaltered photographs.

Therefore, the only question is: Are the two people in the pictures really Edry and Linda?

It would appear that they are.

If they were not Edry and Linda, Edry and Linda would know this. They wouldn't be trying to prove that they are digitally altered fakes, they would be trying to locate the people who are in the pictures.

There is no one else in the world that looks exactly like Edry. The same with Linda Rafar. Two people might look alike in one or two pictures when seen from particular angles, but when you take 11 pictures from many different angles, nearly everyone who knows Edry and Linda should be able to tell if the people in the pictures are really Edry and Linda or not.

Therefore, until evidence can be shown that the people in the pictures are not really Edry and Linda, in the opinion of The Fake Detective, the pictures are almost certainly real pictures of Edry and Linda.

Further Analysis:-

1. The pictures were taken with a SANYO digital camera. (Since they were taken in a Muslim country, it is unlikely that the pictures would have been sent out for developing. They are much sharper pictures than can be had from a typical Polaroid camera or the equivalent.) There is solid evidence that a digital camera was used:

Anyone who has the original pictures can see "SANYO digital camera" in the .jpg files when they are viewed as text with WORD or DOS EDIT. However, at least two of the pictures have been altered, and on those the digital camera information is replaced by the type of photo editing software that was used - Photoshop. But it appears that the only changes made were to the size of the pictures! The originals are 640x480 pixels at 144 dpi. The changed pictures are smaller - 252x336 pixels at 72 dpi and appear to have been merely reduced in size, or they may have been "cropped", i.e. edges of the pictures may have been cut off to improve the look of the pictures. The fact that a picture has been altered does not mean that it has been faked.

2. The pictures were taken with natural light, not with a flash. The lighting in the pictures is very consistent, and that is another indicator that the pictures have not been faked. It would be next to impossible to find matching head shots for 11 different pictures to match body shots and to have the lighting remain correct in all the pictures.

3. The pictures were taken by the man in the pictures. The pictures of the two people together were apparently taken with the camera on a tripod, using a timer. The pictures of the woman performing a sex act where apparently taken by the man being serviced. And there is one picture of the woman alone, but we've seen none of the man alone.

4. The pictures are very clear originals. One of the telltale elements that indicate pictures have been faked is the loss of clarity. These pictures seem to be unaltered originals as loaded into a computer direct from a Sanyo digital camera.

5. There are no other pictures like these. If the pictures were composite fakes, the original head shots would be available somewhere. This is particularly true since there are 11 pictures taken from many different angles. Fakers normally get their head shots from pictures in circulation on the Internet, and there are no matching head shots for these pictures - because these pictures are real and unaltered. And a faker could not use video captures from KRU's videos for the head shots because video captures are not normally this sharp and clear, and the lighting would almost certainly not match.

There is no doubt that the pictures are real. The only remaining question is: How did such private pictures get onto the Internet? If anyone has solid proof to answer that question, please contact me.

SPECULATION: Because anyone who took pictures such as these would want to look at them without having to look at the miniature versions in the camera's viewing screen, they would want to print out copies.  That requires downloading the pictures into a computer.   The evidence seems to indicate that Edry put the digital pictures into his office computer in order to print them.  Evidence also indicates that he used Photoshop to crop a couple of the pictures before printing.  However, when he was done printing the pictures it APPEARS that he left copies in his computer without realizing that someone in his office would be able to view them - and would also be able to distribute them on the Internet.  But we still have to wait for Edry to explain.

NOTE:  Since these pictures first appeared on the Internet early in 1999, there has been plenty of time for some true fakes to be created.  Just because these eleven pictures are quite clearly real, that doesn't mean that there aren't some fakes of Edry and Linda on the Internet somewhere.

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